Alice no Toge : Episode 6

Tables are starting to turn for Asumi and Bandai finds himself an unlikely ally in this new episode.

Here is a quick recap for Alice no Toge: Episode 6

Continuing from previous episode, Asumi and Nishikado’s only lead about her father’s death is that Bandai ordered a nurse name Miura Naoko to get catecholamine.

Upon searching Seirin’s database, she learns that Miura has been a head nurse since 15 years ago, and being a head nurse gives her access to drugs even without permission.

Asumi has the chance to see her while at work as she observes an operation where Miura is the surgical chief nurse. Unlike Date and Chihara, Miura do have skills to be in the operating room and she’s been dubbed for being “Iron Woman” because while she’s competent as nurse, she lacks socialization skills.

While Asumi is busy observing Miura during lunch, Hoshino approaches her and tells Asumi that she’s gonna tell her feelings to Yuma and she’s expecting Asumi to support her. Geez, why don’t you support your own self?

Miura overhears this and she shared this titbit to Bandai during one of their weekly dinners. Miura gushes how popular Bandai’s son is for having ladies fighting over him and this just makes Bandai more curious about Asumi. An earlier conversation with his son reveals that Yuma told his father that it was Asumi’s idea to go to Hyuga’s vacation house to see his art works collection.

Nishikado was able to capture Bandai and Miura’s dinner together and tells Asumi that he suspects that Miura is Bandai mistress. XD. He also tells Asumi to be careful since it was revealed earlier that Hyuga died because of drugs and they have a pretty good suspicion who is involved.

Lunch break next day, Miura busies herself staring at a pocket watch when Asumi sits across her. Coincidentally, the news about Hyuga’s death was reported on TV and Asumi casually slides about Hyuga’s cause of death, intramuscular injection of Potassium Chloride on his thigh, and how doctors must be careful with their drug administration.

Miura stands-up and says that nurses only prepares the drugs that doctor orders and walks-out.

At Bandai’s office, Bandai calls on Hoshino to talk about Asumi. In fairness to Hoshino, she seems reluctant at first to talk about Asumi without hearing Bandai’s reason but Bandai chose to use Hoshino’s jealousy by claiming that he wants to know if Asumi will be good enough for his son.

The next day, Asumi decides to be Miura’s stalker for the day and finds-out that her husband has been in vegetative state and currently residing at the Neurological Dept. of the Hospital for 15 years. Asumi questions Miura on why her husband is still in the hospital wherein Seirin usually don’t keep patients who are no longer treatable. Miura refuses to answer Asumi’s inquiry and they met again in the Operating Room when Asumi gets called to be the chief surgeon of a certain patient.

Even though Asumi has qualms about Miura, she chose to cooperate for the patient’s welfare and thanks Miura for helping her earlier when she was spacing-out. Miura says that she did a good job for her first surgery (as the chief surgeon, I guess).

Nishikado finds more about Miura’s husband condition and finds out that the two were involved in an elevator accident 6 months before Osanai’s death. Miura’s husband protected her all along during that accident. NIshikado concludes that Bandai must have used Miura’s situation when her husband succumbed to coma since her husband is still in the hospital for the last 15 years. This titbit somehow earns Asumi’s sympathy and Nishikado warns her that she must not let information cause her to waiver. After all, Miura is Bandai’s accomplice.

Asumi tries to visit Miura’s husband but she stops upon seeing her telling stories to her husband like he’s still alive. On her way-out, she meets Yuma and the two were casually talking when Miura fainted in the hallway.

Asumi and Yuma brings Miura to her home where Asumi reported to Nishikado that it seems like Miura rarely goes home as evident by the overflowing letter in her mailbox.

Miura thanks Asumi as soon as she wakes-up and starts sharing her story. Miura says that one by one, her friends and her husband’s friends have stopped visiting to them. She can’t really blame them; however, despite all the hardships that she has met, she still believes in one thing, “tomorrow will be a better day”.

This stops Asumi that phrase is her father’s favorite, and Miura adds that a doctor she respects a lot taught her those words. Asumi asks where Miura did met that person and she answered that it’s from the department she used to work at. Miura hasn’t been always working in the Operating Room and before Asumi can ask further, Yuma arrives with a bag of groceries.

Elsewhere, Hoshino decides to do some snooping about Asumi’s background where she ends-up to Mizuno-papa’s restaurant. Mizuno is happy that a friend of her daughter has come to visit her and serves Hoshino some of his best dishes. He also tells Hoshino that Asumi is usually misunderstood so he’s glad to know that she has a friend.

Hoshino thinks that maybe she has also misunderstood Asumi; Hoshino thinks that Asumi may not be that bad if she has father like Mizuno. However, her so-called misunderstanding has reached an end after she sees Yuma kissing Asumi on lips while the two are on their way home from Miura’s place.

Nishikado visits her that night where Asumi shares that Miura reveals that she respects Asumi’s father. As on how she got associated with Bandai, Asumi thinks that it’s to make Miura’s husband stay longer in the hospital since Seirin usually releases patients with cases like that. Nishikado says that whatever happen, they need Miura’s testimony and she cautions Asumi on revealing her real identity. Nishikado believes that Miura only works for herself and her husband and she won’t cooperate with Asumi especially with her husband’s life on the line.

Asumi and Yuma go to work together where Yuma promises Asumi to be a better man and that he’ll protect Asumi. Big words, let’s see you do it. Hoshino sees the two coming to work together and she decides to do some serious snooping by calling Asumi’s alumni. To her surprise, the University claims that they don’t have any Mizuno Asumi on their record.

Asumi decides to try her luck when she chance to see Miura smoking outside. She asks if Miura was in Pediatrics 15 yrs. ago and if she knows Osanai Takao-sensei. Miura quickly puts-off her cigarette and denies knowing Osanai-sensei.

Asumi, of course, didn’t believe her and Miura tells her that Asumi is not allowed to speak to her ever. Unknown to Miura, she drops her precious pocket watch that Asumi picks-up.

As Asumi ponders on what she saw on the watch, Hoshino arrives and decides to vent all pent-up jealousy inside. After giving Asumi a slap, she also tells Asumi that she has called her former University and they told her that there’s no Mizuno Asumi from their records.

Asumi again tries her luck with Miura and visits her in her husband’s room. While Miura pretends to busy herself, Asumi starts talking and says that her name’s character means “tomorrow and beautiful”. She said that her father gave her that name because it’s her father’s favorite phrase, “tomorrow will be a better day”, and introduces herself as Osanai Asumi.

She presents two different records on her father that she received after her father’s death and tells Miura her conclusions about her father’s death. The last is the remaining physical evidence from Hyuga’s investigation wherein it states that Bandai orders Miura Naoko to prepare catecholamine.

She’s fully aware what might happened to her after her father and Hyuga’s death but Asumi says that she’s prepared to fight it all. Frankly, I don’t agree with this begging part. Miura owes it to her and her father.

Miura dares her that she’ll call Bandai if Asumi won’t leave but Asumi says that her father has been Miura’s strength all along. She gives back Miura’s pocket watch wherein on the back cover of the watch, the words “tomorrow will be a better day”. Afterwards, Asumi begs Miura to give her testimony.

Miura decides to spill the beans and shares those 15 years ago, Bandai offers to work-out her husband’s hospitalization if she’ll cooperate. One night, Bandai texted her to prepare catecholamine. She doesn’t know where Bandai will be using it, and she didn’t dare to know. Until later she finds-out about Osanai-sensei’s death and she learned that she has done something that can’t be undone.

She also added that since Bandai sent the text using the hospitals’ PC, she has saved the data and tells Asumi that they can meet at her apartment at 6 in the morning. She also apologizes to Asumi for what she has caused, she had promised herself that one’s she meets Osanai-sensei’s daughter, she’ll apologize.

At Toto Medical University, Hoshino learns about Asumi’s real name and makes a call. The next day, Asumi learns that Miura’s apartment has been vacated and when she runs at the hospital, the Miura couple is now gone.

Bandai is too happy to tell her that titbit, raises the SD card and destroys it in front of Asumi. “Too bad for you, huh? Osanai Asumi-sensei.”


Okay, so I totally hate Hoshino now. I know that she’s hurt and she felt deceived but it was also her fault for being too blind to notice that Yuma isn’t interested in her, and that Asumi never wanted to be friends in the first place. Ugh. In a way, it’s also Asumi’s own karma for using a good-natured guy like Yuma to extract her revenge but I’m so totally on Asumi’s side right and I just want to see Bandai fall.

So, I’m taking back what I’ve been saying earlier about feeling sorryfor Yuma, Asumi can use him to the end and he can just blame his father for that. Harhar.

The fact that Bandai destroyed the SD card in the end is like an indirect admission of his sins to Asumi’s father, and it also shows how confident he is to confront Asumi because he knows that Asumi can’t prove anything. This just make my blood boils. I wonder what really happened to Miura, does her love for her husband prevails at the end. Or Bandai have again used underhanded tactics to make her leave? It’s just disappointing that after everything, she just left Asumi hanging or made her go back to zero.

I love what I saw in preview, Asumi is still alive and it’s like she’s gonna try other options to give her father justice and I want to see what will be Arima’s role on this. And why is Date back and flirting with Nishikado?

Anyway, the big question is still, why did Bandai kill Osanai? Considering that they are even in different departments and yet they clashed for some reason, what happened? Moreover, who sent those documents to Asumi after her father’s death? Well, one thing is for sure,  I’ll be tuning-in to this drama because there’s so much to see with the plot getting better.


Usual disclaimer applies.

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2 thoughts on “Alice no Toge : Episode 6

  1. Thanks for this recap. Me too, I loathed the character of Hoshino in this episode. I’m also relieved by the preview of the next episode showing Asumi still “fighting the battle” with Bandai. I really am enjoying this drama’s plot twists and turns. I can’t wait to see Bandai and his cohorts be put to justice.
    P.S. Sorry to have read you’re going on indefinite leave from this site. Good luck to your studies though. Thanks again for starting this site. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been enjoying this drama and your reviews! I came to read after viewing every episode, knowing we have all enjoyed this marvelous drama. It’s a pity you didn’t get to review till the end of this drama though. All the best!


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