[Review] Alice no Toge Episode 4

It’s Bandai’s turn to take his downfall, or maybe not? As Asumi is so hell bent on revenge, she doesn’t care if someone innocent gets lost for it.

Here is a quick recap of Alice no Toge : Episode 4

At Gastroenterological Department, Professor Bandai together with Asumi and one of his subordinates (I don’t know his name, sorry!) talks to one of their patients. Professor Bandai reveals that he (the patient) has a liver cancer and it has spread to his lungs. It’s too late for him to be operated so he can look for a hospice to take care of him. Husband and wife are aghast that Seirin is putting them aside but Professor Bandai can only say that palliative care is outside their area of specialty and that the hospital is only for patients who can be cured.

Outside Professor Bandai’s office, Nishikado reads on an article about the formidable head of Gastroenterological Department. Nishikado congratulates him for being appointed as the Guidelines Committee Chairman and Bandai mentions what Nishikado did to Hyuga.

Nishikado is not affected; he said that it was Hyuga’s fault for saying something irresponsible during his press conference about the hospital’s mistake about Osanai Takao. After all, Nishikado was the one who wrote that report back then and he was clobbered for writing a false report 15 years ago.

Speaking of 15 years ago, Nishikado subtlety talks about the case of Osanai Takao and says that Hyuga told him that Osanai died of medical error. Bandai can only give a sarcastic smile and says that if there’s no proof then the truth doesn’t exist. I totally hate what he said but in a way it’s true.

Nishikado and Asumi are at her father’s restaurant where they eat and talks about Asumi’s plans on Bandai. Nishikado is confident that Bandai is the mastermind from what happened 15 years ago, Asumi then say that she’ll draw some information from Bandai’s son- Yuma.

At Seirin, one after another pharmaceuticals is eager to make an appointment with Bandai but they are all beaten by Tazaki of Tezuka Pharmaceutical. The said pharmaceutical is eager that Bandai works with them for the clinical trial of their latest medicine, RX-1. They also heard that Bandai is personally attending to the famous mountaineer, Hagiwara Koichi, and the pharmaceutical wants him to take part as well. After all, Hagiwara will be like the walking advertisement for both sides.

Afterwards, she left him the usual azuki bean jelly, which we all know has money.

The clinical trial meeting kicks-off and Asumi is one of the doctors who will take part on clinical trial. RX-1 will be tested for those who had surgery for progressive gastric cancer as RX-1 aims to reduce recurrence by 5-10%.  During the said meeting, it didn’t escape her notice that Bandai is giving an eye to one of his subordinates. The said subordinate will be assisting Bandai on Hagiwara and Bandai wants Hagiwara to participate in clinical trial.

The subordinate isn’t keen for Hagiwara to participate since he has Lewis antigen (something in the blood components) and introducing an untested drug might be more harmful than good. For that reason, Bandai wants his subordinate to test RX-1 to Yamane Masaru, a patient who also has Lewis antigen, to check if the drug will be compatible with Hagiwara. Bandai also said that there are two types of patients, those that need to be saved at all cost and the REST. As for what might happen to Yamane, Bandai can only say that it’s not unnatural. How horrible!

Asumi heard everything and shares it to Nishikado. She vows to bring Bandai down at all cost.

While Asumi researches about Bandai’s important patient that needs to be saved at all cost, phew, Hoshino arrives and invites her for a barbecue party. Asumi declines and the other nurse tell Hoshino that Asumi has this wall around her so it’s hard to approach her.

Elsewhere, Professor Arima has become privy about Asumi’s activities after he learned about Asumi’s association with Satonaka. He orders one of his subordinates to watch Asumi for now and still hopes that he is wrong about her. Well, you’re not completely wrong but it’ll be good for her to be on your side.

As Asumi goes home, Hoshino pleads with her to visit her home for dinner. Asumi reluctantly goes to Hoshino’s residence where she’s living with her family. Asumi can only recall her dad seeing how Hoshino-papa gets emotional when his youngest son says that he’ll take-over their flower shop. Before Asumi goes home, Hoshino gives her a pot of sunflower since their friends.

Asumi throws the flower-pot as she gets home and continues with her plans on taking Bandai down. One of which is getting information on Yuma on how important Hagiwara is to his father. Asumi reasons that since she didn’t graduate at Seirin, she wants to know more about the works of Professor Bandai. Yuma shares that Hagiwara has always been his dad patient that his father even arranged his schedule so he can personally attend to Hagiwara’s surgery. This scene, where Asumi and Yuma are casually talking, didn’t escape Hoshino’s eyes.

Nishikado and Asumi meets at some park afterwards where Nishikado tells Asumi not to bring an innocent person (Hagiwara) into her revenge. I think it’s better for Asumi to listen to Nishikado after she got herself into trouble for bringing-in Satonaka. Anyway, Nishikado shares that she can revenge on Bandai by means of Tazaki of Tezuka Pharmaceutical. Bandai and Tazaki goes way back and Nishikado has a hunch that Tazaki knows about Osanai’s death.

Before they separate, Nishikado asks her if she wants to grab a bite but Asumi says that she’s fine, she always eats alone. Nishikado says that it’s impossible, “you must have some friends, right?” Asumi recalls how Hoshino called her a friend last night but she tells Nishikado that she doesn’t have any friends because she can’t talk to anyone without lying. Aww…

Since Nishikado is so concern over Asumi’s lack of friends, he went to Asumi’s father restaurant and asks if Asumi doesn’t bring anyone. Mizuno-papa agrees but he understands that Asumi went through a lot after her father’s death. He also shares that after Osanai Takao and Asumi buried Asumi’s mother, they saw a rainbow and Osanai cheers-up her daughter by saying that the rainbow is a sign of her mother’s cheering for them. Osanai also adds that he wants his daughter to be always smiling as smiling face suits her best.

The next day, Gastroenterological doctors are working hard to get as many patients as possible to take part with the clinical trial of RX-1. Yamane instantly agrees especially after hearing that the pharmaceutical company will shoulder the treatment. Meanwhile, Hagiwara had a hard time making a decision until Asumi steps-in and tells Hagiwara that just like a mountain has many climbing routes, the same with treating a disease. She also praises that Bandai, one of the best in his field, as an experienced mountaineer in his own field. Asumi’s sugar-coated speech earned them Hagiwara’s approval and Bandai immediately directs Asumi as one of the doctor’s for Hagiwara’s treatment.

Hoshino invites Asumi for lunch where she asks if Asumi likes Yuma. Asumi says that Yuma is nothing special and Hoshino feels relieved and confesses that she likes Yuma and hopes that Asumi will root for her.

Aside from Asumi, Nishikado has started to move as he greets Tazaki at Tezuka main’s office. He wants information on Osanai Takao but Tazaki insist on not knowing anything. For that reason, Nishikado produces evidence on how much the company have spent on wooing Bandai, which is considered illegal according to Fair Trade Council of the Ethical Pharmaceutical Drugs Marketing Industry. Too long.

Asumi goes to Hagiwara for some physical check-up; she tells Hagiwara that he’s ready for the trial. Hagiwara shares that he must start conditioning himself as the next mountain he wants to conquer is in Hawaii and he wants to climb it with his daughter. He also shares how he wasn’t able to see his daughter after he divorced with his wife but he wants to climb the mountain with his daughter since the last time he went up there, he saw a rainbow and he wants to show that sight.

As she arrives home, Nishikado is waiting downstairs. He gives her disappointing news that Kazaki only said very little. Asumi became more convinced to use Hagiwara to bring down Bandai by making the trial fail but Nishikado tells her that it’s wrong to put a patient in jeopardy. He also says that if Asumi did that, she can’t go back to her normal life, like making friends, do silly things, and be happy.

Asumi then invites Nishikado to her place upstairs and he was just gobsmacked upon seeing Asumi’s revenge office. Asumi says that she spent 15 years of her life but planning for her revenge and dragging someone innocent is no big deal for her since they don’t mean a thing for her. About her future and happiness that Nishikado is so concern about, Asumi don’t have any hopes about that and if Nishikado will get in her way, he might as well disappear. Ouch, how cruel.

The RX-1 has arrived and the doctors see to it that they were administered to their patients. Yamane gets his share and soon enough, Yamane suffered shock (?) prompting Asumi to bring him to the ICU.

Bandai hears about this and he’s like, “it’s nothing unnatural, continue with the trial”. Asumi asks Bandai how she will explain to Yamane’s family what happened. One of the doctor’s said that based on Yamane’s condition, pulmonary embolism is expected. Asumi says that it’s like covering-up that it’s not the new drug that causes the patient’s condition to worsen. Bandai says that they are not covering their mistake, if it can’t be proven; therefore, the truth does not exist.

After which, Bandai orders his subordinate to substitute vitamins for Hagiwara’s own RX-1 trial as it will look weird if he doesn’t get his own. Upon Bandai’s arrival to his office, he sees a gray envelope, inside is an Alice card with “King of Poison” label and Osanai’s record. The letter, ofcourse, is something that Bandai has been expecting.

Asumi prepares the RX-1 for Hagiwara and a worried Nishikado rushes over to Seirin to stop her from committing murder. Asumi prepares RX-1 with ease though her conscience is telling her that she’s wrong but she would just recall Bandai’s words during her father’s funeral and this fuels her desire for revenge.  When she was about to open the drip, Hagiwara says that there’s a rainbow outside. This puts Asumi to a halt and goes to the window, her late father’s words echoing to her ears. Hagiwara, seeing Asumi’s on the verge of tears, tells Asumi that young people like should look forward to their future and keep a smile on their face.

Nishikado arrives just when Asumi runs-out, Hagiwara shares that Asumi just stopped administering the drug and Nishikado looks-out just in time to see the rainbow. He then recalls what Mizuno have shared about Asumi and her late dad about the rainbow.

Asumi throws the RX-1 away just as Bandai throws her card in the trash. Asumi runs into Yuma who sees her badly shaken; concern shows on Yuma’s face but Asumi ignores him and walks-away.

Nishikado sees Asumi on the rooftop and tells her that she can share half of her load to him Aww! However, Asumi is quick to retaliate that it will be the last time that she’ll waiver.

At the barbecue party for young nurses and doctors, Hoshino cooks on yakisoba and a smiley Yuma approaches her for some yakisoba. Hoshino is just too glad to serve Yuma then he asks her if something is worrying Asumi. Hoshino feels awkward answering the question so she says that she’ll ask Asumi about it. Yuma praises Hoshino’s yakisoba and all is forgotten.

Back atTezuka pharmaceuticals, Nishikado shouts how their new drug claimed a life and Tazaki tells him that he doesn’t have any proof about it. Nishikado tells her that he won’t write about it but he really just want to know on what happened 15 years ago.

Tazaki eventually gives in and shares that the only thing she knows is that Bandai and Osanai are on each other’s throat. Nishikado finds it impossible since Osanai is not someone who quarrels with someone. But Tazaki insist it’s the truth, just days before Osanai’s death, she heard them arguing on what Bandai thinks about human lives are.

At Seirin, Asumi casually make her rounds as an unknown figure photographs her every move.


This episode rocks! I’m happy that Asumi’s evil side hasn’t completely taken-over her. I love how they used the rainbow as a connection to his father just when she’s on the verge of committing something grave. Frankly, I was disappointed when she decided to use Hagiwara; I really thought that despite her craving for revenge, she would be logical enough not to drag patients with her. In the end, although it’s regrettable that she wasn’t able to extract her revenge to Bandai, I’m somehow relieved that she didn’t kill anyone.

This episode also has some romantic developments! Though I’m not sure if Nishikado only feels sorry for her so he’s trying to comfort her, or her lack of friends to turn to, or that he has developed feelings for Asumi. I’m hoping for the latter since I’ve been shipping this two from the start. Well, Hoshino isn’t bad as I first assumed, but as they say, “hell hath fury of a woman scorned”. I’m guessing and judging from the next episode preview, Asumi will finally be making her moves on Yuma even though Hoshino has clearly stated that she likes him and Asumi denied that she has any feelings for Yuma. Uh oh, I smell some girl hair pulling after or worse, Hoshino’s jealousy might be used by those “oppressed” doctors to take on Asumi.

Professor Bandai is truly evil and I can’t wait for Asumi to really bring him down. It looks like there’s more to her father’s death than a mere medical error. I think that the writers were just trying to stretch the story since it’s still early, but I hope that they won’t be inserting anything that might deviate from the story’s main point.

Anyway, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of Hyuga as he will be back next episode and aside from him and Arima, who else is watching Asumi?

BTW, Alice no Toge has a really cool soundtrack and I wonder what is that song played when she saw the rainbow when she’s planning to kill Hagiwara? Anyone knows?

All in all, I’m itching to see the next episode as Asumi finally hit a wall after her revenge spree these past episodes.


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