First Impressions on HOPE : Episode 1-2

If you read my previous blog, you will know that among all HSJ members, Nakajima Yuto is my ichiban. It’s the main reason why I recapped “Suikyu Yankees“, I followed Date like crazy (though Anne and Hasegawa Hiroki are awesome), and now here’s HOPE. The drama is an adaptation from Korean drama titled “Misaeng” that became very popular in South Korea. As for HOPE, it didn’t get that much attention when it premiered with a measly 6.5%. Nevertheless, there is always  hope as the story  shows us how one can rise above the odds.

Here is a very quick recap of HOPE~Kitai Zero no Shinnyuu Shain~ : Episode 1-2

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Dramas I’m Watching this Summer 2016

This summer 2016 made me look forward to Nakajima Yuto‘s drama, “HOPE“, and “Doctor X SP“. However, while I was waiting for HOPE to premiere, I decided to see the earlier dramas that premiered and eventually love some of them.

Here are some dramas I’m following this Summer 2016.

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