Revamping and Restarting

Its been two years since I stopped blogging for Dorama Doll save for the monthly updates in my Recommendation page. Well, since jnewseng is being taken care of by the amazing , I decided to restart this blog.

There will be a few minor changes, like I’ll also be writing some drama news, no more per episode recap but just First Impressions and some plain reviews. In that way, I won’t be too overwhelmed in trying to keep up with the latest episodes of every drama.

That’s all for now and I’m hoping that for everyone’s support.

Thank you,



2 thoughts on “Revamping and Restarting

  1. I’m glad you restarted this blog because I added it to my favorites and bookmarked it as well, a while back. I checked this every now and then , very entertaining. Thank you for all of your inputs and hard work. Much appreciated😃


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