Dramas I’m Watching Spring 2018

I never thought that I’ll be able to update this blog again, work had been extremely busy since October last year and because of that, I decided to reward myself with a 1 week vacay from all those accumulated stress. Initially, I was planning to travel, but due to schedule conflicts with my friends, I ended at home for my vacation so I decided to spend this week binge-watching.


Enough of that, “Hana Nochi Hare” is probably one of highly anticipated dramas this season, my curiosity was piqued after those screenshots of MatsuJun aka Domyouji rocking it for his cameo. So yeah, I’m a simple woman, I see a glimpse of Domyouji, I watch it. As for that, here’s what I’m watching (and hopefully I’ll be able to finish them) this Spring 2018.

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