First Impressions on Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 1

I have no immediate plans to watch Jimi ni Sugoi, though I like Ishihara, I thought that the plot isn’t really interesting. However, the frustrated magazine editor in me made me press the play button as soon as I saw her cute outfits. I have no high expectations on this drama but I think that’s better since I enjoyed the first episode.

Here is a very quick recap of Jimi ni Sugoi : Episode 1


Kono Etsuko‘s (Ishihara Satomi) ultimate dream is to become a fashion editor for the magazine Lassy, and for that reason, she spent every year doing job interview for Keibonsha (the firm that publishes Lassy) but she was never hired because the magazine doesn’t hire editors.


After 8 years of trying, Kono is finally hired but to her dismay, she was hired in the Proofreading Department. Moreover, Takehara Naoto (Kishitani Goro), hired her because of a joke on her name, taking Ko and Etsu, it translates to Koetsu that means “proofreader”. haha.


Anyway, Takehara also convinced Etsuko that if she can do her best in the proofreading department, the gate to her bright future (aka Lassy) might eventually open. In the end, Etsuko resigned herself to being a proofreader though she got a bit jealous and peeved when she learned that her high school kouhai, Morio Toyoko (Tsubasa Honda), is an editor at her beloved Lassy.


Later on, Etsuko was given the task to proofread the upcoming novel of Hongo Daisaku (Kaga Takeshi), a bestselling mystery-erotic writer and a huge client of Keibonsha. Etsuko wanted to be acknowledged by such an influential writer so she can move on from being a proofreader even though Kaizuka Hachiro (Munetaka Aoki) is strongly against having her, a newbie, to be Hongo’s proofreader.

vlcsnap-2016-11-04-20h55m06s776Etsuko proves to be a gem as Hongo immediately likes her and even takes her side notes like using common slang instead of those from Showa era. However, Etsuko overstep her boundaries as a proofreader when she insists on using Tappi Bridge instead of Tatta Bridge, she even went to the place to prove that the bridge is indeed Tappi and not Tatta. Little did she know, Hongo actually wrote the bridge as Tatta since that’s how his son have called the bridge due to his lisp. She’s also not aware that the mention of Hongo’s wife and son is taboo around the office, and she even went as far contacting Hongo’s wife when she went out to check-out the place as stated in his novel.


Fearful of getting fired after waiting for so long to be accepted at Keibonsha, she did her best to apologize to Hongo. In the end, Hongo accepted her apologies and tells her that being a Koetsu might actually be her calling. Of course, Etsuko is not happy with that because for her, being a fashion editor is her calling.


Showing his appreciation on Etsuko’s work, Hongo gave Etsuko her own copy of his newest novel. Etsuko immediately checks if the changes she noted were made and sees that even the bridge’s name was changed to Tappi. I wonder why it didn’t stay as Tatta.


Later on, Etsuko goes to walk with Keibonsha’s receptionist, Imai Seshiru (Adachi Rika), when they collided with Orihara Yukito (Suda Masaki). In that moment, time stopped for Etsuko as she got dumbstruck with Orihara’s handsomeness. Little did she know, Orihara is the newest male model hired by Morio for Lassy. Not only that, it seems that Morio is also interested in Orihara since she gamely offers her place because Orihara will be evicted from his home. As for Orihara, a 4th year college student, he only accepted the modeling job since he needs the money to pay for his rent. Little did he know that his looks have attracted Morio and Etsuko.




I might like Jimi ni Sugoi for the wrong reason because the ending part is what got me really interested. Never thought that there will be an impending love triangle and it might be just me but I saw the chemistry during that brief encounter between Etsuko and Orihara, I can’t wait for their next meeting! Although Orihara doesn’t seem a bit interested in either girls so I don’t know how that will pan out.


Speaking of love, I’m also shipping Etsuko with Kaizuka! Although their first meeting is more bickering than spark, it’s pretty obvious that Kaizuka was a bit impressed with Etsuko after she managed to straightened the issue with Hongo-sensei. I can see that they’ll be working more in the future since he’s the editor of literature department.


Also, I don’t know if there was bad blood between Etsuko and Morio in the past. Etsuko looks genuinely pleased to see Morio again but she doesn’t share her enthusiasm, or maybe Morio is just too tired with her job; or the bad blood was just on Morio’s side. I think we will find out more about this since they’ll be crossing paths in the event that Etsuko decides to stalk Orihara. haha. Anyway, I noticed that Morio is more interested with Orihara when he’s all made-up while Etsuko liked him when he was looking all crummy. Come to think of it, Etsuko and Orihara actually have the same bizarre taste in fashion. XD


Fashion-wise, Etsuko have a bizarre taste in fashion but she can definitely pull it off. It’s cute that her love for fashion wasn’t sacrificed just because she was doing a less glamorous job. I’m quite puzzled though, if she didn’t work for any publishing house for the past 8 years, then what has she been doing that she can afford all those clothes, bags, and accessories? It doesn’t look like she was making them so I can only assume that she bought them. She also doesn’t seem to be a rich girl for someone who used to live in the country. Speaking of fashion, that editor’s bag is awful, the leather looks cheap, and the details and color are not in sync. haha. On the side note, I love the ojiisans from the oden shop, and wouldn’t it be cool to live above an oden shop?


Anyway, I think that I might have to agree with Hongo-sensei’s observation that being a proofreader might be Etsuko’s calling. After all, she really pays attention down to the smallest details. Although she can be a bit of a busybody, and she’s too tactless for her own good, she never misses any details since she has a good memory to boot.


For first impressions, Jimi ni Sugoi went beyond my expectations, although I’m still not sold with the main plot, I’m looking forward to the love development!



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