Just Reviews : Boku no Yabai Tsuma

“Just reviews” is for dramas that I just want to react to so there’ll be absolutely no recaps. 

“Boku no Yabai Tsuma” is one of the few suspense dramas this season featuring a hot cheating husband, a dutiful wife, and a murder plot turn into a kidnapping fiasco.

Here is a summary of Boku no Yabai Tsuma : Episode 1


Mochizuki Kouhei (Ito Hideaki) is tired living under the same roof with his OCD wife Maria (Kimura Yoshino), he badly wants to get out from the relationship that he’s getting hives just by being near her.


Due to this, Kouhei and his mistress, Kitasato Ana (Aibu Saki), plots her murder but before they can carry out their plan, Kouhei goes to find his wife missing along with a blood stain on the floor, and a note from the kidnapper. Kohei thinks that he’s finally free of his wife and that he’ll inherit her inheritance until evidence points to him as the suspect. Aside from being the suspect, people around Kouhei like his family starts telling him how perfect and kind Maria is as a wife. Kouhei also finds Maria’s recipe diary where she keeps all recipes of the food that Kohei said was delicious. From wanting Maria to die, Kouhei starts wishing for her to be alive.


Fortunately, Maria is still alive and the kidnapper wants 200 million Yen in exchange for his wife’s safety. Kohei delivered the money, but 12 midnight strikes and Maria is still not home. Full of guilt and shame, Kouhei decides to end his life but the Soma (Sato Ryuta) of MPD’s Criminal Investigation managed to save him and informs him that his wife has been found, weak but still very much alive.


This gives Kouhei a sense of relief, while Ana is arrested for suspicion of being an accomplice in kidnapping. Meanwhile, Maria gets transported in the ambulance and she gives a chilling smile while a certain bar owner (Sasaki Kuranosuke) of “Quiet Woman” receives a sack of 2 million Yen with a note to keep it for awhile- from Mochizuki Maria.




This is so GONE GIRL, I didn’t see the movie but I read the book and the elements of this drama is so similar with Gone Girl’s plot. Maria is definitely a whack of wife, sure Kouhei is a cheating bastard and even plotted his wife’s demise, but we can see that he starts to regret his past actions when Maria was gone. I don’t know if Maria only wanted for Kouhei to return to her or there’s more to this kidnapping drama.


Frankly, I feel bad for Kouhei since he’s obviously being played not only by Maria but by his mistress Ana. For Ana to personally search for a poison and instruct Kouhei to kill his wife and gain the 2 million Yen means that she’s been plotting something as well for so long. It’s up for Kouhei to unravel things since I’m sure that more questions will start to pop-out as I believe that there’s no such thing as a perfect crime. Though Soma pins the kidnapping to Kouhei, I believe that he’ll start having doubts about the case as well. I wonder who will Maria pin as her kidnapper? Surely, she has an accomplice like the bar owner but I guessing that she has more than that.


“Boku no Yabai tsuma” is a reminder to all those cheating bastards to think twice before doing it, or the drama is also a reminder for everyone to get a psychological test before they get married to prevent something as mad as this.


I’ll definitely follow this drama, suspense thrillers like this don’t conclude in one episode and I’m also sure that whatever conclusion you’re thinking is usually different in the end. Maybe Kouhei did plot Maria’s kidnapping and she just goes with it and so. Well, let’s see.


2 thoughts on “Just Reviews : Boku no Yabai Tsuma

  1. this soo good but soo underrated!!! the main actress was so good in her role
    she nailed very emotion!!! but i would like to know if yoou could give a
    recommendation… i realy enjoy this type of drama.. i watched confessions (movie),
    kazoku game, kaseifu wa mita and yakusoku no “kanrancha”


    1. Thank you! Sadly I don’t watch too much of this kind, but you can try “Mother” and “N no tame ni” for that suspense/thriller vibe with topnotch acting and plot


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