Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 3

The third episode is just full of unexpected happenings from Etsuko’s work to her impending love life. The spotlight is on to two of Etsuko’s workmates while Orihara may seem genuinely interested with Etsuko until her big reveal toward the end.

Here is a quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 3 

vlcsnap-2016-11-07-19h31m30s401It’s the day of Keibonsha’s Christmas Collection and everyone is surprise to see one another at the same place and at the same time. Etsuko is surprise to see Kaizuka, Kaizuka is surprise to see Etsuko, and Morio is surprise to see both of them. But nothing is more surprise when Etsuko learned that Orihara is Korenaga Koriyuki, or as Kaizuka have teased her, her “zeei zee”. haha.


Etsuko can only apologized to Orihara when she recalled how she laughed about his novel in his face. Kaizuka also adds how Etsuko called him “zeei zee” behind his back. haha. Orihara is cool with it while Morio laments on how small the world can be to the point of annoyance. Orihara tells Etsuko that he wants to see her again so she asks for her contact no, which Etsuko happily gave. On the side note, Kaizuka also tells Morio that he wants to see her again so if she could give her number, but Morio starts to act busy.


At work, Etsuko sees Yoneoka crying and Takehara interferes to ask him if he is a fan of Shijo Marie-sensei since that’s Yoneoka’s latest assignment. Yoneoka reluctantly agrees and Takehara tells him to exchange with someone. As it happens, proofreaders are prohibited in taking charge of their favorite author or genre since they will be so engrossed with the novel that it’s highly likely for them to commit mistakes. Yoneoka doesn’t want to exchange with anyone until Fujiwa interferes and points out the obvious mistakes he have missed.


At Lassy’s office, the editor-in-chief’s have chosen the three models they want and Orihara is one of them. However, Orihara’s main selling point is being a college student, period. Morio says that Orihara is actually a writer but he writes using a pen name and he doesn’t want it to be revealed. The editors then asks Morio to do something about it or Orihara will lose the reader’s vote.


Back at work, Kaizuka arrives to talk to Etsuko and Etsuko is 100% sure that she didn’t write anything weird for Shijo-sensei. Kaizuka doesn’t believe her and that Shijo-sensei wishes to see her. So Kaizuka and Etsuko arrives to Shijo-sensei’s home where the latter thanked her for the post-it note she have written. Written in the post-it note is about the character of her series from 18 years ago, where the heroine is a hopeless swimmer and in her current novel, she’s just checking the facts and that heroine should have learned to swim. Shijo-sensei says that she must be getting old since she forgot about that tidbit and asks Etsuko is she’s the same person who has written her letters throughout the years. Etsuko denies it though Shijo-sensei asks her to attend her talk event together with a friend.


Later on, Kaizuka sings praises on Etsuko’s skill and wonders how she knew about Shijo-sensei’s character when she said before that she read nothing but fashion magazines. Etsuko admits that it was not her who wrote the post-it note but she had to pretend she did to save the face of the proofreading department.


She has an idea who wrote the note and she goes straight to Yoneoka. Yoneoka denies writing the note that even though he’s a full-pledged “Marienne” (Shijo-sensei’s devotee), he’s not yet a fan 18 years ago. Nevertheless, Etsuko invites him to the talk party of Shijo-sensei and the two arrive looking stylish and flashy. haha. To their surprise, they saw Fujiwa in the party as well looking like a lost Victorian-era milkmaid. That is my own fashion comment, but it’s cute that they are all wearing hats.


So Fujiwa comes clean and says that it was her who wrote that post-it note. She has been a long time fan that she went as far to write to Isoroku award committee because Shijo-sensei didn’t get the award for her first novel. She adds the even though she’s a Todai graduate, she went to Keibonsha in the hopes that she gets to be in-charged on Shijo-sensei’s works. Unfortunately, she got transferred to the proofreading department and as much as she like to proofread sensei’s works, she cannot do so.


At Morio’s place, she asks if Orihara might consider revealing that he’s Korenaga just so he can increase his selling point for the magazine. Orihara is not sold with the idea and makes Morio read his book. Unfortunately, Morio fell asleep while reading his novel and thinks that his novel doesn’t make sense. When asks what she thinks about his novel, Morio lies that it was interesting and walks off.


Later on, Takehara receives a call from Shijo-sensei assigning Fujiwa to do the second proofreading of her work. Fujiwa is aghast and immediately blames Etsuko for revealing that she’s a fan and that as a fan, she has been sending Shijo-sensei letters using a pen name. Takehara doesn’t  really mind, over hearing Etsuko and Yoneoka’s earlier conversation, he tells Fujiwa that “sometimes, you can do it because you like it”.


In the end, Fujiwa works on Shijo-sensei’s works and got invited in the upcoming “Waiting party” for Shijo-sensei. As it happens, Shijo-sensei’s last work has been nominated for a certain prize and the waiting party is to literally wait, wait for a call that she receives an award. That would be such an awkward party if she receives a call that she didn’t get the award.


Of course, Etsuko decides to dress-up Fujiwa and brings her to Lassy. Morio lends her some clothes that the magazine no longer needs and while Fujiwa waits on Etsuko, two mean girls from the magazine starts whispering (loudly) how tetsupan (Fujiwa’s nickname that means “iron pants”) will remain a tetsupan no matter how much make-up she puts on. Etsuko overhears this and gives the girls a thorough beating on the history of the word “tetsupan”, which also translates to “chastity”, and that they should not be taken lightly. Fujiwa thanked Etsuko and talks about her own office nickname, which is Oshakawa. Etsuko says that it means cute and stylish until Fujiwa says that while Oshakawa does mean stylish, it also means poor thing because even though she’s stylish, it’s a waste because she’s working in the proofreading department.Ha!


Little did she know, Morio and Orihara was listening and Orihara thinks that Etsuko was really cool back then. Morio adds that Etsuko has been always like that, she says and do what she wants.


Orihara might be thinking about what Morio said about Etsuko because he invited her to “sweat”. By sweat, he means exercise and while they play ping-pong, Orihara asks if Etsuko thinks that his novel is interesting, he asks Etsuko because he thinks that she will him the truth. Etsuko takes her time to answer and when she couldn’t hold it in, she finally answers, “it’s boring”.




Tactless Etsuko is too honest for her own good. haha. Though seriously, if Orihara is that good af a writer as what Kaizuka have described him, surely, he can tell if his work is bad or good. I’m not blaming Etsuko or anything but that kind of commenting should have been given by Kaizuka since he’s his editor and he should have given Orihara a professional feedback. I don’t know how Orihara will treat Etsuko’s comment so let’s see if there will be any progress on what I’m hoping is their love story.


Judging from this episode, Morio’s interest with Orihara have resurfaced, although just a bit. Well, we also learned that she already has a boyfriend we she sees sometimes because they are away from each other. It’s also clear from this episode that even Etsuko have admitted that she likes Orihara mainly for his face. haha. Of course, Etsuko is just being real because a person’s face is the first thing you see anyway.


This episode about Fujiwa and Yoneoka is so cute. I think it’s safe to say that Yoneoka is leaning that side judging from his screams and his clothes. haha. I think he and Etsuko could even be best friends. As for Fujiwa, she’s still stiff as ever but I also wonder where she bought those Victorian-era clothes not because I’m even interested but I’m just curious what made her wear that.


Anyway, this episode is more on professional development and personal changes. Fujiwa and Yoneoka have opened-up a bit to Etsuko though Fujiwa looks a bit peeved when Etsuko says that she wants to leave the proofreading department for Lassy. While Orihara have probably reached the pinnacle of his slump because even though he has started writing again, his work doesn’t leave anything to be desired.



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