Dramas I’m watching this Fall 2016

Fall is here and most dramas line-up for this season have started with “Doctor X season 4” as my number one priority because Daimon Michiko is the coolest surgeon on earth. Looking into this season’s line-up, there are actually 3 medical dramas, a bit of deka, and some josei. Although, I’m not really interested in the other medical drama, I’m glad that there’s more variety this season.

Anyway, here are some dramas I’ve checked this season that moved me (if I’m actually moved).


  • Doctor X season 4

This is no-brainer since  there’s absolutely no reason for me not to watch this drama. The first episode left me breathless with Michiko’s (Yonekura Ryoko) god-like hands despite the annoying hospital politics. I can’t believe that we have a new batch of “Gyoi” doctors who spent most of their time kissing Hiruma’s ass than curing patients. Seriously, these old men get paid? Anyway, I’m happy that Kaji-sensei (Katsumura Masanobu) is back since he’s one of the normal doctors around who actually knows how to do surgery. I can’t wait to see Akagi Gen (Munetaka Aoki) again since he has a cutesy chemistry with Michiko in the SP. Lastly, the Johnny’s fan in me is eagerly waiting to see Inoo Kei onscreen as well.


  • Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

I’ve seen lots of contract marriage so I was expecting almost the same with NigeHaji but it turns out to be different, more convenient, and realistic. Our two leads welcome their marriage in the most businesslike manner imaginable that if you’re expecting subtle hints that the two would marry for real, then you’re wrong. Well, that is until the end of 2nd episode where things might eventually go down that path. haha. Anyway, what I like most about Mikuri’s (Aragaki Yui) entry to this marriage is that she’s so practical about it, though it’s quite scary that she sees marriage nothing but a tool for her employment. Probably, her practicality is influenced by her aunt, Yuri-chan (Ishida Yuriko), who would later on say that it’s better to be divorced than single. Mikuri aside, I’m also hoping for a happy ending for Yuri-chan. As for chemistry between Mikuri and Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen), it’s still between an employer and employee but the end of 2nd episode shows that Tsuzaki is affected by Mikuri after all.


  • IQ 246

A rich genius, Sharaku Homonji (Oda Yuji), living a bored life and solves crimes as a way to past time may not sound so exciting but the added humor and sarcasm in this drama makes it more entertaining. I think having Fujioka Dean as a butler is a huge bonus in the eye candy department, but Wato Soko’s (Tsuchiya Tao) naivety and novelty is too cute to ignore. I always see Tsuchiya as someone smart and mature so her role in this drama made me see her in a different light.


  • Cain and Abel

It’s Yamada Ryosuke‘s first Getsu 9 drama so I have to watch it more than I need to watch this. You know, fan responsibility. haha. Anyway, the first episode made me realize that Yamada can do mature roles but he still has that boyish vibe, I guess it’s the hairstyle since it screams teenager than a salarymen. I’ve only seen the first episode and I don’t see any chemistry between him and Kurashina Kana because she acts all big sister to him, well, because she is. Although I have high hopes between him and Shibata (Yamazaki Hirona) because I tend to cheer for the underdog.


  • Senyuu Keiji Idol (Dropped)

The plot is interesting but the execution is poorly done that it’s such a waste. I felt like I tortured myself as I watched this that the only thing they nailed is the horrendous idol costumes that they make Johnny’s wear. Although, even that part isn’t a bit funny.

That’s all for now, I haven’t started “Jimi ni Sugoi” but that’s already on my watch list especially after I saw pics of Ishihara’s cute outfits. I’m also thinking of watching Amami Yuki’s “Chef” and Abe Hiroshi’s “Sniffer” but there’s no immediate need to get my fix on these two. As for “Keishichou Nasi Goreng-ka”, I can’t find a raw so…what else should I watch?


4 thoughts on “Dramas I’m watching this Fall 2016

  1. NigeHaji is the only drama i’m watching from your list, i think it’s the kind of drama that will grow on you over time 🙂

    Jimi ni Sugoi is fun! Ishihara’s OOTDs are something else although her character is quite similar to her previous roles. Also, Suda Masaki! haha.

    Besides these two, i’ve only checked out Rental Kyuuseishu. The first episode was weirdly entertaining. Keishichou Nasi Goreng-ka certainly has an interesting title but i don’t feel like watching cop drama at the moment.


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