Indefinite Hiatus


I feel bad stopping midway but this must be done.  I will stop updating Dorama Doll indefinitely and I will just concentrate with my other blog- JE Fandom.

I love doing recaps but it’s time-consuming, and I will be going back to school this August. I’ll be taking a totally different course from what I’ve majored back in college so I need to do advance reading and I’ve also signed-up with some online courses where I will be spending three hours a day starting this June in front of my PC. It seems easy but I also have to sync my time which is 3 hours in advance to attend those online courses.

Anyway, if I have enough time, I might still do “First Impressions” in my other blog. Compared to this blog, translating is indeed easier than doing recaps. You can still check my RECOMMENDATION page as I will continuously update it.

So, thank you to everyone who has read this blog. I really appreciate it.


(c)Je suis la euphoria.





5 thoughts on “Indefinite Hiatus

  1. I think we have alot in common..we are probably around the same age and have the same interests in jdrama and jpop. It’s a pity that your drama blog has to go on hiatus for now…

    I have also thought about returning to school, just no idea what area. Do you mind sharing more about that?


    1. Hi! Well, I don’t mind sharing about it. For now, I’ll be taking online courses for creative writing. It’s a once a week for five weeks program. Afterwards, my main course, Bachelor of Arts (major in English Literature) will start this August. For that, I have to read lots of literary works in advance. XD


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