Dramas I’m Watching Spring 2018

I never thought that I’ll be able to update this blog again, work had been extremely busy since October last year and because of that, I decided to reward myself with a 1 week vacay from all those accumulated stress. Initially, I was planning to travel, but due to schedule conflicts with my friends, I ended at home for my vacation so I decided to spend this week binge-watching.


Enough of that, “Hana Nochi Hare” is probably one of highly anticipated dramas this season, my curiosity was piqued after those screenshots of MatsuJun aka Domyouji rocking it for his cameo. So yeah, I’m a simple woman, I see a glimpse of Domyouji, I watch it. As for that, here’s what I’m watching (and hopefully I’ll be able to finish them) this Spring 2018.

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Dramas I’m Watching Winter 2017

The start of 2017 has been very busy for me, which I think is a good thing because work means money, but it also means that I have less time to watch dramas. In fact, up until when I started writing this post, I only know three Winter dramas and that’s A LIFE, Quartet, and Totsuzen desu ga. Thankfully for jadefrost, who does an amazing job of compiling and summarizing each dramas per season, I got to read every existing dramas for Winter and decide from there.

Anyway, here are some dramas I’ve checked this season that moved me (if I’m actually moved).

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Favorite Japanese High School Dramas

There was a point in time when all I want to watch are high school dramas, I’m just so fascinated with Japanese high school life that it makes my high school life, in a  Catholic school, seem dull in comparison. Recently, there are more movies than dramas being produced about high school life, most shoujo mangas are also adapted into movies than the longer dramas, which is such a shame because I’ll surely enjoy watching these dramas.

Anyway, from yankees to ikemens to ojou-samas, here are my Top 5 Favorite Japanese High School Dramas that will let you relive your high school days: 

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Time-Travel Japanese Dramas

The other day, I was craving for some time-travel/time-slip dramas and most Google results are Korean and Chinese dramas so I decided to write one for Japanese. Time-travel is one of my favorite genres because who doesn’t want to go back in time? Although I wanna go back in time to witness certain historical events and not really to change anything or so.

There’s not much time-travel dramas I’ve seen so I’ll narrow my list to Top 5. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Time-Travel Dramas:

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Dramas I’m watching this Fall 2016

Fall is here and most dramas line-up for this season have started with “Doctor X season 4” as my number one priority because Daimon Michiko is the coolest surgeon on earth. Looking into this season’s line-up, there are actually 3 medical dramas, a bit of deka, and some josei. Although, I’m not really interested in the other medical drama, I’m glad that there’s more variety this season.

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Dramas I’m Watching this Summer 2016

This summer 2016 made me look forward to Nakajima Yuto‘s drama, “HOPE“, and “Doctor X SP“. However, while I was waiting for HOPE to premiere, I decided to see the earlier dramas that premiered and eventually love some of them.

Here are some dramas I’m following this Summer 2016.

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Dramas I’m Watching this Winter 2016

Winter 2016 got me hooked to some dramas now that I’ve stopped blogging for jnewseng. One thing in common from 3 our of 4 dramas that I’m watching is that 3 of these stars a Johnny. haha.


Anyway, for a non-JE drama, I’m watching “Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai“. It stars eye-candies from Fukada Kyoko, Dean Fujioka, and Miura Shohei. I’m familiar with the plot since I used to read this manga until scans has been scarce and I’m loving the adaptation so far, Dean Fujioka is perfect as Shunin while Shohei looks so refreshing. Fukada can be a bit awkward at times but she’s better with cutesy roles that goes with her pretty face.

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Dramas I’m watching for Fall 2015

Just wanna share dramas I’m watching this Fall 2015.

  • 5-ji kara 9-ji Made – I’m recapping this for my Johnny’s site, just click HERE post if you wanna check it out.


  • Okitegami Kyoko no Bobiroku – I suddenly has this urge to see Aragaki Yui together with Okada Masaki. They look so cute together. 

That’s all for now, can anyone recommend me some Deka dramas for this season. I watched Siren and didn’t really like the first episode even though it stars Matsuzaka Tori.