Yowakutemo Katemasu : Episode 5

We’re halfway of this drama and I’m glad that Yowakutemo Katemasu was able to recover in terms of ratings. I’m really excited for this episode and it didn’t fail to have an effect on me, because I’m the type of person who favor the underdogs.

Here is a quick recap of Yowakutemo Katemasu: Episode 5

Jotoku finds themselves an opponent for a practice match against Takemiya Koukou. Tarumi gives a brief intro about Takemiya, though she just concentrated on the prefecture where Takemiya is located, earning groans from the team that she missed the focal point. Nevertheless, Tarumi’s short info about Takemiya earns a hearty clap from Shikata. XD

On Tarumi’s opinion, she says that when if she’s gonna rate Takemiya in batting and fielding, they are 3 to 4/10, which is only a bit higher than Jotoku. She says that Jotoku has the chance to become a 2 or a 3 if they worked hard and Ebato sighs that it only means they are 1/10. Haha.

Tone has more information about Takemiya. She learned that they hired a Koshien coach and that one of the schools most benevolent financier is Akaiwa Harutoshi, Akaiwa’s dad, and everyone beams on Akaiwa that he should thank his dad for giving them an opponent. Guys, if you only knew.

Afterward, Aoshi gives some pep talk that they will definitely win even if they are inferior with Takemiya. He also added that for Jotoku, there are no nine innings. Bad omen, guys.

At Takemiya High, Akaiwa-papa is having a meeting with Takemiya’s principal and the Koshien coach that they hired. They were talking about their “heaven and hell” strategy where Takemiya will give Jotoku a taste of heaven and from 5th inning onwards, they will experience hell.

Takemiya’s principal asks Akaiwa-papa if it is really alright since his son is at Jotoku and Akaiwa-papa will only recall how his batting cages where thrown that he’ll get his resolve for revenge back.

During Aoshi’s Biology class, he talks about human’s inherent desire to compete where the discussion shifts to how similar it is to baseball. In the end, the ever-supportive class wishes the baseball members good luck for their upcoming practice game.

After class, Ebato, Tarumi, Shirao, and Akaiwa talks about the upcoming game. Shirao turns to Tarumi to promise her that he’ll definitely bring the team to Koshien and this earns a jealous look from Akaiwa.

Elsewhere, Kamezawa practices his baseball swing in the conductor box .Meanwhile, Okatome practices running on stairs with Ushimaru holding the timer. Ushimaru asks Okatome on how Ebato is fairing and Okatome says that he did try to be friends with Ebato but he’s still scared at him. Ushimaru says that maybe because Okatome speaks haughtily.

Anyway, Okatome’s former track and field members arrive and were a bit sarcastic about him and baseball. Okatome defends the sport by saying that unlike individual players, the entire team will suffer damage if he won’t be able to steal bases. “Do you understand that kind of pressure?” he asked and Ushimaru sees him in a new light.

Thanks to Aoshi’s words of wisdom earlier, the guys are more enthusiastic for their batting practice. Tarumi asks Aoshi if she can also bat, Akaiwa is quick to contradict, but Shirao sides on Tarumi and asks Aoshi if she can take a break from her managerial duties. This earns another one of those look from Akaiwa.

Sadly during their batting, Shirao is still the only one who was able to make the ball fly.

Aoshi sighs with disappointment and tells that the reason they can’t meet the ball is because of the way they swing. He even commends Tarumi’s batting form because she’s the only one who didn’t want to meet the ball. Tarumi argues that she did want to meet the ball, and Aoshi tells the team that they should stop trying to match the ball so that their swing will be better.

Aoshi does a demonstration on proper way to swing the bat, which is just pathetic because he didn’t allow himself to hit the ball so point of matching the ball and hit it with the bat is moot.

Shirao and Akaiwa walk home together where Shirao says that they must be bold during the game against Takemiya. Akaiwa argues that Shirao is getting bolder each day particularly around Tarumi. Jealous, are we? Akaiwa don’t get it why Shirao is acting that way when he doesn’t plan on confessing his feelings for Tarumi. Shirao says that Akaiwa is being a coward for running-away from Tarumi and now he is being jealous. Yeah, right. Shirao adds that he likes Tarumi so much that he just wants to see her with the guy that she likes the most. Awww…

Aoshi visits Dou-Gaku the next day to ask about Takemiya’s coach where coach Toge says that he and Takemiya coach are both on the same level, being strict with the players. After their short talk, Aoshi says that he feels comfortable now that “that” guy isn’t there anymore and Toge chides him not to be comfortable in someone else’s school.

At rooftop the next day, the team is practicing their swinging with Aoshi showing them how. He tells them to swing with all their strength with hopes of matching the ball. The rest of the team is doing well except for Shikata who has a weird way of swinging his bat. Speaking of doing well, Kamezawa is not doing well as he faints.

Kamezawa is then brought to the infirmary where he reveals to Tone and Aoshi that his parents came to visit him and tells him that it will be harder for them to support his studies at Jotoku. Even so, they will try their best to support him and Kamezawa has ambivalent feelings in continuing his studies. He definitely wants to graduate but at the same time, he’s also reluctant to make his parents work to the bone for him. He says that his parents also have their pride and Aoshi says, “You also have (pride) too, right?” Kamezawa reluctantly agrees.

Tone heads to the club room to announce that Kamezawa is okay; he only lacks sleep from studying too much. The rest goes back to their class while Okatome stays to ask Tone to bring him with her to Takemiya. Since Ebato is still around, Okatome orders Ebato that he must come too since he’s the captain.

So, Tone and three disguised men (Masumoto, Ebato, and Okatome) head to their opponents lair. However, their opponent is wise-enough not to show their true abilities as they are aware that Tone is working for Jotoku.

Ebato and Okatome goes home, slightly disappointed that Takemiya actually sucks, and Okatome shares that because he’s just a “recruit” compared to Ebato and co. that he wants to do his best. Okatome wants the team to be glad that they recruited someone like him and for that matter, he tells Ebato that if it his turn to bat and he is on the base; he doesn’t need a long hit, Okatome will use his legs to decide the match. Sweet!

At the dockside, Jotoku’s favorite place to practice pitching, Akaiwa gets to pitch while Shirao will bat. Before Akaiwa throws a pitch, Shirao says that if they lose their match he’ll confess to Tarumi. This made Akaiwa to falter and lose control of the ball. Shirao says that every time he looks at Akaiwa, it makes him think what an idiot he is for enduring his feelings.

Akaiwa, as expected, reasons-out that they are just childhood friends, like siblings and so. Akaiwa asks why Shirao will confess after they lost and Shirao reasons-out that if they lost, it would be impossible for them to reach Koshien. For that matter, he won’t be able to see Tarumi’s smile so at least, he can let her know his feelings.

Akaiwa must be pretty overwhelmed by Shirao’s revelations that he throws his strongest ball to him.

So, the next day, Shirao shows-up with a head bandage with an apologetic Akaiwa beside him. Aoshi is like, “what kind on an ace player are you to injure our best weapon?” Even though Shirao assures them that he was checked and nothing is wrong with him, Aoshi insists that he won’t be playing.

Afterwards, Aoshi gives them their batting order. Since Shirao won’t be joining them, Akaiwa will be the first batter, followed by Ebato, and so on. Shirao argues that the batting order is from superior (Akaiwa) to inferior (Kamezawa) and not usual way which is first batter to base, bunt, clean-up hitter, and so…

Aoshi reasons that the normal one can’t be used on their team. Aoshi assures them that their batting order will get them 10 points to 15 points when they are on offensive.  He stars giving them scenarios and the guys were just unrealistically optimistic about Aoshi’s point of view.

Game day and everyone looks good with their baseball uniforms including Aoshi. Jotoku’s principal is sitting with Tone where Tone wants to see if Aoshi’s “hypothesis” will work or will be proven. In short, the practice game is merely an experiment for Aoshi to see if he can prove their “no risk, high return” strategy.

Game starts and Jotoku did well during the first inning. Akaiwa-papa is also present and he seats at the spectator’s seat beside Jotoku’s principal and Tone.

Bottom of the first inning and Jotoku is leading. Jotoku’s principal turns to Akaiwa-papa, thanking him for the batting nets and that Aoshi is equally thankful. Akaiwa-papa doesn’t believe it at first until Tone affirms that Aoshi and the team are indeed thankful that their wasted practice time lessens because of those nets. It’s really quite unbelievable considering Aoshi’s big talk about the nets that the team threw away, yet they retrieved and used it.

Nevertheless, Akaiwa-papa goes to Takemiya’s coach and orders him that they must fight Jotoku properly and not half-heartedly. He must be feeling bad about fixing the game so… Takemiya’s coach gives his team the signal for them to start being serious.

Jotoku is still leading by 3rd inning but after the signal was relayed to Takemiya, the tables are turned. Top of the 5th inning and Takemiya is leading by 10 points, as agreed earlier; the team with 10 points lead by the bottom of 5th inning will win.

Its Ebato’s turn to bat and Okatome is on one of the bases. Recalling Okatome’s words earlier, Ebato chose not to hit the ball but bunt; however, Okatome might be fast but Ebato’s bunt only managed a short hit, allowing the opponent’s infielders to retrieve the ball and get it back to base. Okatome didn’t make it one time. Jotoku lost.

The team heads to Southern Wind to eat their hearts out where Aoshi chides Ebato for his last play. Bunting is indeed a good strategy but it only works with strong teams and that is definitely not them. Aoshi also continues that the reason they didn’t win is because they lack pride. When everyone starts acting by instinct, they have forgotten the type of baseball that Jotoku plays. For that matter, they lost because they don’t have enough confidence to win using their own brand of baseball.

After Aoshi’s talks, they start eating their curry fill and Okatome apologizes to Ebato, who is sitting beside him, and says that next time he will run without minding Ebato. Listening to Ebato and Okatome, Shirao stands-up and heads over to Tarumi. Obviously aware what Shirao will say, Akaiwa pulls Shirao aside and tells him that they might have lost but it’s not counted because Shirao didn’t play. Therefore, he must not confess yet to Tarumi. Shirao actually accepts Akaiwa’s analogy. Quick thinking Akaiwa…

Since Aoshi talked about pride that night, Kamezawa catches-up with Aoshi as Kamezawa deliver papers. Kamezawa confesses, “I decided to quit school after all.”


No, Kamezawa! You’re narcissistic attitude brings humor to this drama, so please don’t quit Jotoku. Geez, I don’t know what the writers are thinking to insert that kind of conflict here. Anyway, I’m hoping that Kamezawa won’t quit school after all.

This episode has lots of developments. Jotoku’s “No risk, high return” strategy is just one of Aoshi’s many hypothesis so we can’t hold-on with that strategy judging from the results of their first game. When Takemiya stops pretending to be lame, I feel really sorry for Jotoku. They were so confident during the first three innings that it hurts to see them being crushed.


I’m actually disappointed with Aoshi on how he didn’t even assume or predict that Takemiya Koukou is merely putting on a show during the start of the game. It was fairly obvious during the start the despite Jotoku being all pumped-up, Takemiya didn’t even show an ounce of excitement for the game. It was also wrong for Jotoku to underestimate their opponent, as the old saying goes, “don’t count your chicks until the egg have hatched”. Aoshi have started predicting their scores without even considering “external factors” like Takemiya having a better pitcher, they bat and bunt well, and that they can steal more bases.

Game aside, there were also “relationship developments” at this episode. I thought that Shirao have given-up his feelings for Tarumi but it turns-out that he’s just being the model for martyrdom since he knows that Tarumi likes him. I don’t know why Akaiwa is still in denial about his feelings but Akaiwa is naturally a dramatic person so there won’t be drama if he starts accepting Tarumi feelings that easily.


Oh, Ebato and Okatome have finally seen each other eye to eye. I was really hoping that Okatome will be able to steal a base but it ended all wrong, maybe because Ebato bunt with his eyes closed? XD

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed that they lost; in fact, I was expecting it. They are still unprepared for a team aiming for Koshien. It will be interesting what will be Aoshi’s next strategy now that his first experiment failed, or if he will continue to test the same hypothesis. Personally, the “no risk, high return” strategy sounds good, but it only sounds good, because in reality, you can’t have something without sacrificing anything.


Usual disclaimer applies.


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