Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 6

The secret is now out of the bag and we’ll see how Etsuko’s optimism will pull her through with this or if she will have enough time to sort-out her feelings when work comes knocking.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 6

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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 2-3

This drama is so heartwarming, a short review wouldn’t be enough. I’ve been contemplating if I should write a follow-up since I’m already doing “Jimi ni Sugoi”, but after episode 5, I can’t take it anymore and I just need to share my thoughts about this drama mainly  because there’s so much FEELS.

For that, here is quick recap of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 2-3

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Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 5

We’re now halfway in this drama and while the romance department has been slow, only giving us teasers here and there, this episode has some major moment! Although, it’s quite childish to call it “major”, but I’ve been waiting for this so let me flail. As for Morio, well she finally gets her time to shine and we see that she also has her own struggles that she needs to cope with.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 5

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Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 4

This episode made me angry and squeal for different reasons. Etsuko learned the hard way of being a busybody while her relationship with Orihara have made some progress until a hurdle presents itself.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 4

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Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 3

The third episode is just full of unexpected happenings from Etsuko’s work to her impending love life. The spotlight is on to two of Etsuko’s workmates while Orihara may seem genuinely interested with Etsuko until her big reveal toward the end.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 3 

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Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 2

While Etsuko is slowly learning the ups and downs of being a proofreader, she’s becoming more engrossed with her work no matter how hard she denies it. As for the guy that captured Etsuko’s heart, it seems that Orihara is not just some college student who got evicted from his house, but someone more important than Etsuko could imagined.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 2

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First Impressions on Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 1

I have no immediate plans to watch Jimi ni Sugoi, though I like Ishihara, I thought that the plot isn’t really interesting. However, the frustrated magazine editor in me made me press the play button as soon as I saw her cute outfits. I have no high expectations on this drama but I think that’s better since I enjoyed the first episode.

Here is a very quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 1

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Favorite Japanese High School Dramas

There was a point in time when all I want to watch are high school dramas, I’m just so fascinated with Japanese high school life that it makes my high school life, in a  Catholic school, seem dull in comparison. Recently, there are more movies than dramas being produced about high school life, most shoujo mangas are also adapted into movies than the longer dramas, which is such a shame because I’ll surely enjoy watching these dramas.

Anyway, from yankees to ikemens to ojou-samas, here are my Top 5 Favorite Japanese High School Dramas that will let you relive your high school days: 

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Just Reviews : Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu“, which literally translates to “We married as job” is one of the rom-com/josei dramas this season and I never thought that I would love it. I guess I’m just biased because it stars one of my girl crush, Aragaki Yui, but I found myself loving the other characters as well. If you never thought of getting married as a job, then this drama might just open up a window of new possibilities- no strings attached.

Here is a summary of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 1

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Time-Travel Japanese Dramas

The other day, I was craving for some time-travel/time-slip dramas and most Google results are Korean and Chinese dramas so I decided to write one for Japanese. Time-travel is one of my favorite genres because who doesn’t want to go back in time? Although I wanna go back in time to witness certain historical events and not really to change anything or so.

There’s not much time-travel dramas I’ve seen so I’ll narrow my list to Top 5. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Time-Travel Dramas:

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