Bitter Blood: Episode 5

The truth between Shimao and Sahara’s mother is out but it doesn’t make this episode any more interesting.

Here is a quick recap of Bitter Blood : Episode 5

Continuing from last episode, Shimao’s father, who is also Sahara’s grandfather, arrives at Ginza Police Department with a stab wound on his left side.

He passed-out after telling Shimao and Sahara that they should always be careful and just when they thought that grandpa is already nearing his creator, he gets-up and insists that he must report what happened to him to the police.

Taka, Chaser, Skunk, and Maeda can only look-on as grandpa goes inside the department followed by a worried Shimao. Taka introduces grandpa as Sahara Tominari, the so-called Immortal man, and former detective and Inspector Kageyama’s partner.

Maeda calls the ambulance and as they wait for five minutes, grandpa makes his report about his attacker.

Apparently, grandpa was still a police officer when the 200 million robbery happened (Is the parody of that 300 million Yen robbery? XD). The suspect, Junouchi, was never caught and grandpa chance to see him walking along the Ginza district when he went to town. Grandpa approached him and Junouchi stabs him with a knife. Why would he suddenly call a suspect as if he wants to have a friendly chat?

The officers ask why Junouchi would suddenly show-up in a public place like Ginza after 3 years of hiding. Grandpa says that it must be to visit his ex-girlfriend, Sekine Ayako, a waitress in a restaurant.

Taking charge of the case, grandpa orders that Sekine be put in 24 hour surveillance because there is a high chance that she’ll be contacted by Junouchi. Afterwards, grandpa casually orders Shimao and Sahara to do the 24-hour stake-out.

First day of stakeout and father and son finds their temporary dwelling too dirty for their taste, well at least for Shimao, who orders his son to clean the place. However, Sahara isn’t too good when it comes to cleaning that Shimao finds himself single-handedly cleaning the place while Sahara watches Sekine across the building.

Shimao and Sahara plan their way to install a tap surveillance in Sekine’s apartment while she’s at work. Sahara turns-off her water’s main valve and places an ad on her mailbox for water repair. Before Sahara has the chance to go out, Chaser texted Shimao that Sekine is on her way home. Shimao radios Sahara that Sekine is on her way and whatever happens, she must not see Sahara’s face.

So, what did Sahara do? Well, he hides in the ceiling just as Sekine arrives at her apartment building.

Minutes later, father and son plan has worked as Sekine calls their “Ginza Water Rescue” because her water is not running. Sahara goes, wearing overalls, and pretends to fix her water pipes. However, Sahara can’t find a chance to place the tap surveillance somewhere because Sekine won’t leave the room.

Thus, Shimao wearing an awful disguise goes to the rescue and pretends to be a newspaper subscriptions salesman. He also keeps on offering a bunch of nonsense to Sekine just to give Sahara enough time. Sahara works his way to find a secure hiding place for the tap surveillance and puts it inside one of the stuff toys in her living room.

By the time Sekine has enough of Shimao’s pestering, Sahara is done placing the surveillance and the water pipes have been fixed.

The two goes back to their stakeout place and waits for Junouchi to call on Sekine. Well, they didn’t wait long as Sekine did receive a call and she sounds uncomfortable by the caller. Minutes later, they see a blonde man approaching Sekine’s apartment and it just matches grandpa’s description.

Sahara wears his “Ginza water rescue” overalls and runs to Sekine’s apartment just when she’s being attack by the man, Sahara jumps to him, captures him, and was just surprised to learn that the man is not Junouchi. He is blonde but he doesn’t have a scar on his cheek.

The attacker happens to be Sekine’s stalker/harasser, and Maeda arrives to get Sekine’s statement. After getting her statement, Maeda pretends to thank Sahara for his bravery as a normal citizen. Before Sahara can leave, Sekine clings to Sahara and asks him if he can stay until the lights are out as she’s scared to be alone after what happened.

Sahara is obviously uncomfortable with the idea, and Maeda looks peeved with it as well, but she feels duty-bound so she happily informs Sekine that Sahara will stay with her.

Night sets in, Sahara awkwardly sits in Sekine’s living room as she casually takes a shower nearby, and Shimao orders his son to ask Sekine questions about Junouchi. Once Sekine is done, she sits beside Sahara while in her nighties. XD. She tells Sahara that she hopes “he was kind like you”, when Sahara asks who is that “he”, Sekine says that she’s talking about a man who will be interested with her.

Aside from looking to Sahara with her damsel-in-distress eyes, she takes another “helpless female route” by telling Sahara about the call she received earlier. Sekine talks about being scared and stuff and asks Sahara if he is strong. Sahara agrees despite suffering an earache after Sekine squeezes the stuff toy where Sahara earlier placed the tap surveillance.

Being assured that Sahara will protect her, she takes Sahara’s hand and brings him to her room, close the curtains, then turns the lights off.  Shimao can only groan in frustration especially after Sahara turns-off his microphone. XD

Hours later, Sahara arrives in their stakeout area where Shimao have finished a dozen or so of Gentle coffee from waiting for him. Shimao have dirty things in his mind on why Sahara arrived late; Sahara denies, claiming that he just waited until Sekine have fallen asleep. He also instructed Shimao not to tell anyone about what happened. Shimao says his lips are sealed but just as Taka and Skunk relieved them from their stakeout duties, they already knew how Sahara spent the night at Sekine’s home. XD

To Sahara’s embarrassment, it’s not just those from CID who have learned about it, the entire Ginza Police Department, even those in traffic and accounting division know about his supposed-to-be escapade.

Maeda, who’s neither pleased nor peeved with the news, tells Sahara not to get too involved with their subject because Maeda is sure that Sekine is also a suspect.

Back at stake-out duty, Sahara orders pizza for their meal, and Shimao refuses to eat it without fork. So, Sahara goes-out to buy fork where he ran to Bachelor and Sekine in the supermarket.

Sekine drags Sahara to her place and promises to cook for him as her way of thanks. Shimao sees this and can only chide Sahara through the mouthpiece on how he must not get too personal to their subject. While Sahara is in Sekine’s apartment, Shimao sees a mysterious looking man with blonde hair approaching Sekine’s apartment; he immediately radios Maeda to start asking questions.

Maeda goes to the man and before she can even start asking questions, the man starts to run away but Maeda is fast enough to chase him where the man tries to resist arrest.

While Shimao enjoys watching Maeda kicks the man’s ass, he fails to notice that a different man with cap and dark hair is about to enter Sekine’s apartment. When Sahara notices the man, he was already at Sekine’s door, and Shimao’s mouthpiece is broken so he can’t call Sahara.

Inside, Sahara is awkwardly enjoying his meal with Sekine dropping hints about her need for a strong man when Junouchi appears with a gun. Sahara is sure that the man in front of him is Junouchi because of his scar on his cheek, and Sahara starts to fight back before Junouchi can even fire the gun.

Once Sahara has Junouchi on the floor, Sekine already has the gun pointed at Sahara. Sekine says that she needs Junouchi for the money and Sahara for his protection. To Sahara’s surprise, Sekine fires the gun on Junouchi’s leg and demands to know where the money is. When Junouchi didn’t answer, Sekine fires another round, making Sahara scramble to help him.

Junouchi says that the 200 million Yen money is hidden behind Sekine’s wallpaper, Sekine instructed Sahara to check it out, and when Sahara detaches the wallpaper, he sees a bag.

Sekine then orders Sahara to bring her the bag-filled money with the gun still pointed at Sahara. When Sahara hesitates to bring carry the money to Sekine, Sekine attempts to fire the gun until she drops the gun because of an external force.

Sahara looks around and sees his father taking the shot to make Sekine lose the gun. Shimao is just across Sahara so it’s weird that Sekine didn’t see him. Anyway, Sekine dives for the money until Sahara introduces himself as a police officer. Sekine even had the gall to tell Sahara that he has deceived her all along.

Afterwards, Maeda gives Sahara an I-told-you-so expression and reasons-out that women pretend to be insecure to make sure safety.

Father and son also had a talk later on where Sahara reveals that he knows the truth. It was his mom who found a new partner so his parents got divorced and not the other way around. Shimao just shrugs it off, claiming that he can’t remember something ancient.

Night sets-in and a mysterious figure is lurking inside Ginza’s CID where he has shredded a dozen or more worth of records.


From an interesting 4th episode, Bitter Blood is back in giving us a crappy 5th episode. The case sucks; the guest stars sucks, and overall an uneventful episode. Probably the only interesting scene from this episode is knowing that Shimao is not the playboy that Sahara has always believed.

Anyway, I have this weird suspicion that Kazuki might also be involved with Sahara’s mother disappearance. I know that she has taken a new lover but grandpa looking for her in Ginza smells fishy. The writers are hinting that Maeda like Sahara and vice versa but I just don’t feel any frisson from those two.

Anyway, skipping this episode is definitely a good idea.


Usual disclaimer applies.


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