99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi : Episode 3

It’s the 3rd episode and this is dedicated to Tachibana, a lone woman lawyer in a sea of men. Aside from Tachibana, this episode is definitely for women and for mothers, a perfect episode with the recent Mother’s Day celebration that will surely make you weep.

Here is a summary of 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi : Episode 3


The episode starts with Miyama showing-off his superior tasting skill with his equally superior knowledge with food and cooking. Anyway, Sada arrives with their newest case, a woman named Yoshida Kaho is arrested for theft, 15 million Yen is found in her home, which could very well be the money she stole. However, she claims innocence and that the money is her’s.


Tachibana volunteers to take on the case since she’s tired of simply supporting Miyama. Sada agrees and Tachibana goes to see the suspect’s mother, Miyazaki Meko. Miyazaki hires the law firm to defend her daughter and reasons that her daughter wouldn’t do steal anything. She also tells them that she has a month to live after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so she didn’t need the 15 million yen she saved all these years and that she’s willing to use it for her daughter’s defense.

The case isn’t looking good for Yoshida, the 15 million Yen found on her closet is statistically impossible to be saved using her income. Even if she saved them in 6 years, the most she could save is 5 million Yen. That’s still a lot!


Tachibana and Miyama heads to jail to interview Yoshida. Yoshida becomes reluctant to let them defend herself after she learned that they were hired by her mother. As it happened, Miyazaki left Yoshida with her father. In Miyazaki’s defense, Yoshida’s father was abusive so she left the marriage, it was regrettable on her part to leave her daughter so she wants to make amends.


Tachibana and Miyama then head to the company where Yoshida used to work. In the company, Yoshida, Gouda (manager), and Kawaguchi (president) are the only people who knows the vault’s number. The 4 digit pin changes each month and the president only relays it Yoshida and Gouda. Miyama asks Gouda if he can open the vault, he tried but failed, so Kawaguchi scolds him for forgetting the pin and opens it himself.

Kawaguchi also shows Miyama the post-it note where he writes 8 random numbers and it’s up to Yoshida and Gouda to do the math and memorize the vault’s pin.


Back at the firm, Miyama brings-in Yoshida’s personal effects to Tachibana’s ire that he’s acting behind her back. Inside Yoshida’s things are home magazines where she places post-it note to houses with big triangular roofs.


The two decides to investigate further and heads to Yoshida’s apartment. They interview one of her neighbors who says that Yoshida is barely home at night since he used to see Yoshida coming home around 3 in the morning. He also directs them to the nearby main street where Yoshida is often drops-off by a van.

So the two decides to do a stakeout with Akashi, who mostly sleeps in his sleeping bag, the van arrives and out a woman who agreed for an interview. As it happens, Yoshida is working part-time in a brothel. Those millions is starting to make sense.


Tachibana pays Yoshida a visit the next day to Yoshida’s dismay that she hasn’t given up yet. Tachibana says that as her lawyer, its her job to prove her innocence and she can do so by proving how she earned the money and what will she do with that amount of money. She let it slip that she knows where Yoshida has been working and this upsets Yoshida so she left again.


Later on, Tachibana and Miyama pays a visit to the orphanage where Yoshida grew-up. The orphanage finds it unbelievable that Yoshida will steal since she’s the type of person who treasures money and loves to save them. They also saw some of Yoshida’s personal effects when she was still living in the orphanage and sees her drawings; pink houses with triangular roof, which were very similar to the houses marked in those magazines. The orphanage’s facilitator says that Yoshida used to say that she’ll live with her mother one day in those type of houses.


So Tachibana goes back to Yoshida and this time, she won’t let her walk-away. She tells her about the house and how Yoshida have always wanted to buy that type of house to live with her mother. Yoshida denies it and says that her mother have left her. So Tachibana pulls a letter, a letter from Yoshida’s mother, and starts reading it for her. One liter of tears later, Yoshida pleads that she’ll admit to the crime to spare her from doing a long trial so she can see her mother before she passed away.


Now that’s when Tachibana’s conflict begins. As a lawyer, she should abide to her client’s wishes but she really wants to prove her innocence. So she tells Yoshida that even though she doesn’t really empathize with her situation, she thinks that meeting her mother after all those years, she would want to meet her with her innocence proven. Tearfully, Yoshida agrees with Tachibana.

Thus, the trial begins while the clock ticks away with Yoshida’s mother’s life.




As with my other summary for 99.9, I won’t spoil the ending, but it was really interesting how Miyama manage to point-out the real culprit. So, I said it, it was Miyama who untangle the chain of events, as always. However, this should be Tachibana’s case so Miyama had the decency to give Tachibana that moment during the trial.


Anyway, this has been a really emotional episode because story about mother’s tend to be a real tearjerker. Tachibana is prim and proper as always, she lacks that intimidating side as a lawyer so it’s easy to mistake her as being Miyama’s lackey. But I guess in the world of male-dominated lawyers who seem intent of making a prey out of their clients, Tachibana will be like the mother who takes care of their clients and listen to their wishes instead of the clients listening to their lawyers evil intentions. haha.


Oh well, the 3rd episode doesn’t have much pizzazz, it wasn’t boring but it wasn’t all that interesting either. Though one of the most interesting part is Miyama having a flashback of his childhood while drinking in that afro shop. Hmm…it seems like Miyama’s childhood is as dramatic as Yoshida’s.



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