Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 2

While Etsuko is slowly learning the ups and downs of being a proofreader, she’s becoming more engrossed with her work no matter how hard she denies it. As for the guy that captured Etsuko’s heart, it seems that Orihara is not just some college student who got evicted from his house, but someone more important than Etsuko could imagined.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 2


Etsuko goes to a goukon (group blind date) with Seshiru and when she mentions that she works as a proofreader, the guys were dumbfounded. Anyway, one of the guys starts raving about his new car and when he makes the girls guess about it, Etsuko goes on a lengthy discussion about the car’s history and correctly guesses it as Alfa Romeo. Well, the convo gets awkward after  that and Etsuko tells Seshiru that since meeting that guy (Orihara), everyone else looks like a kappa. haha. Speaking of Orihara, he just moved in with Morio in her apartment.


At work, Etsuko finds proofreading Korenaga Koreyuki‘s (in ep 1, Etsuko pronounced this as Zeei Zee) upcoming novel a challenge. Some of the scenes in his novel were a bit weird for Etsuko to imagine like the “linear motor-cow” so Kaizuka tells her to just check for typos and so. Etsuko wonders how someone like Korenaga can become a writer judging from his current novel, and Kaizuka tells her that Korenaga won the “Rookie of the Year” award when he was in high school. However, he hit a slump after that and it was only recently that he started writing again.


Little did she know, Korenaga Koriyuki is actually Orihara’s pen name. Woot! Orihara receives his proofread novel and laughs at Etsuko’s comment on his “linear motor cow”.


After Etsuko was done with Korenaga’s novel, her next project is proofreading a popular blogger’s, Koromiya, upcoming book on economizing for housewives. Etsuko gets really into it and even suggests her own ways of economizing, which got Koromiya so impressed she asks Etsuko if she will be willing to include her name on the book’s postscript. Etsuko got really happy with Koromiya’s recognition. Anyway, Etsuko got so busy with helping Koromiya with her upcoming book launch, adding her own ideas and stuff, that she forgot her main job as a proofreader. So when the book got released, there was an obvious error on the cover that instead of “pocket-money”, it says “poket money”. LOL.


To cover up the mistake, stickers were printed to cover the wrong part and the proofreading department worked all night for this while Etsuko apologizes to everyone. She also showed-up in the release event of Koromiya’s book to publicly apologize on her oversight. Koromiya isn’t a bit peeved about it, she’s happy that her book was published, thankful that there’s a proofreading department because she learned that the first draft of her book got tons of mistakes, and the sticker on her book is more practical than doing a reprinting. After all, the main point of her book is economizing.


Later on, Etsuko goes to the sports center where she first saw Orihara, and by a stroke of luck, she collided with Orihara again. Just like in their first meeting, time stopped for Etsuko, and the two sat on the bench to talk. Orihara asks Etsuko about her work and she says that she works as a proofreader at Keibonsha. Orihara is surprise to hear this but Etsuko is more surprise that Orihara knows what a proofreader is since everyone always assume that Etsuko is an editor. Anyway, when he asks what kind of books she proofread, Etsuko mentions an ero-mystery novel and recently, a cryptic novel about a linear motor cow. haha. Orihara laughs at Etsuko’s description of his work and later on, she invites Etsuko at the upcoming Keibonsha’s Christmas Collection where he will be one of the models.


Much later, Orihara calls Kaizuka (although we didn’t hear what he said), and Etsuko goes home with a huge grin on her face. When the ossans asks if she already has a boyfriend, Etsuko gets all giggly and wonders about that boyfriend while the ossans consoles themselves that their Ecchan already have a boyfriend. haha.




Sorry if I leave out some of the drama moments from this episode, as I’ve mentioned in my first impressions, I’m here for the love development. haha. By love, call it fate or so, but the universe is clearly working its magic that the two will meet again (my delusions are clearly strong tonight). In fact, even if they haven’t met physically, they’ve already met through their work/writings; Orihara as the mysterious author and Etsuko as the proofreader. Isn’t that cute? They are even exchanging notes even without knowing each other identities, although Orihara clearly knows who is Etsuko now.


As for Morio x Orihara, well, she doesn’t look that attracted with Orihara even when she starts teaching Orihara on how to properly walk on the catwalk. Morio remains a mystery since she doesn’t really reveal much about herself for we don’t know her story yet, although it’s clear that she doesn’t really want to be an editor. As for Kaizuka, well his relationship with Etsuko remains on a professional level, although as Takehara pointed-out, they are clearly compatible. haha.


Oh, I haven’t been talking about Etsuko’s office mates but there is clearly something between Yoneoka (Wada Masato) and Masamune (Sugino Yosuke). Do you think Yoneoka could be gay?


Anyway, though Etsuko clearly has the talent and the drive for being a proofreader, she can be a pain in the neck. I can understand Fujiwa‘s (Eguchi Noriko) frustration on her because Etsuko’s not only says and does what she wants, she also disregards the real scope of her work and that’s when shit happens. Also, is being a proofreader that rare in Japan? I understand that it could be mistaken for being an editor but still…Moreover, what’s the big deal with the stickers? I understand that Etsuko has to be sorry about it because it’s a major mistake on her as a proofreader, but when Koromiya also apologized that her first book is marred with a sticker, that was weird. Not only that the sticker thing is not her fault, it’s not like the sticker made a huge difference to the quality of the book especially the contents of the book. Furthermore, the book’s cover is lame anyway so the sticker isn’t really a big deal. Judging from Hongo-sensei’s book in the 1st episode, Keibonsha needs to hire a book cover artist because their books have lame covers.


That’s all for now, I’m craving for more Etsuko x Orihara so I’m looking forward to the 3rd episode.



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