Dramas I’m Watching this Winter 2016

Winter 2016 got me hooked to some dramas now that I’ve stopped blogging for jnewseng. One thing in common from 3 our of 4 dramas that I’m watching is that 3 of these stars a Johnny. haha.


Anyway, for a non-JE drama, I’m watching “Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai“. It stars eye-candies from Fukada Kyoko, Dean Fujioka, and Miura Shohei. I’m familiar with the plot since I used to read this manga until scans has been scarce and I’m loving the adaptation so far, Dean Fujioka is perfect as Shunin while Shohei looks so refreshing. Fukada can be a bit awkward at times but she’s better with cutesy roles that goes with her pretty face.


The next on my list is Tomoya Nagase‘s medical drama “FRAGILE“. Calling it a medical drama seems a bit meh compared to the likes of JIN, Iryu: Team Medical Dragon, Doctor X and Code Blue. The pathology field in which Tomoya is the boss seems unexciting compared the bustling emergency department and the heaviness of being in the operating room. Takei Emi as the newbie doctor in the field makes most of the screen time, not that I’m complaining, but there’s nothing much for me to say about her. So far, I’m still not too happy that the medical field have been transformed to a something akin to an investigative drama.


Speaking of investigative drama, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi‘s “Specialist” is really interesting. I didn’t get to see the three SPs that preceeds the drama so everything looks new to me. Nevertheless, having an ex-convict as a detective is pretty sly and smart. I’m still in the 4th episode and so far, I’m loving every seconds of it. One of the my favorite part is each episode is when Takuma (Kusanagi) talks about his past inmates and how their modus operandi is related to the case.


Lastly, I’m also watching Kamenahi Kazuya‘s “Kaito Yamaneko“. I’m can be pretty biased about this drama because it stars Kame and Narimiya Hiroki so let me just flail that Hirose Suzu is so pretty. The story is not just about being a modern Robin Hood but Yamaneko’s personality has a certain darkness in it that you can’t gauge whether he’s just acting all goody-goody or if he’s really a monster in the inside. Aside from that, Kame looks so effortless with comedy and I think that he should do more of this.

That’s all for now!

Screencaps taken by VLC media player.



3 thoughts on “Dramas I’m Watching this Winter 2016

  1. I have watched Kaito Yamaneko. As expected Kame is very natural and is at his best. I wish its average TV rating would have reached 15 given the drama being so good. This would have silenced Kame haters who have labelled him jinxed when it comes to viewership rating.
    Being worked in theater(stage shows), I can vouch for his acting skills. His management should pick better roles and scripts which do justice to him.

    I have “Specialist” in my watchlist.

    Also awaiting MatsuJun’s 99.9 drama.

    PS: A request. Please don’t label Fukada Kyoko as eye candy. I have never found her attractive,let alone her acting skills. There are much better actresses out there who are of her age and are better at their work.


    1. Well, Kame is first and foremost and idol so Johnny’s is definitely choosy with hia roles. As for Fukada, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find her really pretty, her face hasn’t change much since I first saw her in SOS.

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  2. I had seen Joker Game and Second Love and didn’t like her in them. Maybe I should watch SOS and some more of her earlier work.
    I completely agree with you regarding beauty thing.

    looking forward to your first impressions on MatsuJun’s 99.9 drama.


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