Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 4

This episode made me angry and squeal for different reasons. Etsuko learned the hard way of being a busybody while her relationship with Orihara have made some progress until a hurdle presents itself.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 4


After Etsuko dropped the bomb on what she thinks of Orihara’s novel, she spends her time mulling over it until Orihara asks her for dinner. By the way, I don’t know when it happened but they are now on first-name basis as Etsuko calls him Yukito. (Though I will still use Orihara because that’s how I refer to him for the past 3 episodes)


The two heads to Etsuko’s place/oden restaurant to eat and Taisho gives Orihara some serious side-eye. Orihara likes the Showa-feeling of Etsuko’s place and comments that her aura is quite white when it’s usually yellow (yellow=happy). Etsuko then apologizes for her tactless comment about his novel and Orihara says that it’s okay if she can’t help that it’s boring. Etsuko says that she only reads fashion magazines so she’s not into literary novels, but Orihara tells her that one day, he’ll write something that Etsuko will find interesting. She finds it sweet and she gets more giggly when Orihara calls her by her nickname, which is “Ecchan”.


Well, the merry mood is interrupted by a call from Kaizuka who can’t work until he finds his 3-color ballpoint pen. Of course, Etsuko chose that time to argue with Kaizuka over his stupid call while Orihara also receives a call from Morio. Morio asks him to buy her a toothbrush and Orihara says that even though its cliche, he’ll buy a pink toothbrush. Taisho eyes widen since a pink toothbrush can only that Orihara is living with a girl.


Speaking of living together, Orihara and Morio arrive separately at Keibonsha but as the receptionist points-out, they smell the same like they use the same soap, which is totally icky on my part. Orihara’s sees his fashion spread for the upcoming issue of Lassy and he suddenly felt embarrassed. Moreover, Morio still insist on revealing that’s he’s a writer, but Orihara wouldn’t listen to it. To add pressure, the ed chief tells Morio that if she can’t persuade Orihara, then she can start looking for other job, after all, her pretty face is the only thing that got her the job. Ouch.


So Morio heads to Literature Editorial Department where a delighted Kaizuka greets her. Morio tells Kaizuka that if he can convince Orihara to expose his real identity then it’s a win-win situation for both of them. Orihara will become a regular model for Lassy and his book sales will surely increase. Despite that and with a heavy heart, Kaizuka says that it’ll be impossible. Still, Kaizuka tries to asks Morio for a date but he gets immediately shut down.

vlcsnap-2016-11-09-22h09m23s989At proofreading department, Etsuko is task to proofread Sugimoto Asuka’s upcoming autobiography. Sugimoto is a famous actress and even Etsuko (who only reads fashion magazines) is aware of her famous movie lines. Masamune arrives, who for some reason always passes-by the department, and says that he’s also familiar with Sugimoto since his brother is a huge fan. Then it hits him that Yoneoka actually looks like his brother so maybe that’s why he feels comfortable with him. Ouch, being family zone is harder to take than being friendzone because you don’t cross that line with a family!


Anyway, to check for facts on Sugimoto’s autobio, Etsuko searches the internet and Fujiwa tells her to be careful with information she’ll find from the internet since they tend to be inaccurate. Etsuko agrees with her and she decides that she’ll check the facts by going in Hachioji. Etsuko leaves the office, much to Fujiwa’s chagrin, and Takehara just pretended that he thought that Fujiwa gave her the permission.


She runs to Orihara on her way out for her field work, Morio joins them later on. When Morio asks Orihara why Etsuko is doing field work, Orihara answers that “if it’s Ecchan, maybe she has something to do”, and Morio somehow looks displeased with Orihara calling Etsuko by her nickname.


In Hachioji, Etsuko’s retraces Sugimoto’s childhood by reading her autobiography and the places mentioned in it. She also reaches Sugimoto’s residence and then she notices a paparazzi taking pictures of Sugimoto’s van as it exits the house. That paparazzi is so obvious BTW. Etsuko decides to confront the man, but when she opens the van’s door, the man fell and blames her that he’s hurt. He asks for her card and when he sees that Etsuko is a proofreader, he says that they are the same since finding fault in people is their job. Hah? NOT!


The paparazzi happens to be Yamaouchi Takashi, who is quite famous in exposing celebrity scandals. Since Sugimoto is a huge star, she is not spared from scandal and soon enough, Yamanouchi exposed that Sugimoto actually have a child and that she’s a single mother. Due to this, Sugimoto’s upcoming bio is also put on hold at Keibonsha since there’s rumor that Sugimoto’s camp will hold a press conference and that it’s likely that she will retire.


Etsuko can’t help but voice-out her frustration and anger at Yamanouchi, even Taisho is saddened by Sugimoto’s ordeal and Etsuko is surprise since she thought that Taisho has always been a Katagira  Nagisa fan and calls it two-timing. Taisho says that if it’s two-timing then Etsuko is doing the same thing and muses to Yoneoka. Haha, if he only knew.


The next day, Etsuko decides to crash the press conference and sees Orihara on her way who gives her a lift. Orihara is impressed by Etsuko’s brazenness and tells her that if it’s her, she’ll probably be able to do something about it.


Etsuko arrives on scene and sees Yamanouchi. He’s not a bit sorry about his expose and says that Sugimoto is disqualified as actress because an actress’s job is to bring dreams to people and yet she hid a child? Wow, didn’t know that he holds actresses with that high regard. Out of habit, Etsuko starts retelling the facts she read from Sugimoto’s autobiography even up to the point when Sugimoto mentioned her child, Yurika, although she referred to her as a cat to hide her real identity.


Unfortunately, Yamanouchi’s memory is just as good as Etsuko’s and he uses what he learned to taunt Sugimoto into revealing who’s the father of her child and if she had never married because she had an affair with a married man. Sugimoto denies his claims and says that her child’s father is not from the entertainment business so she can’t drop names. To add fuel to the fire, Yamanouchi talks about her  child, a cat named Yurika. Sugimoto couldn’t handle Yamanouchi’s rant about her being a mother and so and passed-out. Etsuko ran to the scene and calls for ambulance but the press it too busy taking pictures of Sugimoto than call for help.


Etsuko is too depressed when she gets back to work, I would because she basically fed those words to Yamanouchi, even though she’s probably hoping that he’ll take pity on Sugimoto. However, Sugimoto is indeed that popular since the netizens are defending her, calling the press people shameful and evil on how they handled the interview with Sugimoto. Soon, Sugimoto’s name still as hot as ever so Keibonsha decides to continue publishing her autobiography. As for Sugimoto, she’s just relieved to finally let out the truth and then tells her child that they can play outside from then on.


Etsuko goes home, too weary from work, and gets a surprise by seeing Orihara at the oden shop.  Etsuko forgets all about being tired and was in high spirits with the other ossans. She asks Orihara on why he writes using a pen name, after all, he is such an ikemen so why would he hide his face? The other ossans laugh at Etsuko’s naivety and tells her that people use pen names because they want their work to be evaluated impartially and without being judge by their personal history or origin. Etsuko is in awe of the ossans knowledge and Taisho says that it’s a pretty common knowledge. Seriously, Etsuko needs to read more than fashion magazines.


Taisho then confirms if he is a writer and Etsuko chimes that he’s also a model. She adds that being a model and writer is a good thing because he’ll be like a “Bunbu Ryodo” (someone accomplished in both literary and military arts).


Bunbu Ryodo it is, Orihara arrives home to a brooding Morio, who is nursing a broken heart because her boyfriend is too busy with his family to meet her. Tch. Orihara tells Morio that he changes his mind and is now okay with revealing that he is Korenaga Koriyuki because as Ecchan have said, it’ll be like a Bunbu Ryodo. He’ll do it without thinking so much about it.


Upon hearing Etsuko’s name and how she easily convince Orihara to reveal his writer identity must have pissed Morio since the next thing we know, she has her lips on his lips. To make matter worse, when Morio tells him to return the favor, he kissed her back.



Now, why would you kiss her back? Seriously, that last scene made me so peeved, I can’t watch any drama after that. It’s pretty obvious that Morio did that out of jealousy, after all, her job has been hanging by a thread because Orihara wouldn’t reveal his writer identity yet Etsuko beat her to it when she was merely kidding about the Bunbu Ryodo thing. As for Orihara, is he drunk or something? Or because Morio said to “return the favor”, he’s thinking that the favor is because Morio had him stay at her place. I don’t know anymore, he clearly likes Etsuko but I’m afraid that his like for her is like an admiration because she has fine qualities.


Speaking of like, I LOL’d at Yoneoka’s expression when Masamune referred to him as a big brother. More LOL because Yoneoka even said that he can treat him as a brother, which is totally not what he has in mind. As for Kaizuka, so he really likes Morio? I mean, flat-affect Morio? (Do I sound bitter?) It’s not that I’m aiming for a love triangle (really, I’m not), but he’s better off with Etsuko because even though she keeps on calling him “tako”, at least she talks to him.


As for the story in this episode, that Yamanouchi has huge problems. It’s either he’s a long-time closet Sugimoto Asuka fan or an avenging ex-boyfriend because of the amount of shade he threw at her. I admit that knowing the private life of my favorite celebrity would be good but if he/she has a secret child all along, then who I am to judge? I guess it’s because that most actresses in Japan were marketed to project a clean and pure image so a mere relationship with anyone would smear their reputation.


Relationship-wise, I like the development between Orihara and Etsuko but the kiss at the end is UGH. I also like how Kaizuka have gotten too comfortable with Etsuko especially when he was looking for his pen and he even personally went to Etsuko just to say that he already found his pen. Ha. Oh, I hope Yoneoka will be brave enough to say his feelings for Masamune instead of just being treated as an older brother.



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