Just Reviews : Totsuzen Desu Ga Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

Totsuzen desu ga ashita kekkon shimasu” is another drama this season tackling the issue of women in the marriage mart. I love Nishuichi Mariya so this review can be pretty biased so I’ll limit my review to plot and characters. However, since this is also flumpool vocalist’s Yamamura Ryuta first foray into the acting scene, I think it’s only given that I comment on his acting as well.

Anyway, here is a summary of Totsuzen desu ga ashita kekkon shimasu : Episode 12

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First Impressions on Tokyo Tarareba Musume : Episode 1

I was gonna compare “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” to summer season’s “Hayako-sensei…” because it features different women in the marriage mart. However, Tokyo Tarareba is a bit different because the girls were pretty comfortable with their single status, happy with just an all-girls’ night-out until one blonde ikemen reminded them that they are no longer girls and their “what if” (tarareba) stories no longer fits them.

Here is a quick recap of Tokyo Tarareba Musume : Episode 1

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Dramas I’m Watching Winter 2017

The start of 2017 has been very busy for me, which I think is a good thing because work means money, but it also means that I have less time to watch dramas. In fact, up until when I started writing this post, I only know three Winter dramas and that’s A LIFE, Quartet, and Totsuzen desu ga. Thankfully for jadefrost, who does an amazing job of compiling and summarizing each dramas per season, I got to read every existing dramas for Winter and decide from there.

Anyway, here are some dramas I’ve checked this season that moved me (if I’m actually moved).

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