My recommendation page for Japanese drama first-timers, for those who don’t know what else to watch, for the clueless, and for those looking for a specific type of genre or story; this page is for you.

[I’ve only included dramas that I’ve watched.XD]

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Last updated: July 29, 2017

For those who like romantic-comedy and manga/anime to live adaptation

  • Nodame Cantabile – A manga to live adaptation done right. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like classical music because by the time this drama ends, you would listen to nothing but Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and you might even want to learn piano and violin. As this drama is adapted from a manga, expect some scenes to be quite unrealistic but overall funny.
  • Hana Yori Dango – unless you’re living under a rock for the past decade, it’s highly unlikely that you don’t know the story of this drama. It catapulted Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao to stardom and made “F4” a household name.
  • Hanakimi (2007) -While this drama has Horikita Maki and Oguri Shun as the lead; you’ll be raving for Nakatsu (Ikuta Toma) and the ikemen paradise of Dorm 2  by the end of the series. Pure fun and good story on friendship.
  • Hotaru no Hikari – I’ve never seen a character that is so me! Lovely chemistry between two leads that you’ll be looking for your own buchou. Also, a rarity  in jdorama where the leads cohabitate.
  • Hotaru no Hikari 2 – the hilarity continues with some (not needed) drama and another inclusion of a third party who did so little to move me and cheer for him.
  • Asuko March – Their first meeting is sweet and Matsuzaka Tori is sizzling with sex appeal but at the end, I just want Takei to be with the other guy.
  • Stand Up! – What I love most about this drama is how the boys were lead to their true love while they were busy looking for someone to get laid on. Also, lots of bromance!
  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge – Another cohabitation rom-com with an unlikely heroine, four hot guys, but a disappointing adaptation with some episodes trying to be comical but fell short.
  • Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo~ (2013)- while the Taiwanese version will always be my favorite, the 2013 Japanese version had me hook after reading about Furukawa Yuki’s background. I was like, ohhhh….he is really Irie Naoki!
  • Switch Girl– learn lessons how to turned-off a guy and while this drama is funny, the ending made the female lead looks sexually-frustrated.
  • Proposal Daisakusen – Had me annoyed with all the running Yamapi did but a lovely story about friendship and second chances.
  • Yankee-kun to Megane-chan – underrated but totally deserving with Narimiya Hiroki and Naka Riisa perfect for their roles. Funny and cute with perfectly executed high school life.
  • Zettai Kareshi (Absolute boyfriend)- almost naked Mokomichi is worth watching but be ready for a realistic ending, after all, he is a robot.
  • Celeb no binbo taro – interesting plot that turns-out to be boring yet I still finished it with high hopes only to be shut down.
  • Mei-chan no shitsuji– a disappointing live adaptation because of flat supporting casts who can’t act. Too bad for Eikura and Mizushima who clearly has talent.
  • Yamada-taro monogatari – a feel good live adaptation with two leads whom you wish would just end-up together despite being both men.
  • Zenkai Girl – not particularly romantic but its cute without being over-the-top though the two kids stole the show.
  • Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches – I love the manga and while I watched this for Yamamoto Yusuke and Nishiuchi Mariya, Ide Takuya stole the show with his Miyamura’s portrayal. Moreover, some of the cast is not the right choice for the roles. It’s good but it could have been better.
  • Otomen – While Okada Masaki is a perfect choice for the role, the entire series is just boring. A good example of live adaptation gone wrong.
  • Samurai High School – See Miura make a fool of himself and still look good; feel-good drama with some laughs.
  • One pound no Fukuin – a feel-good drama about a gluttonous boxer who fell in love with a nun. It was cute with a non-traditional Jdrama romance ending when the two got married.
  • Dragon Zakura – I started watching this for Yamapi but I ended liking Abe Hiroshi because he is just awesome. It has a good plot, average acting from the students, and it made wish to go to ToDai.
  • Ikemen desu ne- though it fails to reach the success of the Korean original, the production did well in cutting-down the draggy and drama moments and the female lead carried the show well.
  • Nobunaga Concerto –  Undeniably one of the best time-slip dramas and manga/anime adaptation that will literally make you laugh your ass off in each episode. It might seem odd for Oguri Shun to play a 17 year old but he’s perfect for the role just as the rest of the cast.
  • Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! – Japan’s take on Glee or High School Musical featuring an optimistic heroine who finds love while she’s busy looking for a certain music sheet that will bring her parents back together. 
  • Samurai Sensei– Not the best adaptation out there, there were times it was too cheesy but you’ll love Nishikido Ryo’s expressions and he and Kamiki Ryunosuke make a good pair!
  • Dame na watashi ni Koishite kudasai (DameKoi) -From the same mangaka of “Lovely Complex”, this light-hearted romance comedy will make you fall for Shunin because he’s just effortlessly cool.
  • Good Morning Call – cuteness overload cohabitation drama with a bubbly heroine who you will love. Also, very shoujo-ish.
  • Tokyo Tarareba Musume – It’s hard to categorize this drama since it has a bit of everything. Aside from being a manga to live adaptation, it has comedy, friendship, career, 3 different kinds of relationship, and some valuable lessons in life particularly for single ladies in their 30s.

For those who like drama and romance

  • Love Revolution – talk about fated first meeting, when the two leads first met, I just melted. Sparks did fly between the two leads but the love story of two supporting characters is just as lovely.
  • Orange Days -A college-setting drama wherein the leads and supporting characters are just perfect with their roles. Youth love drama done right with amazing theme songs, one of my favorite is definitely “Shanghai Honey”!
  • Strawberry on a Shortcake– what did I just watch? Starts cute until it gets draggy with a heroine who can’t make-up her mind.
  • Goodluck!! – I never thought that the airline industry could be this interesting. Solid plot, superb acting, and lovely chemistry between two leads.
  • Rich man Poor woman – started interesting with a good plot and good acting between leads until it got compared to a korean drama and Aibu’s character annoyed me-again.
  • Nobuta wo Produce- not your average high school drama, it gets better with each episode that have you cheering for the heroine. Perfect ending too.
  • Tatta no Hitotsu Koi – feel-good drama with light romance and lovely chemistry between two leads.
  • 35-sai no koukousei – More of a drama and no romance, it’s like Gokusen but with a darker story featuring a 35 y/o high school student being chased by her past self.
  • Tokyo Wankei – While everyone said that this is Nakama Yukie’s first flop drama, I just fell in love with the story involving an old service called “mobile dating”.
  • Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira – (Date:What is Love) – An odd pairing between a perfect government employee and a NEET with an equally odd love story , but it all turned-out perfect and oh-so hilarious. There’s also a bit of older woman x younger man in the story.
  • Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira – (Date:What is Love) SP – Our not-so-normal couple find themselves in bind as getting married is harder than they expected.
  • 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made – An unusual love story between a monk/temple heir and an English teacher. Though some episodes hurt the feminist in me, the love story overall is squeal-worthy.
  • Hayako-sensei, Kekkon Surutte Hontou Desu Ka? (Hayako-sensei, is it true you’re getting married?) – Four single ladies decided to form a “Marriage Alliance” in search of the one. 34 yr-old Hayako is a special case since she never really seem to be interested in getting married until she starts the hunt and eventually meets the owner of the red umbrella. Not a full-on romance and the love story between the other three teachers is cuter than the one with Hayako.
  • Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu – Contract marriage might be a recycled plot but this drama gave it a new twist featuring an uber cute and feisty heroine and a herbivore guy. Moreover, it’s not just the love story between our two leads that you have to watch, this drama also features other kinds of love story encompassing all age, status, and gender.
  • Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu – Seeing Kame and Yamapi together after “Nobuta wo Produce” is already a reason to watch this drama. Although having Kimura Fumino as a heroine instead Horikita Maki, and Yamapi having lesser screen time, this drama starts of cheesy enough to make me cringe but the Kame fangirl in me ends-up sympathizing so much every time he gets rejected by Kimura and a bit pissed-off every time Yamapi makes him do the impossible just to get the girl. Nevertheless, the drama is all about finding and working for our destiny that will surely inspire those who have given-up on love.

For those who like older lady and younger guy romance

  • Kimi wa Petto – cute story and solid acting but I’m bit disappointed with the ending, I’m rooting for the guy to follow his dreams than live his life being a pet.
  • Anego – starts cute and lovely, a woman’s self-discovery where she’d rather be with a married guy than her kouhai.
  • Long Vacation – its hard not to like this drama with the cast consisting of Japan’s biggest names (of their generation) that while I watched this for Kimura, I never like him ending-up with Minami. Nevertheless, one of the earliest cohabitation dramas with topnotch acting from every character involved.
  • Suppli – It started with almost zero chemistry between Ito and Kamenashi but it gets interesting as it goes on. Non-drama comment but I recall being in love with Kamenashi’s hairstyle.
  • Second Love – a night melodrama with a theme that is really more apt to be shown in the latest time-slot. Cold plot, hot scenes, and gorgeous actors in this complicated love story.
  • Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute, Shinain desu – a successful woman in her late 30’s decided to have a go in the marriage market after meeting her high school crush once again. She will be help by a hot chef with a sarcastic tongue while she gets involved with someone ordinary, someone young (and hot), her high school unrequited love, or it might be between the hot chef after all.

For those who like comedy

  • Gokusen 1– yankee students and yakuza heiress turned teacher equals one crazy anime to live adaptation. The best out of the three versions.
  • Gokusen 2 – same story, different class, and same Yankumi.
  • Gokusen 3 – tried to be different by having 2 opposing leaders in a class instead of just one but there’s not much difference.
  • My Boss My Hero – pure insanity and madness in every episode with the Boss and Hero just perfect with his role.
  • Legal High – more than the comedic remarks of Komikado-sensei and his endless banter with Mayuzumi-sensei, this drama proves that “truth is always comedy”.
  • Legal High 2 – the sequel has an ikemen lawyer as an addition whose “win-win” attitude had me annoyed so I stiill keep on cheering for Komikado’s dirty tricks. The ending is just as crazy like in the first season.
  • Legal High SP – The cast is back for more ruckus and laughter. I just can’t get enough of this feel-good law drama.
  • Seigi no Mikata – I never thought that bullying could be funny with topnotch acting from Shida Mirai.
  • Atashinchi no Danshi – a feel-good family comedy where three “sons” fell in love with their “mom” that seems awkward and foolish most of the time.
  • Yukan Club – rich kids trying to add colour to their boring life, not particularly funny, but you can go ogling at Jin and Junno.
  • GTO (1998) – A perverse kind of comedy that will have you laughing or cringing in every episode. I’ve seen the anime before this drama and everything has been well-executed.
  • GTO (2012) – I don’t know why did bother with the remake when the earlier GTO really nailed it. The 2013 version tried to be different by inserting other characters from manga arcs and they chose a younger Fuyutsuki-sensei. Overall, it still fails to reach the popularity of the first one.
  • Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~Watashi wa Shadow – You just have to bare Fukada Kyoko’s endless “Takefumi-kun” obsession because this drama is cute and will make you root for Kiritani Kenta’s character. This drama might be mostly for housewives but it also shows how one can fight for their man without stooping low.
  • Gomen ne Seishun – One of Kudo Kankuro’s finest where he really brings-out the best in Nishikido Ryo. A funny story about regret and opposites.

For those who like to cry

  • Taiyou no Uta (drama) – a drama with a perfect title for a heroine who have an unusual disease. Feel-good chemistry between two leads. Solid drama plot without exaggerating the disease. Lovely soundtrack.
  • Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu – this has me crying for every fucking episode. It’s sad and lovely, a bittersweet and tragic story of first love. 
  • 1 Litre of Tears – another Sawajiri Erika tear-jerker where she has another unusual disease. Why they can’t stick with the usual cancer or Alzheimer’s? Oh, this is a true story btw that despite the my-tear-ducts-have-dried ending, our heroine was able to leave a legacy.

For those who like sports-themed dramas

  • H2 – It’s all about baseball with a bit of romance and pursuing your dreams.
  • Rookies – fun and superb acting from Sato Ryuta though the drama and fighting scenes can be a pain.
  • Tumbling – yankees in leotards doing splits and rhythmic gymnastics, nice story of friendship with superb performance at the end.
  • Buzzer Beat – sports mixed with romance with Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko when they were still together though I got annoyed with Aibu Saki.
  • Pride – a drama that is full of pride and feel-good romance between Kimura and Takeuchi.
  • Engine – makes me wish I live in a foster home.
  • Water Boys – fairly old but their (the swimming team) antics is just hilarious. Moreover, they just wear speedos. XD
  • Kisarazu’s Cat’s Eye -I really thought that this was all about baseball but it turns-out to be a group of thieves lead by a guy who is hanging on his life. It has light comedy moments and you’ll end-up wishing they were your friends.
  • Yowakutemo Katemasu – a baseball club made-up of elite preparatory students with an equally elite professor. However, despite the size of their brains, they are weak when it comes to baseball and they never won a game; thus, Aoshi-sensei comes to the rescue.
  • Suikyu Yankees – A sports-themed drama about water polo but don’t be fooled, there’s more comedy and teen love story in this one than actual sports playing.

For those who like medical dramas

  • Code Blue – Fast paced, interesting characters, unique medical setting, and realistic medical cases. One of my favorite medical dramas.
  • Code Blue 2 – a good sequel that made me hope for a romantic ending between Yamapi and Aragaki.
  • Iryu: Team Medical Dragon 1 – solid plot, must-see character growth for every episode, very insightful, and a worthy-ending for the story.
  • Doctor X and Doctor X 2- femme fatale personified in a medical setting that you’ll wish she’s your surgeon. Topnotch acting and writing with interesting medical cases each episode.
  • Doctor X 3 – Daimon Michiko is back and it seems like she finally found a hospital who won’t fire her and willing to utilize her god-like surgical skills. However, there’s always a catch for every million being paid for her.
  • Voice – I watch this to feed my Eita addiction and while I was expecting this drama to be like those of forensic-pathology drama, it ended like a messenger service for the dead.
  • Godhand Teru– I was expecting Godhand Teru to be at the same level of fictional surgeons in Team Medical Dragon and Doctor X but the main character ends-up trying hard with surgeries better off not happening.
  • Alice no Toge- this medical revenge drama is short on medical cases but you’ll get sucked in from wide-range of emotions, twists and turns,  and will get you shipping Odagiri Joe and Ueno Juri.
  • JIN – It’s regrettable that I only decided to watch this in 2015 because it was definitely a gem. Medical + period drama is a sure winner for me with a warm re-telling on thoughts about life and lessons in history.
  • JIN 2 – If I like the first season, the 2nd season broke my heart in so many ways. There were lot of goodbye’s and a few hello’s but the ending made this drama a runway winner from all those time-slip dramas. Whoever says that a plot’s climax is usually in the middle of the story before it declines to conclusion is wrong. JIN 2 proves that climax can still be found at the end of each story. I really hope they make a drama SP.
  • Kounodori – Obstetrics might be the last place I would want to be assigned if I’m in the medical field but this drama makes that department literally a birthplace of miracles. Ayano Go and the rest of the cast delivers a superb performance plus “Baby’s” performances is a must-see.
  • Doctor X -SP– For a moment, I was really hoping that our Daimon Michiko will have a bit of love life.

For those who like police/action/detective dramas

  • Boss – Good yet bizarre police cases for each episode though it tries to use each of the team member’s unique characteristic. Overall, girl power to the max with cute friendship between Osawa and Nodate.
  • Strawberry Night – aside from the solid plot, I was wishing until the end for Reiko and Kazuo to be together.(Watch the movie and you’ll forget all about shipping Reiko with Kazuo)
  • Unfair – keeps you guessing until the end that when it was revealed, you don’t know whether to be relieved that you got it right or keeps on hoping that you were wrong.
  • Ikebukuro West Gate Park – not really a police drama, more like a war between gangs with added hilarity.
  • Tokyo Dogs – favorite duo in Japanese police drama land. One of the last dramas that Mizushima did before taking a hiatus.
  • Mr. BRAIN – a feel-good drama where it proves that there’s a thin line between crazy and being a genius.
  • Kurosagi – swindling never looks this fun. A different way of re-telling Robin Hood where our Robin Hood can also keep a share of profits.
  • Untouchables – world of tabloids and paparazzi gets glorified with a villain in the end that makes you “WTF?!” not because it was good but its just weird.
  • Galileo – law of physics and hot teacher = defying gravity drama.
  • Galileo 2 – not as good as the first one where the heroine acted like a pre-schooler always asking for explanations.
  • Otenki Onee-san– mixing weather and crime-solving ends-up being so-so with an unexpected love confession toward the end.
  • Remote – old but really good with good puzzle-like/guessing games in every episode that will keep you glued on screen.
  • JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan– police vigilante who will show you that justice will always be served.
  • Majo Saiban (Witch’s Trials) – tries to emulate John Grisham’s “Runaway Jury” but fell short though I kept on cheering for Ikuta until the end.
  • Ogon no Buta – starts interesting until I got tired with all the calculations and the fact that almost everything gets cover-up in the end. A waste of Shinohara Ryoko’s talent.
  • TAKE FIVE –a mixture of Ocean’s 11 meet Robin Hood where they steal just to see one painting that I can’t comprehend its beauty.
  • Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP – Cool but short.
  • Bitter Blood – You’ll love the endless banter between father and son, namely Gentle and Junior, and the rest of CID.
  • BOSS 2 –  You won’t miss Toda Erika since she’s still present in most episodes even up to the ending. The 2nd season is still as hilarious with bizarre cases fitted for the group’s mismatched personalities.
  • Security Police – one of Okada Junichi’s finest work in action.
  • Ishi no Mayu – rather than focusing on the police chase, I was more fixated on shipping Kimura Fumino to Aoki Munetaka. They have that undeniable chemistry.
  • Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku – an uber pretty detective with a memory span of one day partnered with the unluckiest guy in the world albeit his good looks makes this one fine drama. The cases might be childish but who cares, the pure love story in this drama is squeal-worthy.
  • Specialist – There are three SPs before this drama series and it’s such a shame that I didn’t get to watch the SPs. This drama is one of Kusanagi’s finest work where crimes became part of a game plan and lots of psychological stuff.
  • Kaito Yamaneko – This manga to live action adaptation has been well played from the start. Kamaneshi showcases his talent in comedy, action, and drama as a spy turned thief with a strong supporting cast to boot.
  • Boku no Yabai Tsuma (My Dangerous Wife) – Japan’s version of Gone Girl, only more wicked and sicker because its not just the wife who have some loose screws, but almost everyone else. Anyway, one of the perks watching this is to marvel at Ito Hideaki’s butt naked shower scene.
  • 99.9 – 99.9 is a legal drama with a touch of investigative work since the hotshot criminal lawyer loves to search for the 0.1% truth. Cases aside, the workmanship and banter among Miyama, Sada, Tachibana and the rest of Madarame Criminal Law Department is really enjoyable. Also, watch out for Miyama’s old man gags that will leave you gagging.
  • BORDER – If you read my First Impressions on this, I wasn’t impressed. Then I saw the last few episodes on cable, which caught my interest so I watch it again and ended liking it. More than the border between life and death, it also talks about the border between good and evil. Criminals can kill for the sake of evil; however, police can’t kill for the sake of goodness.
  • ON– BORDER meets Speacialist where our heroine has some personal struggle with two equally deranged guys by her side.
  • Kizoku Tantei – Kizoku Tantei’s is like last season’s “IQ 246” since Aiba plays a bored royalty who has too much on his hands and just happens to like solving mysteries. The cases were so-so but seeing Aiba dressed-up so fine bickering with Takei Emi is an added bonus.

For those who like psychological thrillers/mind-boggling series/mystery

  • Liar Game – well-written “games” per episode enough to make you frustrated yet admire Shinichi for being the genius that he is. You just have to endure Nao’s stupidity and naivety because this drama is a winner.
  • Liar Game 2- why did they even do a sequel? Starts-off good until your brain tells you to stop torturing yourself.
  • Bloody Monday – an ikemen hacker, superb cast and acting, and a well-written plot that may give sleepless night because you just need to finish it one seating.
  • Bloody Monday 2 – not as interesting as the first one but it gives the rightful end for everyone.
  • Keizoku 2~SPEC~- If I’m annoyed at Toda in Liar Game, this is where I really love her. She has a better chemistry with Kase Ryo where their contrasting personalities makes this drama more interesting.
  • Orthros no Inu -it has a good plot but it was wasted with poor direction and Nishikido and Takizawa should have switched roles.
  • Maou – It starts interesting then boring, though I’m satisfied with how it ended.
  • Yokoso, Wagaya e – a thrilling drama that its better if you don’t watch it at night. If you think that stalkers are just obsessive boyfriends or girlfriends, well, think again.
  • Quartet – It was quite hard to classify Quartet since it has a bit of romance, some music, but I guess the main driving point of the story are the secrets held by each member and thus, this drama makes a fine mystery with the first episode alone having you grip at the edge of your seat.

 For those who love to eat

  • Bambino – a feel-good series that makes you reminisce the time when you were just starting at a new place. Keeps you cheering for the hero for every dish he makes
  • Lunch Queen – the drama that started my hunt for the perfect omurice with a perfect demi-glace sauce.
  • Hungry!! – lets you forget that the lead is the guy because you have your eyes focus on the heroine because she’s cool. No wonder that the author is planning to make a sequel using the heroine’s point of view.
  • Antique– not particularly funny but the cakes made me forget whatever is happening.
  • Nobunaga no Chef– this drama got me sold with cooking during Warring State Pd, time-travel, cross-dressing heroine, and hero with an amnesia.

 For those who like career-oriented comedy/dramas

  • First Class 1 – Sawajiri Erika’s comeback in dramaland where she goes from sweet and virginal to sultry and bitchy the next. Japan’s very own “Devil wears Prada” where cat-fights and backstabbing seems to be a norm in the fashion world.
  • Age Harassment – A feel good drama to all newbies/rookies who have just entered the corporate world. This drama takes a look at different forms of harassment at work and how to overcome them with Takei Emi as the feisty heroine.
  • Tamiou – A prime minister for a father and a herbivore man for a son, what would happen if they switch bodies? Lots of laughter and foolishness with a first class actor like Suda Masaki.
  • Shitamachi Rocket – This drama isn’t really about rockets but more like parts of rockets, patents, and lots of lawsuits. Nevertheless, you’ll get drawn into the world of engineers and technicians that will make you appreciate even that smallest screw in your car.
  • Juhan Shuttai – Learn the ropes on how your fave manga is created by the editors who works behind the scene. More than the mangakas, the Weekly Vibes chaotic editorial department will send you to a rollercoaster frenzy that will make you want to join a publishing house. Other than that, this drama taught me how to increase my luck and made me weep to one of the loveliest poems about life.
  • HOPE – I’ve watched this for Nakajima Yuto where I cheered for him from start to finish. If you’re a rookie seeking your first job then it would be good if you don’t watch this or you’ll be scared to even enter the corporate world.
  • Jimi ni Sugoi – An aspiring fashion editor with bizarre fashion taste finds herself in one of the most unfashionable jobs- being a proofreader. Nonetheless, Etsuko’s knack for detail, optimism, and endless curiosity makes her the perfect choice for this job.

If you have other Japanese drama to recommend, feel free to share it on COMMENTS section below.


206 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. I’m fairly new to the jdrama world and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for people who liked Hana Yori Dango. I love Matsumoto Jun and his acting in general. I already watched Kimi wa Petto and am looking for romances between unlikely couples. Thank you


    1. Hi Kat! Since you started with HanaDan, you might as well check-out Nodame Cantabile, Switch Girl, Yamato Nadeshiko shichi henge(from live action anime), Date, NigeHaji, and 5-ji made. All of which has unlikely couples.

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  2. I’m looking for a drama similar to GTO; I already watched Gokusen, Hammer Session, and My Boss, My Hero, and can’t seem to find any others similar to these…. So basically something where the student or teacher has a yakuza background or physically strong. I guess that would make Hammer Session an exception though since he was mentally strong rather than physically strong. Arigato Gozaimasu! (thx)


    1. Hi Marmar! With similar stories, you can try “Rookies”, former yankee turned teacher/baseball coach, “Kamen Teacher” though I don’t highly recommend it. There’s also “Misaki no.1”, a former hostess turned teacher to yankees.


  3. Hi! I am actually a kdrama fan but i started to watch jdramas too. Im looking for something more mature. By saying mature i mean not something like highschool themed but like im totally okay with rich boss and all cheesy things like that. I am actually looking for something mind blowingly good written with LOVE in it but i guess that doesnt exist…. anyways if you recomend me a romance drama i will be super happy ^^


    1. Hi eliftb! Okay, overly romantic dramas in recent years is not so much in demand since they get low ratings. However, for the newest ones with rich guys then you can try “Rich man,poor woman”, “5-ji kara 9-ji made”, and “Watashi kekkon dekinai…”. As for well-written love stories with characters from all walks of life, try Kimura Takuya’s earlier dramas from Beautiful life, Pride, Engine, Good luck among others and Love Revolution starring Naohito Fujiki. You see, cheesy love stories used to exist in Jdramas in lates 90s to early 2000s. Other notable love stories with more complex stories, try Orange Days, 1 liter of tears, Sekai no chosin de ai (crying out love in the center of the world drama) and Taiyou no Uta.

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    2. Agreed… From 5 to 9 is the perfect romantic dorama. I mean, a monk falling in love with a career driven modern Japanese woman? Back Number’s Christmas Song as its theme song is cherry on top of a adequately sweet cake. Yamapi is sooooo hot and so endearing in this dorama. Y’all must watch it.


  4. I watched bloody monday and 2 and heck they are the best! Very good story. I cried many times.hahaha. i kept myself wanting to fastforward as you cant help but watch every scene! 🙂


  5. I just want to say that i appreciate your effort of making this list. Thanks to you i found this super amazing relatable drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu. It’s my first jdrama and really really loved it. Finished it in one single day 😆

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  6. I do love Ryusei no Kizuna starring Erika Toda (one of my fav), Nishikado Ryo, Kaznari Ninomlya, and Kaname Jun in one drama! (all are included in my fav j-actor/actress list lol) Though I’m not sure if it falls under the mystery/detective/angst genre. I really love the “comedic” part about the siblings tricking each other, and the “dark side” of Nino’s character.

    That said, I also like the movie Byakuyako – Into the White Night. (movie stars Horikita Maki, while the drama stars young Mayuko Fukuda and the heroine who plays Hotaru no Hikari).

    Love to see your reccomendation! Turns out we almost have watched 70% of same series! XD

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  7. Oh yeah, and nowadays I also watched “Osen”. For me the theme is refreshing and new! its plot revolves around the culture of “ryotei” (Japanese high-class traditional restaurant), including the Okami (the miss owner) and the workers (chef and waiter). Not to forget the cooking~ I love Yu Aoi’s gentle acting here ❤

    Another one I'd reccomend is "Wakamono Tachi" (All About My Siblings). It's like a remake from an old series, and you can just see how they try to stick to the "old" ambience despite being released in 2014. A good story about family of 5 siblings–although poor and have their own problems–in the end, they rely on each other. Full of a person's mistake and how to fix/overcome it :))

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