Just Reviews : Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu“, which literally translates to “We married as job” is one of the rom-com/josei dramas this season and I never thought that I would love it. I guess I’m just biased because it stars one of my girl crush, Aragaki Yui, but I found myself loving the other characters as well. If you never thought of getting married as a job, then this drama might just open up a window of new possibilities- no strings attached.

Here is a summary of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu : Episode 1


Moriyama Mikuri (Aragaki Yui) is not just a college graduate, she also has a master’s degree, but it such as shame that she can’t find a regular job. She finds herself as a temp worker and while she’s very efficient with her job, she would always find herself the first to be let go when the company needs to purge some of their employees.


So it’s just practicality on her parent’s side when they decided to volunteer Mikuri as a temporary housekeeper to bachelor Tsuzaki Hiramasa (Hoshino Gen). Tsuzaki lives in a 1LDK apartment and he’s quite meticulous with the cleanliness of his apartment. Thankfully, Mikuri has a knack for cleaning up to the last spot that made Tsuzaki hire her for good.


Mikuri never thought of doing housework but being hired permanently has been her goal and for that, she’s really grateful. Well, her permanent job comes into threat when her parents decided to move to Chiba, and since she’s single and jobless, she would have to go with them.


So with a heavy heart, Mikuri informs Tsuzaki that she’ll be working until the end of the month and then while they were talking about the fly screen that she cleaned, Mikuri made a ridiculous proposal, why don’t he just marry her? LOL. She reasons that it’ll be like a job, a contract marriage, he gets a full-time housekeeper while she gets a full time job. Poor Tsuzaki, he was so dumbstruck with Mikuri’s suggestion that he can’t laugh or talk.


Anyway, Mikuri goes back to Tsuzaki’s place for her weekly clean-up and finds no response when she chimes the doorbell. She thinks that she must have been fired due to her weird suggestion so she was surprise that he was actually sick. So Mikuri decides to play nurse and she loves seeing Tsuzaki, a usually level-headed guy, get troubled by her and his situation. Before she goes home that night, Tsuzaki tells Mikuri that she can actually get married, if she tries to do marriage-hunting, she might actually get married since she has all the qualities of a wife. However, Mikuri tells him that getting married isn’t really her goal. It’s just that when Tsuzaki noticed the fly screen she cleaned and he told her that he was glad he hired her and wished that she could worked for him longer, that’s when she felt she was needed, that someone chose her. In her life since she graduated, she was never chosen because she wasn’t needed, and since then, she longed to be chosen by someone.


On her final day as a housekeeper (and she’s wearing some really cool pants!), Tsuzaki presents her with his sample calculations on how much he’ll be saving and how much she will earned if she do manual work for him for 7 hours for 5 days. Mikuri is quite familiar with it since she researched that if you compute the work done by a wife, it will total to more than 3 million Yen per year.  In short, Tsuzaki is proposing a de facto marriage with him as the employer (husband) and Mikuri as the employee (wife). Of course, Mikuri is excited by this and immediately agrees to Tsuzaki’s business proposal.


The next thing you know, Yuri-chan (Ishida Yuriko), is harassing Tsuzaki when she heard that her lovely niece is getting married. haha. In the end, the two got their wishes and we see Mikuri changing her registered address as an unregistered wife.


*de facto marriage you live in as married couple but you don’t change the family register



The first episode is such a breeze, I love each moment especially when Mikuri is acting like she’s being interviewed for a documentary. True to the title, this contract marriage is really just a job as we don’t see any signs of love between the two in the first episode, but we can see that there is a need for one another. If and when that need will translate to love then we’ll have to find out.


Personally, I don’t see myself doing a different job from what I finished in college. Call it pride or so, but I have huge respect to Mikuri that despite her stellar credentials, she did her best in every temp job she gets even with being a housekeeper. I think that’s her charm, working diligently and making the most of her work, something that we with regular jobs tend to take for granted. She’s also too wise and practical for her age, and I think that’s something that drawn Tsuzaki to her.


As for Tsuzaki, I think that he’s been alone for so long that he didn’t know what to do when someone as enthusiastic like Mikuri get thrown into his life. Since the two of them are just thinking about the practicality of their marriage, they never really see each other as that of a man and woman so it’ll be a treat once they start noticing that fact.



What I’m looking forward to this drama is not just our main couple but also the growth of the other three characters. There’s Yuri-chan, who despite being successful in her career, is single and loveless. There’s Numata (Furuta Arata), a gay man looking for love and I love gay characters in Japanese dramas because they tend to be really witty on life. Finally there’s Kazami (Otani Ryohei), typical playboy who doesn’t want to commit but I see him taking interest in Mikuri because who doesn’t love Mikuri? Though I’m also shipping Kazami to Yuri-chan who’s too independent and wise to go with just any man.


All in all, with a plot like this and solid acting from everyone involve, I’m sold. Looking forward more from this drama!



6 thoughts on “Just Reviews : Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

  1. Hi! Thank you for the short review. I am currently also following this dorama and it is pretty attractive to catch up.

    Just want to make a simple correction. The literal meaning for “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” means “Runaway is Ashamed But Helpful”. The title “We Married as a Job” is the alternative English title for the dorama.

    Thank you once again and look forward for your exciting enjoyment through this show! 🙂


  2. Anyway, why is the title of this drama ‘nigeru wa haji daga yaku ni tatsu’? I can only recall the time recently Mikuri temporarily escaped to Chiba after ‘rejection’ from Tsuzaki when it seemed things were hotting up.
    Or does it refer to ‘running away’ from what mainstream society expects of you?
    Thanks for the reviews. I don’t usually watch J dramas but this one is addictive and funny!


    1. I haven’t seen ep 6 onwards so I’m not yet familiar with that scene. Anyway, about your question, this is just an opinion, I think that it’s because they get married to runaway, to escape from cycle of job-hunting on Mikuri’s side. Later on, we can see different kinds of running-away each episode like Tsuzaki choosing to run-away because he’d rather live an uncomplicated life and so.


  3. Fair point, I’d forgotten about the running away from job hunting possibility. I’ve enjoyed reading your recaps and am gutted the series will end soon. The acting in it is so un-amateurish, unlike a lot of the dramas that my missus watches but I end up giving up on after a few minutes.

    Liked by 1 person

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