Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 2-3

This drama is so heartwarming, a short review wouldn’t be enough. I’ve been contemplating if I should write a follow-up since I’m already doing “Jimi ni Sugoi”, but after episode 5, I can’t take it anymore and I just need to share my thoughts about this drama mainly  because there’s so much FEELS.

For that, here is quick recap of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 2-3

Mikuri and Tsuzaki are finally married, well at least in paper, and having a marriage ceremony will be next. However, our newlywed has no intention whatsoever to hold a marriage ceremony and this is something that they have to reveal when their parents meet. But first, they have to get used to calling each other with their first names, which is Mikuri and Hiramasa.

Later on, the dreaded family meeting finally happen with Chigaya, Mikuri’s brother, forever reminding Yuri about her unmarried state, haha.  Mikuri and Tsuzaki have to endure their parents’ questions on how they met and what do they like about each other, which both of them answered as truthful as they can. As much as both parties wanted to see a marriage ceremony, our couple was able to win complete with a peace sign. Although my heart broke when Mikuri’s mama told her that her dad was hoping for a ceremony and even practiced his walk down the aisle.

So Mikuri started her new duties as Tsuzaki’s wife or employee by simply doing chores, which is nothing new with what she has been doing as his housekeeper. As for their sleeping arrangements, Tsuzaki gets to keep his room while Mikuri will sleep on her futon in the living room.

At work, Hino pesters Tsuzaki to introduce his wife, something that he strongly rejects. The ever observant Numata also notes how Tsuzaki is not acting like a newlywed since he’s okay with doing overtime work and so. Due to this, Numata is convince that the so-called wife is nothing but a 2D character. haha. (2D characters are usually anime characters and it’s common in Japan for die-hard otakus to pretend to be married to their favorite characters).

Upon learning that his office mates are thinking that he is some delusional guy, Tsuzaki agreed to Hino’s request to visit his home and meet his wife with his family.However, the invitation is for Hino and his family only. Well, fate must be playing tricks on Tsuzaki when he saw Numata and Kazami instead of Hino for their weekend get-together. Tsuzaki immediately left Numata and Kazami to find his house while he goes “Plan B” with Mikuri that Numata and Kazami will be their visitor after all.

Numata and Kazami arrives, both panting from running after Tsuzaki left them in haste, and Numata wasted no time to check the only bedroom in the house with a single bed. Mikuri was able to stop him from snooping and gets the meal ready. The four enjoys a hearty meal, and Numata is impressed with Mikuri’s cooking skills especially because she copied one of his dishes from his Cookpad account. This surprises all of them that Numata and his cooking skills is such a rave in Cookpad.

Later on, the guys enjoys a drink while Mikuri does the dishes. Kazami tells her that he’ll probably never get married and instead of viewing it as being commitment phobic (or a playboy who only wants to get laid), the psychologist in Mikuri tells him that he probably don’t like commitment because he’s a sincere person since he doesn’t want his partner to be inconvenience because of him. Well, that’s a nice POV and Kazami is obviously impressed with Mikuri’s thoughts.

Anyway, to add distress to Tsuzaki, there was a sudden and strong thunderstorm, which according to news have stopped all trains from running. Numata gets all scared about the thunder and insisted on staying at Tsuzaki’s place. It would have been okay but not only that their sleeping arrangements will be revealed, the thought of sleeping in one room only adds to Tsuzaki’s growing dilemma. Tsuzaki insists that Mikuri can sleep on his bed while he sleeps with the guys on the excuse that Numata, being openly gay, might try something to Kazami, haha.

Tsuzaki fell asleep quickly, but not Mikuri who starts being aware that she is sleeping on Tsuzaki’s bed, using his own bedsheet, and for some reason, she starts imagining Tsuzaki sleeping right beside her. At her own posh apartment, Yuri admires the thunderstorm outside with a glass of wine.

Back at work, Hino apologizes to Tsuzaki for not making it since one of his kids caught a flu and tells Tsuzaki that he’ll make it up by arranging a grape picking activity. Little did Tsuzaki knew, Numata was able to take a sneak at his room and see a single bed, without any hint whatsoever that two people sleep on one bed.

Speaking of bed, Tsuzaki is back to sleeping on his own for the night while Mikuri sleeps on her futon. Mikuri loves the smell and comfort of sleeping on her futon while Tsuzaki can’t sleep because he can smell Mikuri’s lingering scent on his bed.

Being unable to sleep and being aware of Mikuri’s presence in his life hits Tsuzaki quite hard. He starts to act cold while Mikuri wonders if her last imagination (of her and Tsuzaki sleeping on one bed) was the reason for Tsuzaki’s cold shoulder. Of course, that’s impossible unless Tsuzaki can read minds so Mikuri wonders if Tsuzaki is angry because she washed his underwear when she found it in the laundry bin, haha. Apparently, Tsuzaki always washes his own underwear so when Mikuri found one, she thought that he’s starting to trust her enough to make her wash his underwear. LOL, never thought I will see someone who is that happy to wash someone’s undies.

Tsuzaki is bent on putting a distance between the two of them that he starts house-hunting with Mikuri for a 2 bedroom unit. Also, he tells Mikuri that they should have a clause in their contract about having a lover outside of their de facto marriage. After all, their relationship is nothing but work so they should have something on the contract if time comes when both of them starts liking someone.

Later on, Mikuri receives a call from Tsuzaki’s mom to thank her for the plums that Mikuri’s parents sent over. Mikuri is surprise that her parents did such thing and when Tsuzaki’s mom asks if they are getting along, Mikuri answered yes. Tsuzaki’s mom asks her to take care of her son because even though he’s insensitive, he’s a good son. She also shares that Tsuzaki is only good with studying and not with girls so she was afraid that her son will grow old without having a single girlfriend.

Cue to Mikuri doing a rice-cooker shopping and she can’t concentrate since the revelation that Tsuzaki never had a girlfriend for 35 years haunts her, haha. Mikuri thinks that if Tsuzaki never had a girlfriend, then there’s no way he’ll be interested to a girl with shallow feelings. Moreover, Mikuri thinks that because Tsuzaki is inexperienced, he might also be too proud to make the first move for fear of rejection. Mikuri talks about her aunt, Yuri, who have protected herself for 49 years that she missed the chance to overcome it.She doesn’t loook like 49 at all.

Speaking of Yuri, she’s under huge stress due to a mistake of one client that might be their liability for 10 million Yen. She meets the person responsible and his boss for the mistake and learned that it was an old seminar friend, Tajima Yoshihiko. Their history isn’t too clear, but Yuri is obviously happy to see him and later on, the two went to a bar for drinks. Tajima still has the hots for Yuri as he casually tells her that they should “loosened-up” a bit sometimes and Yuri reminds him about his married status. Then Tajima continues that Yuri must be feeling that need too, especially since she’s alone. This irks Yuri, who dislikes people who look down on singles. She left with just a goodbye and cements her hate for ikemens, and quickly corrects herself, and says “formerly ikemen”. Well, there’s nothing handsome about Tajima.

Well, it’s time to hear about Tsuzaki’s feelings and on how Mikuri’s presence is starting to affect him. He wants to put distance on them as soon as possible and getting a 2LDK apartment is one of the sure way. But he also wonders if he should just enjoy their fake relationship while he’s still at it, and as he sees the light on his apartment on his way home, he made a vow to move forward with the intention of becoming her boyfriend. Go Tsuzaki, although you guys are going backward here, from husband to boyfriend instead of the other way around.

At home, Mikuri excitedly looks at Tsuzaki as he eats the flavored-rice she cooked using the new rice-cooker. Sadly, Tsuzaki is as flat-affect as ever, much to her disappointment. He asks her if she already bought a new rice cooker, and she said yes (obviously). She says that she bought it based from its necessary specs and user-friendliness. Tsuzaki commends her by liking it to buying a computer with high specs, which will render useless if you only used it for internet. He also adds that “it’s not like it’s good just because it’s cheap either”.

Mikuri agrees and shares that she also talk about that with Kazami when they run into each other from her shopping. Mikuri shares that Kazami is surprisingly easy to talk to and that she thinks that he’s a good person. Mikuri singing praises for Kazami didn’t sit well with Tsuzaki that he stop eating and goes to his room.

Mikuri thinks that she got overexcited because Tsuzaki (finally) starts talking to her while Tsuzaki is aware that he overreacted. He deduce that he can’t enjoy a fake romance or anything, and if the day comes that Mikuri “resigns”, she’ll probably get married while Tsuzaki will remain alone. Oooh, let’s all hug Tsuzaki.

Anyway, since Yuri is feeling bad, she asks Mikuri to go on a drive this Sunday while Tsuzaki invited Mikuri to do grape-picking with Hino and family. Also, he presents her with new conditions for the clause, “loving/liking someone else”, which Mikuri also agreed on.

Before Sunday arrives, the two goes house-hunting where Tsuzaki is firm on finding a 2LDK apartment. They go from one house to another and Mikuri asks Tsuzaki if he considers her a nuisance that’s why he’s doing this. Tsuzaki says that he do not (consider her a nuisance) but he also can’t tell Mikuri the reason. Well, a call from Hino saves him from Mikuri prying further, and as I was expecting, Hino can’t make it for the grape-picking and sends his proxies, the always free Numata and Kazami.

So the group, together with Yuri, goes driving to pick grapes. While on the road, Yuri asks the couple about their marriage life and they start exchanging thoughts on household and financial matters that Yuri commented that they are having business talk.

At the vineyard, Yuri enjoys a grape and she goes to tell Mikuri how good it is, only, it’s Kazami behind her and not Mikuri. She immediately runs to Mikuri and says that Kazami is probably thinking how funny it is for a middle-aged woman to get excited over grapes, haha. Mikuri tells her that Kazami didn’t think about that and that Kazami is a handsome good guy. LOL at Yuri’s aversion that there are actually nice ikemen‘s but she does have a point.

While they enjoy the grapes that they picked, Yuri tells Tsuzaki about her friend’s apartment, which is not only near the station but she’ll also be near Mikuri. However, Tsuzaki immediately opposes since it’s not a 2LDK room.  Numata jokes that 2LDK rooms is popular with their generation and says that Tsuzaki and Mikuri have their own circumstances. In Numata’s mind, he believes that Tsuzaki likes men and Mikuri likes women, thus, they decided to have a fake marriage so as not to reveal their real sexual preference.

Anyway, Kazami is interested with the apartment and asks Yuri about it. Of course, due to her aversion to ikemen, she’s immediately suspicious, but Mikuri and Numata attests that Kazami is not only an ikemen but he’s a good person as well. While the conversation goes on, Tsuzaki obviously looks so out-of-place. He eats his grapes while he thinks why someone like him has this huge inferiority complex, and while he wallow in self-pity, Mikuri looks at him and you know that she knows what Tsuzaki might be thinking.

The grape-picking group goes to a nearby temple whose famous in making wines and Mikuri notices Tsuzaki’s absence. She searches for him and sees him at one of the main temple studying the place’s pamphlet. She asks if she can join and thankfully, he agreed. They went inside the temple and while they look at the many statues of Buddha, Mikuri tells Tsuzaki that he suits places like temple because he’s so earnest and put-together. Well, if Tsuzaki is a temple, he likens Kazami to the city, which is cool like he is. Mikuri agrees that Kazami is indeed cool but she likes Tsuzaki more; earnest, put-together, and calm. Awww….

An awkward silence follows so Mikuri clarifies on what she meant by like is that compared to the sparkle of a city, she likes the more subdued feel. Tsuzaki, who is probably cheering inside, thanks Mikuri and tells her that if one day Mikuri eventually gets married to someone else, he hopes that she will still come once a week to do household chores at his place. Why would you even think that? You’re ruining the mood. Despite that, Mikuri thinks that what Tsuzaki says is probably one of the best compliments she received as an employee, however, it also made her feel lonely.

Later on, the grape-picking group goes to one of the highest point of the place and Mikuri decides to make a shout-out and mimics Heidi (the anime,haha). Yuri follows and shouts, “ikemen idiot” and corrects herself to “formerly ikemen idiot”. Poor Kazami, he probably thinks that the shout-out is for him. Numata goes and says, “I want to be happy”, and Tsuzaki goes to shout about some like travel power (I can’t understand that part), but it’s more like he’s transferring the power of Mikuri’s own words earlier that she likes Tsuzaki more.

The next day, the couple eats breakfast and Mikuri says that Tsuzaki should bring the some grapes to work as a souvenir, but Tsuzaki tells her that he bought those grapes for Mikuri. Mikuri thanks him for his thoughtfulness and Tsuzaki asks if she can make flavoured rice for him again and Mikuri agrees.

Kazami goes to work and  runs to Yuri. What, so they are working in one building all this time? Kazami tells Yuri that he’s really interested with the apartment so he hopes that she can contact him. Yuri promises to email him and Yuri’s kouhai, Yusu (Yamaga Kotoko) immediately gets giggly about the ikemen that she just talked to. Yuri acts uninterested until Natsuki (Narita Ryo) points-out that Kazami is that guy they saw who dumped a girl over lunch. That said, Kazami is back to being a bad ikemen in Yuri’s eyes.

Still at work, Kazami is surprise to hear that Tsuzaki and Mikuri aren’t moving places anymore. Tsuzaki says that they probably will but there’s no need to rush and he can say that they settled a goal. Kazami comments that Tsuzaki and Mikuri has an ideal relationship and drops the bomb that he has noticed for a long time, “it’s a contract marriage, right? And you pay a salary,” Oof.


Tsuzaki is too dumbfounded to say anything and later on, Mikuri runs to Kazami while shopping and he asks if Tsuzaki have told her about it. When she asks what is all about, he tells her that Tsuzaki agreed that they will share her. Share?!

*2LDK – (2 bedrooms with separate living room, dining room, and kitchen)

*Cookpad – it’s a real app where you can post and share your own recipes.

*Ikemen – I’m pretty sure this is a quite common and popular but still, it means handsome and good-looking guys.


Argh! Tsuzaki and Mikuri are such a clueless couple who can’t even act like a newlywed that’s why they got caught so early in their fake marriage. They are taking their business relationship so seriously that they didn’t even bother to check themselves as a couple if they are acting like a couple. However, them being clueless about marriage matters is also kind of cute, I like how they start to change and grow together as they make adjustment while living together.

Poor Tsuzaki, the guy has obviously fallen in love with the über pretty Mikuri but because he’s a NGSB, he didn’t know what hit him. It’s so cute when he’s already jealous and still doesn’t know it, rather he blames his low self-esteem instead. So it’s really so mature in Mikuri’s part to be more active in trying to drag Tsuzaki out of his shell. I know that she still looks at Tsuzaki as her employer that’s why she’s trying to be as civil as possible, but I’m thinking that even she is starting to have feelings for Tsuzaki, but because she’s too busy analyzing his thoughts and actions, she doesn’t have time to check her own.

As for Kazami, okay, he’s really nice and I’m sure that he got hots for Mikuri so let’s see what steps he will do. But I’m really shipping him with Yuri. haha. I don’t know if Kazami will be the typical jerk who will do underhanded moves to get the girl, or if he’ll be more subtle so let’s see. Anyway, I’m still hoping that if it won’t be Kazami then just give Yuri someone good! I wouldn’t mind a cougar romance and here I’m thinking of her kouhai, Natsuki. haha.

For some non-drama comments, I love almost all of Mikuri’s outfits! It suits her well, very chic, and effortlessly stylish. Her outfit when Numata and Kazami visited her house, that red apron made her look like her character Akane from Ranma 1/2, haha. Also, for someone who does all the household chores, she always look fresh.

Anyway, I love these 2 episodes with our main couple doing the “baby steps” in married life and looking forward to the time when both of them will realize their feelings for each other.


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