Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 5

We’re now halfway in this drama and while the romance department has been slow, only giving us teasers here and there, this episode has some major moment! Although, it’s quite childish to call it “major”, but I’ve been waiting for this so let me flail. As for Morio, well she finally gets her time to shine and we see that she also has her own struggles that she needs to cope with.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 5


We start with (damned) kiss and I apologize to Orihara for losing my faith in him since she did push Morio and asks what it is all about. Morio just shrugged her shoulders and says that he shouldn’t be too serious about it and grabs some beer. Orihara asks her if he can help her with anything and Morio says that she doesn’t want to talk about because nothing will change even she talks about it.

Nonetheless, she starts talking on how her boss made her feel worthless and she feels like she’s losing everything to Etsuko. Why? Are you in contest or something? She adds that she has no idea what she wants and who she is and Orihara says that their comrades in that regard since he also has no idea what he should be doing with his life. With that, the kiss is completely forgotten, I hope.


At work, it’s Etsuko’s moment as Takehara presented her with something that could open her doors to Lassy and that’s proofreading’s Fraulein Tokiko’s upcoming fashion essay. The said fashion essay has already been published in Italy, where Tokiko is currently based, and all that Etsuko needs to check are typos from translations. Of course, the book has another crappy cover, it makes me suspicious that it got published in Italy. Oh well, Etsuko is a huge fan of Tokiko since her earlier years of being a stylist for Lassy and she can’t wait to meet her with the news that she’ll be back in Japan soon.

At Lassy, Morio and co. are also busy since Tokiko will be styling the three models (aka Orihara and co.) for Lassy’s special feature. The Ed chief says that Tokiko is quite choosy with stuff so they have to be prepared.


At Morio’s place, Orihara and she are enjoying a game of shogi when a giggly Etsuko calls. She asks Orihara where they will going for their date, woohoo! Orihara says that they will be going somewhere with Showa-era feel and I can totally picture Taisho’s downstairs oden shop with that description.


Anyway, Etsuko is excited for her date but she’s more excited on what she should be wearing. In the end, she chose something akin to what the nobility would wear in 1920’s England, which I have no idea how her outfit is related to Showa. Everyone in the office notice that she’s quite flashy than usual and Fujiwa reminds her about TPO, which is time, place, and occasion when she chooses on what she should wear.


Etsuko couldn’t care less since the clothes she wears is for her date and heads to Fujin Raijin where she’s meeting Orihara. Tourist near Fujin Raijin finds her pretty so Orihara takes her picture together with them. Afterwards, the two heads to amusement park, and it makes me wonder how an amusement park has a Showa-era feel. Well, I like Etsuko’s spunk that she didn’t feel a bit out-of-place with her outfit and why would she when Orihara holds her hand as they run to the roller coaster.


However, Morio chose that time to call since Tokiko will be meeting the Lassy staff and the three models that Tokiko will style on. Etsuko is obviously disappointed that their date has to be cut-off because of work, but she still gives Orihara some encouragement especially when she heard that they are called because of Tokiko.

At Lassy, the group had a conference call with Tokiko where she assigned each model a theme and for Orihara, she wants him to be dress as a gangster, and asks the staff to prepare props. Orihara and Morio are both surprised in this and the gangster thing that they could think is like Marlon Brando with cigar and a wine barrel. So Morio goes to every Italian restaurant to look for a wine barrel.


Speaking of Italian, Etsuko goes home disappointed to see Seshiru eating at the oden. She excitedly tells her that they held hands and Seshiru jokes that they are not middle-schoolers to get excited over things like that and going to an amusement  is something normal. Anyway, Seshiru reveals that she has an Italian boyfriend, Etsuko finds this totally rad, and more rad that Seshiru can speak in conversational Italian.


At work, Etsuko is still not contented with just checking the typos, she wants to check for facts but she can’t probably go to Italy to do that. Anyway, she gets a call from Seshiru that Tokiko is on her way to Lassy so Etsuko excuses herself at work. Etsuko runs to Morio, who manage to find a barrel and a tacky suitcase as props for the gangster photo shoot.


Tokiko arrives, dress in white, and looking really haughty. She checks the props and calls Morio’s props as useless and since they are useless, she just wasted her time when she should have just prepared what she was told. In defense of Morio, she wasn’t told what kind of props to prepare. Of course, Morio just apologized, but tactless Etsuko can’t hold her mouth and ends-up telling Tokiko that there’s nothing useless in this world and she’s disappointed that Tokiko would think like that.

Well, the legendary stylist doesn’t like to be told what to do or say so she tells Etsuko that she should be thankful that she’s in proofreading department or she’ll find herself jobless.


Morio and Etsuko goes to her place and Etsuko apologizes for her big mouth. Morio says that it’s okay and Morio picks-up and old issue of Lassy when Tokiko is still an assistant. She points-out the patchwork that Tokiko made by hand and was used as props for the photo shoot. The said patchwork adds glamour to that shoot and that’s when Tokiko realized that what she was doing wasn’t entirely useless so she decided to become a stylist who can direct the concept during a photo shoot.

Etsuko suggests that Morio can also do the same patchwork and maybe Tokiko will remember her roots. But Morio declines and says that she’s not the same as Etsuko, she’s not working because she likes it. Morio includes herself to the population who lacks dreams and ends-up doing jobs for the sake of having a job and not because it’s something that they want to do, and it’s not because it’s fun.


Etsuko thinks that Morio’s way of thinking is wrong, she thinks that Morio doesn’t find her job fun because she’s not trying to enjoy it and that’s why she also finds it boring. Morio just laughs and says that Etsuko is really admirable because she even enjoys proofreading.

Anyway, since the world is probably full of useless things,  Etsuko decides to do more useless things and heads to Asakusa to meet and greet Italian tourists. haha. Kaizuka sees her handing leaflets and thinks that she’s doing something weird again. Etsuko proudly agrees that she is doing something useless, but that’s how she is and that’s how she proofread so she can’t change it.


As it happens, Etsuko is handling leaflets with questions pertaining to Tokiko’s book just to check facts. In the end, Kaizuka helps her and even treats her to some dango, although as Kaizuka pointed-out, it was Etsuko who told him that she’ll be treating him but she only has 270 Yen in her wallet. haha.


Etsuko starts thinking about Orihara and how she wants him to taste the dango when she gets a call from him. He’s calling to apologize for their failed date and Etsuko says that they can just meet near the sports center and she’ll even bring him some dango. When asks where is she, Etsuko says that she’s with Kaizuka, eating dango in Asakusa.

Kaizuka asks why she has to tell Orihara that they met and Etsuko laughs that Kaizuka don’t need to worry since Orihara will not misunderstand their relationship. Kaizuka says that he’s not talking about that, but on the fact that Etsuko just says what’s on her mind. For Kaizuka, Etsuko talks before she can even think about it that’s why she’s a recipe for disaster. He tells Etsuko that saying anything and everything on her mind, even if it’s right, is not a good thing.


Etsuko apologizes for her thoughtlessness, and recalls her conversation with Morio where she went out-of-line. She says that she’s aware of her behavior but she can’t help it, her brain and her mouth must be directly connected or something so she always end-up saying things before she even thinks about it. Well, Kaizuka tells Etsuko that’s because she’s a simple-minded person, if she starts thinking before she talks, then that will shock him. Speaking of shock, Etsuko is no longer listening to him since she’s back to distributing flyers. Heh.


So Etsuko and Orihara meets somewhere near the sports center and he apologizes for ruining their date especially since Etsuko dressed so fashionably. Well, Etsuko doesn’t mind and says that dressing-up for someone you like is really fun. Orihara does a double-take upon hearing the word “like”, and the two end-up stuttering to one another until Etsuko bid him goodbye since she has to go back to Keibonsha. Haha.


Orihara, looking a bit shell-shocked, goes home and asks Morio if he can tell Etsuko that she’s renting him a room. Morio agrees since she’s also itching to tell Etsuko and asks him if he likes Etsuko, which Orihara agrees. Later on, Morio got hit with some inspiration and starts mending the tacky suitcase.


Back at Keibonsha, Tokiko decides to check the proofreading department and sees that they are all busy doing their own thing as their way of checking for facts. There’s Yoneoka who is building a house prototype, Fujiwa who is reading about warrior’s armour, and there’s Etsuko who is playing a blind swordsman. She hits Tokiko, who is at fault because she chose to stand in the middle of a sword fight, and apologizes again for what she said the other day.


Anyway, Tokiko checks her work and Takehara tells her that Etsuko only checked for typos. Only that Etsuko checked more than typos and Tokiko’s book draft is filled with notes about the places mentioned in her book. Well, Etsuko’s hard work have paid off and soon enough, the department’s email inbox is filled with emails about Etsuko’s queries, and the phone lines are also filled with calls. In the end, Tokiko agreed with Etsuko’s earlier argument that there’s no such thing as useless in this world.


Later on, Tokiko heads to the photoshoot where Orihara looks more like a high roller/party boy instead of a gangster. She sees the suitcase, now covered with patchwork to make it stand-out, and praises Morio for her effort. Morio is nice after all since she says that she learned about the patchwork thing from Etsuko and says that Etsuko has been Tokiko’s fan since their high school days. Those days when Etsuko would talk to Morio and her one-sided love for fashion. So it goes, Orihara makes use of the suitcase and he still doesn’t look like a gangster, he looks more like he’s eloping with the model.


Much later on, Etsuko and Seshiru decides to head to Morio’s place after learning that she took a half-day at work. While they wait at the lobby, Morio arrives, and soon enough follows Orihara.




So how come they are so surprised about liking each other when they even went for a date? Well, I guess dating someone not necessarily equates to liking someone but it was too obvious. Oh well, their reactions when Etsuko said that she likes Orihara is priceless and I’ll contend myself knowing that they like one another. Morio and Orihara living together isn’t really a big deal since Orihara have admitted that he likes Etsuko but I still see Morio entering the picture since she’s becoming too chummy with Orihara.


That leaves poor Kaizuka, who obviously didn’t have a thing for Etsuko, I guess its only me and chief Takehara who keeps on pairing the two. But he really has a good chemistry with Etsuko and I really don’t see him being with Morio. Hah!

vlcsnap-2016-11-15-18h50m33s934I didn’t include this in the recap but there’s also some awkward scene between Masamune and Yoneoka. For some reason, Masamune decided to give Yoneoka a pro-wrestling t-shirt, to whom he is a fan. Yoneoka gladly accepts it, but its pretty obvious that not only is he not a fan, I don’t think he would be caught dead wearing that t-shirt. Aoki (Matsukawa Naruki) decides to butt-in and says that he’s also a fan, earning him some side-eye glare from Yoneoka. Hah.


 BTW, I really don’t want to make comments on their acting, but Honda Tsubasa really looks bland and blank especially with her scenes with Suda Masaki. That or Suda is just a really good actor so you’ll notice his acting more than Tsubasa.

vlcsnap-2016-11-15-18h52m16s318Anyway, hoping for more love development later on for Orihara and Etsuko!


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