Alice no Toge Episode 5

“Alice no Toge” suffered a single-digit rating with this episode. However, I’m a big believer that ratings are not a strong gauge to the story’s quality. Despite the single digit rating, this episode shows that there is more to Osanai-sensei’s death than a mere medical error.

Here is a quick recap of Alice no Toge: Episode 5

Nishikado relays to Asumi what he learned from Tazaki of Tezuka Pharmaceuticals.  He asks Asumi if her father has told her any fall-out with Bandai and Asumi denies anything. As for her father’s illness, Osanai has a stomach ulcer, something that doesn’t really need an immediate surgery, so she was surprised when a nurse told her that her dad suddenly started vomiting blood. Hence, her father needs to have an emergency surgery.

To have a clearer picture of what happen 15 yrs. ago, Asumi asks her Humpty Dumpty, Ebisu, if he can recall anything questionable during her father’s operation. Ebisu did notice three things: first is that for that emergency surgery, laparoscopic was performed instead of the usual open abdominal surgery; second is that Bandai appointed Date, who is fatigue from extended duty hours, and Chihara who has no surgical skills; and third, there was excessive bleeding. The surgery is expected to have 200-300cc of blood loss so they were surprised when blood just starts rushing-out. There was too much blood and it was unstoppable. As Ebisu have said, they were like under a bad spell.

Asumi contemplates what she learned from Ebisu when Seirin got an unexpected visitor, Hyuga-sensei. Hyuga, looking less dignified with unkempt hair, tells Bandai to buy his vacation home at Lake Kawaguchi for 80 million Yen. After all, Hyuga needs the money for his legal fight. Bandai tells him that he won’t be buying a rickety old house but Hyuga says that the house has all that Bandai wants.

As Hyuga exits, he sees the man responsible for his demise- Nishikado. He asks Hyuga what is his business in Seirin and Hyuga says that he has some business deals and that he’s going to make Nishikado pay for what he wrote.

Afterwards, Nishikado and Asumi meets at the usual rooftop where Nishikado shares that Hyuga is likely planning to extort money from Bandai. Subsequently, Asumi shares that there are indeed questionable events before and during his father’s surgery. From Ebisu’s statement, Asumi concludes that Bandai purposely killed his father. As Bandai have said, “If there is no proof, the truth does not exist”. So, Asumi and Nishikado decide to look for more evidence.

As Nishikado talks with pharmacy representatives, Asumi talks to Yuma. She asks about the incident 15 yrs ago where Yuma was still in junior high, and tells Asumi that even he don’t know his father that much. Yuma also shares that his father suddenly decided to buy Hyuga’s vacation home.

They could have talked more but Asumi gets called by Professor Arima. At his office, Arima presented Asumi’s stolen shots that include her visit to Satonaka and when she went to Bandai’s office without Bandai’s knowledge. Arima wants her to explain and Asumi did explain, though she withholds the truth. Arima feels somehow relieved that Asumi is not rotten as he expected and begin sharing stories about his family.

Investigation continues and Nishikado notices something odd with the way the hospital’s janitor, Yokoyama Shigeo, looks at Bandai as he passes-by. Afterwards, Nishikado tries to pry for some details about Osanai and Bandai to Yokoyama but he was coldly rejected citing that Bandai is his primary doctor.

Nishikado tells this to Asumi when he visited her apartment. Asumi says that she’ll check Yokoyama’s medical records. Then, she shares about the titbit she learned from Yuma; based from Asumi’s years of being a stalker, she learned that Hyuga has a vacation home in Lake Kawaguchi that Bandai intends to buy. Nishikado finds it weird why would Bandai be interested in buying Hyuga’s vacation home. He borrows the picture to keep and Asumi gets to peek at Nishikado’s journal where he has encircled the date 10.

The said date is Yui’s, Nishikado’s little sister, birthday and she asks Nishikado if Asumi could go as well. The next day, the two visited Yui’s gravesite, Yui died at the aged on 9 and she spent most of it in the hospital. Sometimes, Nishikado would wonder why she had lived at all. Asumi recalls a scene as pushes Yui’s wheelchair, she saw Nishikado waving at their direction and Asumi smiled. Yui noticed that Asumi likes her brother and added that hopefully Asumi will stay by his brother’s after she’s gone. Awww…

At Bandai’s office, he makes a call to meet a certain someone.

Asumi calls Nishikado and tells him about the information she got on Yokoyama. He had malignant peritoneal mesothelioma and had been stable after his surgery. However, something catches Asumi’s attention. That night, Nishikado makes another visit to Yokoyama where he asks him if he used to work at construction sites. It’s because his disease usually develops from being exposed to asbestos. Nishikado continues to speak and tells Yokoyama if Bandai ever tells him that his disease should be classified as “occupational health”. This is news to Yokoyama and Nishikado adds that Bandai didn’t classify it as an occupational health because the construction company where Yokoyama used to work gives Seirin huge donations. In short, Bandai gave priority to his own interest than Yokoyama’s health.

Feeling aggrieved, Yokoyama starts talking of what he remembers 15 years ago. Flashback to 15 yrs ago, Yokoyama is on night shift after he has quit his job at construction and has worked as a janitor for the hospital. He was collecting trash when he sees Bandai passing by the hallway and sees him holding two disposable empty paper cups that he places in his lab coat pocket. Yokoyama assumed that Bandai might be drinking coffee at the library at the end of hallway.

An hour later, a nurse approached Yokoyama who told him the clean the blood at the library that someone has vomited. Cleaning blood wasn’t new to Yokoyama but that the blood is in a library at night and that there was too much blood. It was only later that he heard that it was Osanai who vomited that blood.

Nishikado shares this to Asumi and she says that her father has dieulafoy’s lesion in his stomach. The lesion is prone to eroding and bleeding. She deduce that Bandai might know that fact and gave his father drugs to induce bleeding, which matches everyone’s statements about the abnormal amount of blood.

Asumi is obviously aggravated by this but Nishikado tells her that unless they have proof, they can’t indict Bandai. Asumi then asks him where can they proof and Nishikado points-out the mysterious vacation house. They both agreed that Hyuga must have incriminating evidence against Bandai, stored at the vacation home, and uses it to extort money from Bandai.

Elsewhere, Hyuga is getting drunk and merry when Bandai arrives. Hyuga shares that the house has every document of what Bandai did for the last 15 years. Hyuga also brags that he also made an investigation about what happened to Osanai and confidently says that Bandai kills Osanai.

The next day, Hoshino and Yuma are having lunch when Hoshino invited Yuma on a camping trip. Asumi arrives with a booklet on vacation houses in Lake Kawaguchi. Hoshino feels grateful to Asumi, because she’s thinking that Asumi is setting her up with Yuma, and Yuma is just happy to be with Asumi.

Asumi talks to Yuma after and asks him when his father will buy Hyuga’s vacation home. Yuma says that papers will be signed on Friday and his dad is planning to go there on Saturday. Coincidentally, Saturday will be their trip to Lake Kawaguchi and Asumi asks Yuma that maybe they she can see the place because she learned that Hyuga has extensive art collection.

Yuma is not sure if he can ask his father about that but Asumi is confident that he can do it. As Nishikado earlier said, Asumi have laid the “honey trap” to Yuma.

The night before the trip, Yuma texted Asumi that he’ll try to sneak the keys while Asumi and Nishikado plans their Saturday revenge.

At Lake Kawaguchi, Asumi can’t get the chance to be alone with Yuma to persuade him to go to the vacation house because Hoshino is always around him. While at a certain academic convention, Nishikado uses Arima to stall Bandai after the convention.

Night sets in and Asumi only has 30 mins to go to the house before Bandai arrives. When Hoshino went somewhere to get wine, a frantic Asumi pulls Yuma outside and asks him if they can go to the vacation house now. Yuma begins to questions Asumi’s motives as he clearly said earlier that they will go tomorrow, but Asumi is left with no choice, he kissed Yuma and reasons-out that she just wants to take walk with him. Unfortunately, the kiss was seen by Hoshino.

So, Asumi and Yuma goes to the house and as Yuma goes to find the house main switch, Asumi notices a flicker of light outside and when she looks out, she sees Bandai casually burning everything. Yuma arrives and greets his father; he also introduces Asumi who can only look as Bandai throws every file into the fire including those from “1999” box that may have his father’s records.

When Bandai is done throwing everything, he casually mentions the unfortunate event that befall on Hyuga. At the conference, Nishikado watches the news on Hyuga’s death at his phone and worries about Asumi whom he can’t reach.

Speaking of Asumi, she frantically searches among the burned items for anything that she can use involving her father. She was on the verge of breaking-down until she sees a burned portion of a document. She reads it and instantly felt grateful.

The saved part only has one sentence, probably from Hyuga’s investigation, which states that Bandai ordered a nurse named Miura Naoko to prepare catecholamine. The said drug is vasopressor known to increase blood pressure, which more likely the cause why Osanai’s dieulafoy lesion burst causing the excessive bleeding.

Therefore, Asumi concludes that Bandai killed her father.


Despite the low rating that this episode received, I really enjoyed this episode. Maybe because we’re nearing the climax now that it was revealed that Osanai Takao’s death wasn’t due to medical error; but he was intentionally killed by Bandai. The next big question is: why did Bandai kill him?

Speaking of Bandai, I don’t know if he already has suspicions about Asumi after he told Yuma and Asumi about the unfortunate incident involving Hyuga. It’s kinda fishy for him to tell about that titbit especially when Hyuga’s death was only being reported on TV. I’m assuming that telling about Hyuga’s death is like Bandai’s own warning of what might happen to those who opposed him.

Asumi is on the edge that I’m glad that she’s receiving much needed help from Nishikado. I feel sorry for her when she kissed Yuma, despite her plans to used him, it looks like she’s not stupid enough to be in a relationship with him until the inevitable happened. I’m also guessing that part of the reason she hesitated on kissing Yuma is because her feelings for Nishikado have returned after their visit to Nishikado’s sister. Also, Asumi knows that Hoshino is watching, though I’m sure that she hasn’t viewed Hoshino as a friend.

On the other side, I’m glad that it was just Professor Arima’s subordinate who was watching Asumi and not some other suspected person. I also wished that she told Arima the truth about herself; however, I think it’s also alright she didn’t reveal anything because I’m not sure what is Arima’s purpose for cleansing the hospital. Also, Nishikado’s sister is Osanai’s patient, right? Yet Arima is also familiar with Nishikado’s sister, I mean, is Seirin that close-knit that everyone knows everyone else’s patient and their family? I think there will be more with this angle.

Overall, I just love this revenge drama and I just want to find out more what really happened.


Usual disclaimer applies.

Raw with Chi/Jap subs from YYeTs on d-addicts


4 thoughts on “Alice no Toge Episode 5

  1. Definitely my favorite drama this season and I’m rather disappointed with the single-digit rating it got especially for this particular episode which I think is one of the best. Hope it’ll pick up back to 10+% soon.
    I can’t wait for next episode – Asumi needs to deal not only with Bandai but also with Hoshino’s jealousy, pity her.


  2. I love this episode too! The writers are doing a good job in proloning the story without it being draggy. Thanks for the recap!


  3. Thanks for this recap. I too enjoyed this episode’s revelations and showing of Asumi and Nishikado’s teamwork. I can hardly wait for the next episodes…By the way, what does “Alice no Toge” means? Maybe you already explained this in your recaps of earlier episodes. Sorry I missed them. I realize “Alice” is a reference to Asumi’s “Alice in Wonderland” book. But what does “no Toge” mean? I look forward to reading your next recaps. Cheers! 🙂


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