Dramas I’m Watching Winter 2017

The start of 2017 has been very busy for me, which I think is a good thing because work means money, but it also means that I have less time to watch dramas. In fact, up until when I started writing this post, I only know three Winter dramas and that’s A LIFE, Quartet, and Totsuzen desu ga. Thankfully for jadefrost, who does an amazing job of compiling and summarizing each dramas per season, I got to read every existing dramas for Winter and decide from there.

Anyway, here are some dramas I’ve checked this season that moved me (if I’m actually moved).


  • A  LIFE~Itoshiki Hito~

Kimura Takuya‘s return to dramaland with his “PRIDE” co-star, Takeuchi Yuko, is one of the most awaited drama this season. While I love PRIDE, I didn’t watch A LIFE for this tandem but because I’m itching for something different in a medical drama. However, hospital politics as the main adversary in most medical dramas remains trite that it’s getting tiring. Despite that, the first episode is full of awesome actors whose diverse acting range makes the hospital politics bearable. I’m particularly excited to see Igawa’s (Matsuyama Kenichi) growth as a surgeon and to see if he’ll change for himself or to have a chance in love with Shibata (Kimura Fumino).


Aside from that, Okita’s (Kimura Takuya) skills as a surgeon is so-so, haha, Daimon (Doctor X) and Ryutaro (Iryu: Team Medical Dragon) remains my favorite surgeons in drama land. Although Okita is skillful, he lacks that aura that Daimon and Ryutaro possessed.


  • Gekokujo Juken

This drama is the middle-school/family version of “Dragon Zakura” and I love this kind of story about chasing your dreams. The first episode really touched my heart that I can’t help not to cheer for the father-and-daughter tandem, I’m literally sending them virtual hugs all the time. This is the first time that I saw Abe Sadao in a leading role and he’s so good in it. Yamada Mikuu as Kaori is just as adorable, she acts really well and gives us a view of an innocent middle-school girl and someone who wants to improve herself but has no proper guidance to do so. Anyway, I really hope she gets to that dream high school of her’s and her dad’s and I will definitely follow this drama.



  • Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

I wouldn’t miss this Nishiuchi Mariya‘s drama because I love her! Having Yamamura Ryuta in it is an added bonus since I like flumpool‘s songs, and though this drama has their fair share of detractors, the first episode got me intrigue for more. The chemistry is there, although a bit awkward, but I love Asuka’s (Nishiuchi) pizzazz and her resolve to only date someone who has desire for marriage. As for Yamamura’s portrayal of NanaRyu,he’s such an eye candy, but I don’t think he’s giving it all yet when it comes to acting so let’s wait and see. Aside from our leads, I also want to see any budding romance among Asuka’s friends.


Anyway, the “I want to marry”  plot seems to be a norm each season, we had “Hayako sensei” and “Watashi Kekkon…” last spring, “NigeHaji” last fall, and now we have”Totsuzen” and “Tokyo tarareba” so I’m wondering if there is a rise of marriage interest among OLs.


  • Tokyo Tarareba Musume

Another drama that I decided to watch because of the leads, haha, or rather, male leads. If you’ve seen “Ore Monogatari!” then  all Sakaguchi Kentaro and Suzuki Ryohei‘s fans should watch this for the sake of flailing. More than seeing SakaKen with blonde hair, the story Rinko (Yoshitaka Yuriko) is very timely in a sense that she’s aiming to get married before Tokyo 2020. Furthermore, this drama has one of the best girl friendships I’ve seen.


Aside from these dramas that I’ve mentioned, I’m also planning to watch “Rakuen” for a bit of suspense and “Quartet” for music, it’s been so long since I’ve watched a drama involving music so I’m pretty excited.


That’s all for now, once I get more time from work, I might posts some First Impressions. Happy watching!



10 thoughts on “Dramas I’m Watching Winter 2017

  1. I notice the “marriage” drama trend as well. I’ve only checked out Totsuzen… Kekkon and Tokyo Tarareba Musume and liked both first episodes, mainly for the girls since the guys are pretty cold and jerkish (especially NanaRyu).


    1. If we go by K-drama standard, of course he is not, and he has mellowed down a lot in the second ep. But idk, i am pretty put off by his condescending look. Maybe that’s just me 😉


  2. Totsuzen desu ga is definitely my favorite drama this season!!! Sooo good!!!! And nanaryu is so hot! I love his character. Such a typical guy haha can’t wait to watch more!
    You should also watch virtual detective tabito Higurashi! It’s good 🙂 I don’t really like detective dramas but this one is good!
    Rental lovers is okay. It’s a short drama so it doesn’t take time to watch. first episode was good second one meh


    1. In respect for subbers, I won’t name any streaming sites so do them a favor by downloading raws from nyaa.si and subs at d-addicts. Atm, I haven’t seen a subs for SPEC. Hope this helps.


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