Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 4-5

The next two episodes are so warm and fluffy that my heart doesn’t know whether it should do a sommersault or just be still and let it melt. Our innocent couple has to face the hurdle of letting their secret known while at the same time, they try to pretend like a real married couple.Individually, Tsuzaki is still having doubts with himself and doubts on Mikuri’s feelings for him. Meanwhile, our pretty heroine proves she’s not just the more mature in this relationship, she’s also the braver one who is willing to take a huge leap in their fake marriage.

Here is a quick recap of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 45

Time flies fast in NigeHaji world that it’s been a week since Kazami talked to Tsuzaki about sharing Mikuri and Tsuzaki hasn’t had the guts to tell Mikuri about it. Little did he know, Kazami has beaten him to it and Mikuri already knows about the share thing. Mikuri tries to talk to Tsuzaki about the share thing by dropping the word “share” with every chance she gets. Tsuzaki is obviously flustered as he tries to deviate the conversation, but he still won’t open-up to the topic. Mikuri wonders if that’s what housewives felt when when they want to know if their husband is having an affair but can’t bring themselves to ask.

Mikuri wonders why would Tsuzaki share her, she’s not a thing or his property, so sharing her with Kazami makes her iffy. Actually, she’s too calm about this matter since I’ll probably go ballistic. Anyway, while she contemplates the idea of sharing, she bites her frozen grapes and screams of pain. The next thing we see, she’s in the dentist and she needs a new tooth. However, her best option is to get a ceramic tooth and it costs around 95,000 Yen, which she doesn’t have since she used all her money from paying off her student loans. Yuri asks her if Tsuzaki is stingy since he could at least pay for his wife’s tooth, but Mikuri knows that it’ll be impossible. She tries doing a sample computation of and sees that they are left with a measly 1000 Yen for their monthly budget.

Mikuri shows to Tsuzaki their household expenses and it is revealed that Mikuri compensated a small amount to their budget since they went over it.Tsuzaki tells her that she shouldn’t compensate any amount if they ever go above the set budget. He says that it makes him feel bad as an employer if he sees his employee adjusting like that, and Mikuri is so touch that she tells him that if they are Americans, she would have hugged him, haha. Tsuzaki is immediately in defense and tells her that he’s glad to be in Japan, ha. He adds that as someone older and that as her employer, she should rely on him more.

On that, Mikuri decides to ask him about sharing her with Kazami. Tsuzaki obviously wants to call it a bluff but Mikuri has a lot to say so Tsuzaki decides to explain about the share thing. Tsuzaki explained that Kazami have noticed from their  actions that they aren’t a normal couple and guessed that they are in a contract marriage where Tsuzaki pays the salary. For that, Kazami wants to hire Mikuri to do housework for him, even once a week is fine, and the rest is up to Mikuri to decide. Tsuzaki adds that he doesn’t mind what Mikuri wants to do on her free time and he wants to respect her’s and Kazami’s decision.

Well, with her ceramic tooth in mind, Mikuri decides to accept the job, and asks Tsuzaki to let her accept the part-time job. The next day, she goes to the dentist to buy the ceramic tooth in installment.

As soon as she’s free, Mikuri goes to Kazami’s to check his place and helps him unpack his things. Kazami wasted no time to ask her if she has any feelings for Tsuzaki, but Mikuri deviates the question by asking Kazami if he finds their situation amusing. Kazami agrees and says that he finds Mikuri and Tsuzaki interesting, he then asks if Yuri knows about her situation and Mikuri tells him that Yuri is very old-fashioned so he should also keep it as a secret. Speaking of Yuri, she just had a meeting with the former ikemen (see episode 3) who apologizes to her for his actions the other day. Whatever, jerk!

Back at home, Mikuri reports that she’ll be working twice a day at Kazami’s place and while she goes on, Tsuzaki cuts her to say she doesn’t need to report what she did at Kazami’s place since she has a different contract over there. There goes surly Tsuzaki. Well, surly Tsuzaki continues to be the same, and Mikuri wants to talk. So she puts her chopsticks down and tells Tsuzaki how the daikon and beef soup she made at Kazami’s place is an utter failure so she has to rushed to the grocery to buy a curry roux and mix it in the soup and pretend that she cooked beef curry all along. Tsuzaki compliments her for her quick thinking, however, the said conversation only happened in Mikuri’s overactive imagination since Tsuzaki is still ignoring her.

Well, Mikuri still wants to talk so she opens the conversation by asking about Numata, haha. Mikuri notes that Numata updates his Cookpad account everyday, and Mikuri thought that she’ll be ignored again since Tsuzaki took his time to answer. Thankfully, Tsuzaki responded and talks about the sandwich that Numata brought for lunch the other day and how it was homemade. Tsuzaki asks Mikuri if it’ll be easy to grow herbs at home and the conversation continues. Inside Mikuri’s head, she thanks Numata, and she also thanked him via his Cookpad account.

In Numata’s favorite bar, he shows Mikuri’s feedback to the bartender and the bartender responded if that’s Tsuzaki’s wife, the couple that Numata says is only putting on a show. Numata agrees and says that his intuition is working again lately and shares his observation between Tsuzaki and Kazami, haha. He notes how Tsuzaki seem nervous around Kazami while the latter is being friendly to the former. Numata deduces that the two is definitely in love, LOL. More like they are in love with one girl.

Speaking of love, Yuri is having drinks with her favorite subordinates, Yusu and Natsuki, and Yusu suggests a topic for them to talk about and mentioned something about past love that they regretted.Narita asks Yuri if she has a love that she regretted, Yuri says she has but only a little, and Narita asks if Yuri has someone that she really loved-seriously and desperately. Yuri says that some people don’t have that kind of personality and Natsuki tells her that its wrong, if she loves someone, she should really pursue him even though it’s uncool. Yuri asks if there’s something wrong with him and Natsuki answers that he’s just frustrated. Well, Yuri says that loving someone only makes you anxious, while you can’t devout yourself completely to them, you also can’t go anywhere else.

Anyway, what Mikuri missed on telling Tsuzaki, Kazami beats her to it as he asks Tsuzaki if he already had Mikuri’s daikon and beef curry since it’s really delicious. Kazami asks if Tsuzaki have tried it and says that he hasn’t. In the corner, Numata (whose holding a rainbow colored cup) looks at Tsuzaki and Kazami with a smile so when Hino arrives to join their conversation, Numata walks over and tells Hino that they should leave Tsuzaki and Kazami to nurture their relationship, heh.

Well, the meal talk with Kazami obviously affected Tsuzaki that he has little to say when their dinner turned-out to be chicken curry, yum! Mikuri starts to open the conversation about Numata, haha, but Tsuzaki simply says that Numata is fine. Next, Mikuri talks about her friend, Yassan (Mano Erika), who decided to divorced her husband and move back to her parents’s house. Anyway, Yassan tells her that when she busted her husband out of his affair, he tells her that he did that so that he can always love her (Yassan) that he needs to share his feelings. Wait, what?

Tsuzaki and Mikuri both finds the excuse nonsensical so Yassan decides to go to a goukon to see if she can find what her husband meant. Of course, since she didn’t know that Mikuri is married, she asks her to come to goukon. Mikuri tells Tsuzaki that she will not go but Tsuzaki immediately switches back to his surly self and tells Mikuri that she can go. Mikuri wants to make another excuse but she can feel that Tsuzaki have built a wall around himself. Mikuri notices that when the talk is about another man, Tsuzaki immediately builds a wall around and she guesses that it must be from his low self esteem.

Well, Mikuri is aware of Tsuzaki’s low self-esteem and his lack of girlfriend so I wonder why she decided to ask if he ever went to a goukon. The question stops Tsuzaki and when he asks why, Mikuri answers that there’s no reason. He tells her that she should stop snooping and analyzing and we flashback to Mikuri’s past where a guy called her pretentious.

In Tsuzaki’s room, he felt like a guy who has a one-sided crush to someone whose already in a relationship. An unproductive thing where you began to hate yourself and your crush as well. He always thought that he and Mikuri are the same, just like what Mikuri told him before, he has never been chosen by the one he favored, but he was wrong since he and Mikuri are different. He wonders if he should just let go of Mikuri and live his life in solace.

The next day, he tells Mikuri that he’s willing to exchange places with Kazami. Mikuri can change her registered address and become Kazami’s unregistered wife. He also tells her that he’ll still hire her to do housework for him, but if commuting will be troublesome for her then he’ll hire someone else. Mikuri asks if that’s really okay with Tsuzaki and he answers that the decision is her own volition.  In her imagination, Mikuri agrees with Tsuzaki’s suggestion, but in reality, she knew that if she did that, Tsuzaki wouldn’t even stop her. All she can do at present is to give Tsuzaki his bento, wave him goodbye as he goes to work, and thinks that in the end, she really has a way to make others hate and reject her.

Remember the guy who called her pretentious in her flashback earlier? Well, that guy happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Despite the support and encouragement that she gave her boyfriend (who was looking for a job), he ended up hating her help and calling her pretentious. Mikuri felt like the same thing is happening with her now.

At Kazami’s place, Mikuri receives a text from Tsuzaki that he will be doing an overtime so there’s no need for her to cook dinner. Cue to Kazami arriving home earlier than expected and asks Mikuri to join him for dinner since he knows that Tsuzaki did overtime. Sly fox. The two eats dinner and Mikuri shares about being invited to goukon. Kazami shares that he dislikes goukon but if it’s a goukon that Mikuri will go to, then he’ll go as well. Mikuri says that Kazami is the typical popular guy who says things that girls love to hear and Kazami says that he’s not like that at all, he says his likes and dislikes bluntly. He also adds that he likes talking to Mikuri since he learns lots of things from her.

Mikuri says that she’s not really fun to talk to and shares that she actually gets hated a lot because she criticizes, analyzes, and that she’s pretentious. Kazami thinks it’s actually a good thing and he doesn’t care what other people think of her. Mikuri smiles and tells herself that Kazami’s words makes her want to stay with him because she might stop the cycle of self-hate.

For Tsuzaki, he keeps on convincing himself that he’s going to be fine, he’ll be back in his solitary comfort, yet he thinks that it must be nice to love and those who are loved are lucky.

Well, Tsuzaki will soon find himself the object of love as Mikuri is fed-up with the stress building-up between the two of them so Mikuri proposes that in light of their contract, the perfect boyfriend she can have will be Tsuzaki.

Aghast, Tsuzaki is at lost of what to do or say. Mikuri tells him that if they date then she doesn’t need to hide it to other people, and if she dates other guys, their home situation will be more awkward. She tells Tsuzaki that if he says no then she will back down but what he decides will be his own volition, what nice way to throw back his words. Mikuri thinks that she might as well use her being pretentious and takes Tsuzaki head on. At the same time, the two of them can fill the loneliness in their hearts.

As the shock wears off, Tsuzaki asks Mikuri if being lovers is her goal and what is her idea of lovers. Mikuri answers about eating together, going-out together, and Tsuzaki counters that they do eat together and going-out is something that she can do with her friends. Then, Mikuri tells him about skinship, hugging and snuggling, which bought Tsuzaki back to state of distress. Tsuzaki tells her that if they do those things then that couldn’t be called a workplace and Mikuri says that they have to separate those things. She wants to set aside a “lovers time” outside work. Tsuzaki tells her to just get a real boyfriend and she tells him that she only wants the good parts in a relationship, probably because her last real relationship has been a pain. Anyway, just when Tsuzaki looks like he would agree, Mikuri tells him that he can think more about it and he can give her an answer later.

Mikuri heads early to her part-time job and chases Kazami to station since he left his umbrella. Unknown to her, Yuri sees that exchange and it puts her into a stressful situation thinking that her lovely niece is cheating on her husband.

At work, Tsuzaki thinks about the skinship thingy that Mikuri mentioned, for someone who never had a girlfriend, his only experienced of being hug is that of a mother and a child. So it came as a shock to him when out of nowhere, Hino gave him a back hug, haha. Hino tells him that Numata told him to hug Tsuzaki since he seem lonely and asks if he had a quarrel with his wife and tells him to just lose it. When asks to clarify, Hino says that in a household, it’s important to keep the wife happy and whatever quarrel there is, it would be better for the husband to step down. Numata enters the conversation and tells Tsuzaki that whatever happens, he is always on his side. Numata also adds that for someone like him who is always alone, if he likes someone, it’s important to move forward even if its a man. His statement confuses Hino, so are  you telling me that Hino doesn’t know he’s gay?

The word “like” hits Tsuzaki and thinks why would Mikuri want to hug him, does she like him? Then he recalls their conversation in the temple where Mikuri told him that he prefers Tsuzaki (over Kazami) since she likes the more subdued feel. This gives Tsuzaki a smile, but he’s quick to hide it and give himself a pep talk that he’s simply her employer, her hug pillow, and adds that he’s simply a convenience since he’s the nearest guy present. He kinda looks pathetic as he half-convince himself making Numata and Hino give him a huge hug, awww….

In Yuri’s workplace, she goes home on the dot and Yusu immediately assumes that it must be about a guy, she’s either thinking about Kazami or that former ikemen. She adds that she doesn’t think Yuri is seeing anyone so she must be breaking-up with someone. I don’t know why they would be talking about their boss’s lovelife with people around them, and soon enough, their speculations spread like a wildfire. Well, Yuri is indeed seeing a guy, she waits for Kazami outside of their office building and tells him that she saw him with Mikuri that morning. Kazami tells him to just ask Mikuri about their relationship but Yuri doesn’t want to look like an annoying aunt and immediately hides with Kazami when they saw Tsuzaki on his way home.

Unfortunately for Yuri, it was only her who did the hiding as Kazami managed to escape her clutches and runs to inform Tsuzaki of the present situation. Well, Yuri decides to call Mikuri after all and asks if things are going well between her and Tsuzaki, Mikuri finds the question odd, and Yuri tells her that since hers was a sudden marriage, there might be surprises in store for her like having a violent husband, haha. Mikuri tells her that she just happened to say something unwanted to Tsuzaki and Yuri assumes that she told Tsuzaki all about Kazami, and asks if she has started to waver.

Well, Mikuri wasn’t able to reply since Tsuzaki arrives home and he tells her that Yuri assumed that she was having an affair with Kazami since things doesn’t seem going well between the two of them. One thing is that they act so distant for newlyweds and Mikuri tells him that they can’t help that part so Tsuzaki suggests if they should try to be lovers, finally! Looking back, Tsuzaki surmises that the main reason people thought they aren’t a couple is because they act so distant, and Mikuri agrees that if they show a lover-like atmosphere then Yuri’s suspicion will be gone. Mikuri immediately suggests that they can start with a hug.

As expected, Tsuzaki is thrown-off by the suggestion but he later agrees that hug is the best example of skinship, and the two hug in the funniest and most embarrassing way I can imagine. Well, after 4 episodes of no body contact whatsoever, I’ll content myself with this. Mikuri says that they are starting to look like newlyweds and says that they should do it often but Tsuzaki just suggests dinner, and while they eat, Mikuri is having a hard time to read his expressions because, well, he doesn’t have any expression to give her a clue if he likes the hug or not.

While Mikuri ponders about the hug, Yuri ponders her niece’s situation while her staff mumbles how a guy ran away from her yesterday so she went home running and drenched in the rain. Yusu and Natsuki approaches Yuri to inform her about their 3pm meeting, but Yuri insists that she has to make a call first. Thinking that the call is about a guy, Yusu tells her that they (men) don’t like it if a woman is too persistent, Yuri agrees and mumbles how it’s that ikemen guy’s fault. She looks at Natsuki and tells him that he is also an ikemen but for some reason, he doesn’t bug her at all, haha.

Speaking of the other ikemen, Kazami approaches Tsuzaki at work and asks about the issue with Yuri. Tsuzaki tells him that they are thinking for a solution and tells Kazami not to do anything. Kazami agrees and Numata observes that the passive-aggressive roles have switched, haha. Speaking using yaoi terms, Tsuzaki used to be uke and Kazami as the seme but they have switched and Numata wonders what have happened between them.

Meanwhile, Mikuri meets Yassan and tells her that she already has a boyfriend, although it’s still in a name only. Yassan asks what kind of guy he is and she tells him that he has a low self-esteem and tries to run away from a relationship, but she finally sees a ray of hope and we flashback to their hug conversation where Tsuzaki suggests a frequency of their hug practice where he suggested once a month. Once a month? Well, Mikuri didn’t agree at first but settled with once a week hug practice, which falls on Tuesdays.

Mikuri goes home and gets a surprise upon seeing Yuri outside of their home, she tells Mikuri that she left early at work in exchange of coming in on weekends. She wants to know all about Mikuri and Kazami, and even though she really can’t accept it, she’ll be on Mikuri’s side no matter what, awww. Mikuri tells her that there’s really nothing between him and Kazami and that she was just hired by Kazami to do housework for him. Well, that didn’t bode well for Yuri who thinks that it was so stupid of Tsuzaki to allow his wife to work for a bachelor, Kazami no less, and tells Mikuri to call Tsuzaki immediately since she plans to give him a lecture.

So Mikuri texted Tsuzaki to tell her that the situation have gotten worse, and he goes home running only to find Mikuri in the steps waiting for him. She tells him that Yuri have fallen asleep after giving her some wine and they should pretend all lovey-dovey once she wakes up. Mikuri decides that they practice their hug tonight since it’s an emergency and Mikuri sees Yuri in the balcony. Mikuri sees the chance and tells Tsuzaki that they should put on a show and proceeds with the power hug for Yuri to see. Unfortunately, Yuri wasn’t wearing her contacts so what she saw downstairs is too blurry for her to deduce that it was Mikuri and Tsuzaki hugging downstairs, haha.

Well, Yuri is still feeling under the weather since she hasn’t been sleeping properly from overthinking about Mikuri and Tsuzaki so she bids them goodbye for now. Tsuzaki feels bad for Yuri and tells Mikuri that he wants to put her at ease as soon as possible. Mikuri tells him that Yuri is not the type of person who believes what others say and she believes more in what she sees.

Since seeing is believing, they decided to show their little show to Yuri one more time. Since they know that Yuri will be working in the weekend, Mikuri and Tsuzaki decides to have a little picnic at the park outside her building, which happens to be Tsuzaki’s workplace as well. Earlier, they saw Yuri and Kazami speaking where he tells her that he likes Mikuri.

Outside, Mikuri tells him that once Yuri sees the Turkish carpet she gave her, it’ll catch her attention and then they can hug. Their plan is so obvious that they are putting on a show with Tsuzaki looking through his binoculars, waiting for Yuri to have some coffee break since Mikuri informs him that Yuri loves to look at the greenery while she waits for her coffee. She also tells him that since Yuri is a caffeine addict, they probably have three chances to show off.

Well, they might as well enjoy their little picnic while they are at it and Mikuri tells Tsuzaki that her family loves going to picnic but she rarely goes with them now. Tsuzaki says that he only went to a family picnic once and he recalled how his mother made a tile soba  and put it in a lunch box. The said tile soba is a Yamaguchi specialty where you eat the soba on top of a hot roof tile. OMG, it looks so delicious! Well, putting the tile soba in a lunchbox didn’t bode well for Tsuzaki’s papa who told his mother on why they would be eating stale soba and even questioned the fact that his mother used buckwheat soba where tea soba should be used instead. Well, Tsuzaki ended-up eating the stale soba and he recalled saying how delicious it is so his mother wouldn’t feel bad. However, since then, he wasn’t able to eat tile soba again.

Then, Tsuzaki recalls that it’s his mother’s birthday and Mikuri encourages him to greet her. Tsuzaki isn’t one to show emotion even to his mother so Mikuri tries to make the call for him but she sees that she got 3 missed calls from Yassan. Mikuri asks if she can call her back and while she calls Yassan, Tsuzaki decides to give his mother a call to greet her a happy birthday. Tsuzaki’s mama thinks that it was Mikuri who told him to call her and tells him that it must be true how a guy changes once he’s married. He tells his mother that they are having a picnic on a park and he suddenly remembers the real reason why they are on a park. He gets his binoculars and sees Yuri enjoying her cup of coffee, he waves to Mikuri, but she’s too busy on her phone. In the end, they didn’t get to show off since Yuri left the spot.

Her mother made him recall the time they went for a picnic. As it happened, his dad might have gotten angry on the tile soba but on their way home, his dad brought them to a restaurant so she could have a taste of an authentic tile soba. Unfortunately, Tsuzaki is asleep to witness his dad caring side.

Anyway, the two talk about Yassan’s divorce and how Mikuri told her that she’ll always be on Yassan’s side and Tsuzaki says how nice it must be to have someone tell you that. He recalled that Numata also told him that he is on his side but he has a feeling that he’s thinking something different. As for Mikuri, she tells him that Yuri told her the same thing and two remembers all about their plan. Tsuzaki looks on the 19th floor and notices that all the lights are now off.

Mikuri suggest that they should probably tell Yuri the truth since she feels bad lying to her but Tsuzaki tells her that while it’ll ease Mikuri’s burden, it will add to Yuri’s burden since she also has to keep the secret to Mikuri’s mother, and she’ll have to share their guilt as well. Tsuzaki tells her that the guilt should be theirs alone and Mikuri felt so touch by his words that she asks for a hug, hooray for Mikuri. She tells him that she wants to convey her feelings of gratitude with a hug and when Tsuzaki mentions that it’s not even Tuesday, she tells him to give it to her as an advance. So the two hug, less awkward this time, and Mikuri tells him that if anything happens to him, she’ll be on his side. With this, Tsuzaki gives her a pat on the head, and thankfully, Yuri sees the hug with a bonus of pat on the head and teases the two of flirting. Mission accomplished!

Yuri goes to a very familiar bar for a drink when Numata arrives. Yuri immediately asks if Kazami might be coming as well and the bartender tells her that he doesn’t come alone. Numata asks if she really hates Kazami and she says that one can’t really put down his guard around Kazami. Numata immediately texts Kazami to asks what he has done since Yuri is super mad at him, haha. Well, Kazami just laughs it off.

At the newlyweds place, the two decided to make their own version of tile soba and this is like the cutest moment of this episode. In Mikuri’s mind, she imagines winning the election as part of Housework Labour Party, haha. As they enjoy their soba, Mikuri thinks that they are neither a married couple or friends, what they have is just a working relationship with a lovers-hug moment every Tuesday.

The next thing we see, our newlywed are in some place and sleeping on one bed!


There are times when I want to hate Tsuzaki, no, I think that I really hate him. He can be such a jerk and his lack of self-esteem is not an excuse for being incorrigible. I applaud Mikuri for always trying to understand him because his attitude can get very tiring. In times like this, I want to cheer on Kazami even though I haven’t fully warmed-up to him yet because he cares and he’s nice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still Team Mikuri X Tsuzaki but sometimes, I just want to punch Tsuzaki and tell him to man-up!

This is why I really love Mikuri because she’s so headstrong, she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. At the same time, she still knows the boundaries of their relationship, a bit iffy to cross over because she understands Tsuzaki’s situation.However, Mikuri is too analytical for her own good, I’m starting to think if she likes Tsuzaki, romantically, or she sees him as someone in need of help. It’s pretty obvious that she likes it when she sees that Tsuzaki is starting to change, but I still don’t see that moment when she likes him because she really likes him.

In contrast to Tsuzaki, who has obviously fallen in love, and has been acting like a girl with the number of mood swings that he has. I know that he’s a NGSB guy but how can he has never been hug? I mean, friends also hug one another or is that pretty rare in Japan? I mean, I see Johnny’s hug each other, haha. Also, taking a bath together is pretty common so why not a hug?

As for Yuri, I’m still waiting for anything that screams that she and Kazami might have a moment together or if it’s too much to ask, how about Natsuki? The guy obviously has something for Yuri during that drinking session.

For this episode, I love the growth of some characters, the plot still solid and the pacing is just right. I’m pretty excited for the next episode since I’m expecting a flow of natural order like what comes after a hug will surely be a kiss.


4 thoughts on “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 4-5

  1. That is a very comprehensive review! Certainly filled me on parts I’d failed to catch. Unimportant question alert – do you reckon the filming for the park area outside the office was at Roppongi Midtown? The office foyer itself looks like a place I used to work at in Tamachi actually.


  2. I might be mistaken but when I was in a restaurant overlooking that grassy area of Hinokicho Park I was reminded by friends of a heavily drunk Tsuyoshi Kusanagi getting arrested in the wee hours a few years back on suspicion of public indecency after strippping down to not very much, another dose of NigeHaji haha

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