[Review] Yowakutemo Katemasu Episode 4

Its exam time in Jotoku and while Aoshi is itching to return to practice, the guys must pass their exams first while Akaiwa hits another wall again. Really, poor little rich boy.

Here is a quick recap of Yowakutemo Katemasu: Episode 4

Its exam week in Jotoku and Tone laments her lack of worthy articles just when her serialization on Jotoku has started. She literally stalks almost every player for a possible written material but they are too busy reviewing for exam. They have two weeks before exam and until then, baseball practice is a no-no.

One guy isn’t too busy with his studies, Shirao continues with his self-training as he is intent not to study and aim for Major League. Tarumi tells him that he should avoid wearing his uniform as to not attract attention that he’s not following school regulations. She then asks if he has seen Akaiwa since he has promised that they’ll walk home together. Shirao says that he’ll tell Akaiwa if he ever sees him.

Once Tarumi has left, Akaiwa goes-out from his hiding place with Shirao chiding him to give him some consideration (over his feelings for Tarumi, I guess). Shirao thinks that it’s weird for Akaiwa to avoid Tarumi when there are 30 guys, including him, who likes Tarumi. Akaiwa denies avoiding Tarumi and Shirao thinks that Akaiwa is just being cool about it and he must be more like Shirao since he doesn’t neglect training even those he’s talented.

The baseball team meets at the clubroom, which I guess is fine as long as they don’t do activities. Aoshi tells them that since they already have limited training time, he wants them to continue training despite reviewing. Shirao, who is doing muscle training, assures Aoshi that he is undergoing training and even proudly adds that he’s not doing any studying for school. XD

Akaiwa agrees with Aoshi and says that they will allot time for some training and Ebato argues that if it is Akaiwa, he can surely make time for it. The rest of the guys also followed suit how Akaiwa will be okay even if he doesn’t study since he’s a “monster”.

Kashiyama shares that he’ll squeeze training with his already rigid schedule. He can practice swinging for 15 minutes before dinner. Kamezawa takes Kashiyama’s schedule and notes how compressed his schedule is; Kamezawa says that Kashiyama also has free 15 mins before he goes to sleep but Kashiyama says that he washes his bento during this time. Kamezawa was like, “you wash your bento for 15 mins?” XD. Let’s add that he washes them really late.

The freshmen argues that they don’t have time for any training at all since this will their first exam after entering Jotoku and they just want to do well. Shikata, for some unknown reason, tells them that everyone else look smarter than the two freshies prompting Tarumi to hit on his head.

Since everyone else is busy, Aoshi tells them that it doesn’t have to be swinging practice, muscle training will be fine. He also added an advice as their senpai that as students of Odawara Jotoku, Toudai will not run-away even if they missed 2 weeks of study time. This earn an uproar to all Toudai hopefuls starting with Kamezawa who gets emotional that Toudai WILL run away if they don’t study enough. XD. They also start telling Aoshi that he is not “blue will” but an “Aoomi”, which means “blue demon”. HAHA.

At Southern Wind, Akaiwa-papa is bragging how his son has finally accepted his love for Tarumi-mama, which Tarumi-mama didn’t believe a bit. Akaiwa-papa then asks Aoshi what the baseball team lacks, Aoshi answers it’s “time”, and Akaiwa-papa asks about equipment for the team.

Aoshi contemplates on what the team is lacking as he discusses animal behaviour in class. Aoshi is asking Akaiwa some questions, which Akaiwa obviously answers with ease. There was one scene where Kamezawa voluntarily stand to answer the question but Aoshi ignores him and keeps throwing the questions to Akaiwa. XD.

When Akaiwa gave an example on innate behaviours, such as instinct and taxis; Aoshi stops in the middle of writing and relates how catching and throwing (in baseball) is not an innate behaviour and should be practiced. It was quite lengthy and I’m like his other students who were like, “why is he talking about baseball?” but Aoshi being Aoshi was able to make both ends meet that everyone was like, “oh, so there’s a connection!” I’m so glad I’m not in Jotoku, my brain’s white and grey matters will dry-out.

At rooftop, Kashiyama gets an unexpected confessor from Imuro Mei. XD. He asks Imuro if she really wants to date him and I would like to ask that question to Imuro as well. Kashiyama treats the date like just some appointment and Imuro is even okay for Kashiyama to find a free time at his extremely rigid schedule.

At Akaiwa’s mansion, Akaiwa-papa may not really show it but he’s glad that his son is now home. Akaiwa-papa takes note on his son’s position as a pitcher and even asks he want a bullpen being built in their garden. Akaiwa, who already finds his smartness unbearable, is obviously against his father’s idea. For Akaiwa, he’ll surely become a corrupted person from having everything with him. Let’s trade places, shall we?

The next day, Akaiwa decides that Tone can write about him; write about his journey in becoming an ace pitcher with his efforts. For that, Tone can stick with Akaiwa. This move didn’t bode well to Tarumi who orders her stalker, Shikata, to follow the two and calls her if he sees something weird. LOL. Like Ushimaru’s comment, I wish I have someone like Shikata, not as a stalker but a minion.

At one of Jotoku’s hangout to practice their catching and pitching, Tone touches the wall that has received balls from Jotoku’s ace players. Tone comments on how clean the inner yellow circle is and I’m guessing that it’s because no one have hit that circle. Akaiwa gives Tone a sample of his ace-like pitch and he just sucks with ball control. Tone sighs that she can’t use what Akaiwa showed her, it’s a pretty normal training and she wants something unusual coming from Jotoku.

That night, the entire team convenes at Southern Wind where they pretend to study for their exams as Tone takes pictures. It get pretty ruckus actually. Akaiwa didn’t like a bit about it and would rather have Tone to continue following him. Tarumi immediately says her disapproval and Aoshi notices that Shirao is studying. Shirao reasons-out that he’s just studying for English, obviously for Major League. Ebato makes an unusual sigh of frustration and Okatome thinks that it’s his fault that Ebato can’t concentrate. Tone tells him to just bear it for an hour and Akaiwa again says that Tone can just write about him. Tone frankly tells him that he’s boring, ha-ha, and Shirao argues that all of them wants to play baseball as well but to give-up studying is a waste of their future. This is coming from someone who would rather play baseball than study.

Akaiwa says that he is also considering his future. For 18 yrs., he lived a fairly easy life and he’s afraid that one day he might get to one of those life stumbles and won’t know what to do. For that matter, he’d rather stumble now than panic later on, and that life “stumble” of his is baseball. Aoshi says it’s the same for all of them; all of them stumble with baseball. Ahh, I get it, everything comes easy for Akaiwa except baseball.

Since Akaiwa is still bent on defeating his life stumble, he goes to Dou-Gaku for a “doujou yaburi”. It’s a practice in the old days where the strongest of each dojo challenges someone else’s dojo and when he defeats all the members, they can claim the dojo’s name. Tone and Aoshi are also present in the “doujou yaburi” where the latter thinks that they can’t get any merit from doing this.

“Dou-Gaku” team arrives with Toge and he makes use of Akaiwa’s slow pitches to make his players bat using only one hand. Akaiwa pitches one after another, all of which were hit. Despite your useless drama, I do feel sorry for you.

Shikata immediately reports everything to Tarumi and asks if he should comfort Akaiwa since he’s covered in wounds. Haha. Tarumi was like, “why should you comfort him?!” She then heads-out to find Akaiwa.

After Akaiwa leaves, Tone shares that it must be painful for Akaiwa, Aoshi says that being made to a trial guy is indeed painful. Then Tone shares that she wanted to enter Jotoku back then, Aoshi argues that it was still an all-boys’ school during Tone’s time. Tone said that even if it was co-ed, she wouldn’t have taken the exam because she had a shock after seeing the past exams collection of Jotoku students. She was like, “who could solve this problems?” and Aoshi confidently says that he can.

Tone sneers and goes to the topic of college that she took the entrance exam in Todai but ended in the private university. It’s a surprise to her to know that Jotoku students have the same worries as normal teenager. Aoshi agrees however unlike other teenagers who would just wait for time to solve it (the problem) for them; Jotoku students would find the time to solve their problems.

Tarumi finds Akaiwa in that practice area where she confirms that he got beaten by Dou-Gaku. Akaiwa says that rather than get beaten, he felt like all those players take turns in stroking his head. Tarumi asks him the same question as Aoshi asks, “Did you think you can win?” and “what results were you expecting?” Akaiwa says that’s the problem, he can’t see the results ahead. Unlike in other things that he do, it always ends-up fine, Tarumi says that normally other people will be envious because of that and Akaiwa says that he just wants to be that normal people. Sheesh.

Five days before the exam, Akaiwa goes to the baseball club room and the other members starts pouncing on him that he must not quit baseball again. Akaiwa says that he’s not thinking about quitting but he’s just merely returning the baseball glove. The rest of the guys assumed he will quit after he was made as Dou-Gaku’s trial guy and Shikata-the-spy said that he just want to see Tarumi make that face so he said it.

Aoshi says that Akaiwa must take responsibility since the rest of the guys stopped reviewing just to go to Akaiwa. Then Kamezawa starts talking how he’s working to solve a math problem for three days. That hard, huh? Ebato thinks that three days is too long for a math problem but three days is enough for memorization with humanities subject. Three days? I can memorize in three hours. XD. Soon, the talk becomes how others strive in Math and Science but is good with Humanities and vice versa. The talk goes on how batting is like science while grounds/fielding is like humanities. Geek talk makes me dizzy.

Listening to the guys, Aoshi concludes that during the exam period, they must polish their “sense” and use their time wisely until they meet on grounds.

Three days before the exam and everyone is busy reviewing. Some of them have really funny studying habits. Okatome still looks angry while studying, quite scaring Ebato as they review in the library. Shikata has this weird position while reading and Kashiyama has an alarm with him to conform to his strict study schedule. While Shirao practices his swing and pronounces some English words and Akaiwa leisurely reads at home.

Exam day and after the results are out, Akaiwa received first place. XD. As Jotoku’s tradition, the rest of the guys bow their heads for Akaiwa stroke their heads since it meant that their ranking will go up next time. Ahh, so that’s what he meant after he was made Dou-Gaku’s trial guy. Aoshi is obviously displease with that tradition, he tells Akaiwa that at the end of the day, his hands will feel grimy so Aoshi avoids doing it for three years during high school. The team can only gush with awe, “So, he was always the first?”

Its Jotoku’s field practice and Akaiwa-papa arrives with batting nets for the team. The team is obviously pleased with this since they can practice batting simultaneously. Though seriously, they were all just swinging with Shirao as the only one who can make contact with the ball.

At clubroom, Tone and Masumoto are working to look for a school willing to practice with them, but every school in the prefecture declines. Tone thinks that Dou-Gaku must take responsibility for Jotoku’s lack of school willing to practice with them so they head over to meet Toge. But instead of Toge, Yachida appears and Aoshi says that he has nothing to say to him. Aoshi reasons that it’s because Yachida thinks that what Aoshi is doing is not baseball. Yachida thinks that it’s the same for Aoshi who thinks that Yachida’s baseball is strange.

Yachida then thinks that instead of classifying baseball as Major and Minor league, it should be between “Serious league” and “Playing league”. As for strategy to make his team win, Aoshi says that he’ll show it on summer. Yachida thinks it’s a pity since he won’t be able to see it, he’ll be going back to US. “So that you won’t be embarrassed in front of me anymore,” Yachida said that Aoshi finds regrettable.

Since the guys had additional time to practice their batting, Aoshi made them do batting exam leading to disappointing results. Aside from Shirao, everyone else has zero. XD. Because of this, Aoshi concluded that the batting nets reduce their amount of concentration leading to lower batting average.

The next day, the guys throw away the batting nets with much gusto. Akaiwa-papa sees this and was obviously enraged.

To make-up for the time they lost during exams and for the little time they have each day, Shirao suggested a free practice but Aoshi quickly extinguishes the idea since everyone are aiming for university. Aoshi says that the guys have actually come up with an answer before the exams. It’s all about their comparison of science to batting and humanities to fielding.

Aoshi demonstrates how steady practice by repetition is to humanities as the rapid stretch of science with little practice is to batting. For this reason, Aoshi concludes that they will leave the field and concentrate on batting. Lots of point may be taken by other team but with their specialized batting, they can also recover lots of points too. High return, no risk will be Jotoku’s strategy to win.

Tone argues that what they’re doing is simply gambling since if they can’t get recover the points that then they would lose. But Aoshi says that the only way they can win is to gamble and for them to achieve their specialized batting is that they must become a phenomenal offensive team and the guys will sweat blood by doing so.

The next day at Jotoku, they received news that they will have a game against Takemiya High School. Elsewhere, Akaiwa-papa is laughing his hearts-out as he had find a way to salvage his ego after what Aoshi did to his batting nets.


Yay! They will finally have a game! It might be just a practice game but a game no less. I’m guessing that Akaiwa’s dad did some manoeuvring for that game to happen since he’s still bitter. XD. Still, I’m happy that we will see a game soon. I’m also ecstatic that Aoshi have finally formulated a strategy for them to win, you know, concentrate on batting than fielding. Though frankly, they still suck on both but at least the team can just concentrate on one thing.

This episode has some pretty vague terms that left me confused so I have to re-watch some scenes because I can’t understand what they were talking about.

I also had enough of Akaiwa’s bratty attitude. Geez, if I were in his position, I would be thankful and extremely grateful that everything I do always end fine. Being constantly praised might be uncomfortable especially if people have high expectations from you; but as his father would say, “there’s nothing to lament about that”. Besides, he’s not the only one who sucks at baseball and the guys isn’t too emotional about it. As Aoshi have said, they are smart and they will always find a way for answers so I don’t get why Akaiwa is so stuck on it.

This episode had some funny moments especially those involved Shikata. I love his expression, it’s like he, himself, is controlling his own laughter. Oh, Ebato is also becoming my favourite character despite his wimpy attitude especially if Okatome is around. Ushimaru and Kashiyama also had their moments especially Ushimaru’s almost stalker attitude.

Tone Rinko has also become a vital character; she’s not some nosy journalist anymore because she’s also helping Jotoku though I know that she’s helping the team to write a good article.

This episode is so-so and I’m itching to see more action next episode.


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