[Review] Bitter Blood Episode 3

Our main villain has made his move though in the end, a special canine made this dull episode more memorable, if not bearable.

Here is a quick recap of Bitter Blood: Episode 3

Father and son are on the run as they chase after someone scouring alleys and the like until Shimao finds that someone. He radio’s to Sahara to immediately assist him.

Elsewhere, Maeda is on her way at work when she gets stop by (gasp!) her father’s killer-Kaizuka Takehisa (Oikawa Mitsuhiro). Ofcourse, Maeda doesn’t know that she’s speaking to her father’s killer who revealed that he has “information” about her dad. Kaizuka immediately piques Maeda’s interest as she agrees to meet him more lately.

Back at the first scene, Sahara arrives to assist his father where they decided to make a prong attack to that someone. They position themselves for attack and they caught- the daschund. Well, I think it’s a daschund or a beagle.

Anyway, Shimao is obviously scared at the dog named Chappy and was quick to run every time Sahara tries to get Chappy closer. The said dog happens to be their Chief’s daughter’s dog. The Chief is impressed with father and son’s partnership that he decided that they could watch over the dog until his family returns from vacation.

Shimao accepts the duty and uses his authority as a senior to direct his junior into taking care of Chappy. He also denies that he’s scared of the dog, it just so happen that the dog’s fur might ruin his expensive jacket. After all, jacket is the most important for detectives.

At CID, Chappy has proven to be a handful because he loves to roam around the department. At one time, Chappy went to the records section where Maeda sees him. Sahara arrives looking for Chappy, to which he learns that Maeda is trying to catch her father’s perpetrator.

Chaser gives Sahara as GPS that he can attach to Chappy’s collar so that it’ll be easier for them to locate him if ever he gets lost. When Sahara tries to place the GPS locator to Chappy, he’s already gone from his dog box, prompting Shimao to immediately go up on the sofa. XD. Shimao then instructed Sahara to buy a dog cage for Chappy so he’ll be easier to handle.

As Sahara goes-out to buy Chappy’s cage, Maeda walks with him where she shares that a former police informer have approached her saying that he has some information about her father. As it happens, the said police informer is Kaizuka.

Maeda and Kaizuka meet at some café where he shows the information he collected about her father. I know that Kaizuka has a bad leg but I think he’s also suffering from facial tics and twitches, which are most annoying. Kaizuka also shows those crocodile tears on how thankful he was to Maeda (Shuichi) for being good to him. Maeda remembers Sahara from Kaizuka because of the crying thing and consequently tells about the weird relationship between father and son.

At the grocery, Sahara catches a kid shoplifter, who happens to be taking orders from his father. As it happens, the father tells his son, Genki, that they will be separated by children’s protection services if he can’t even provide food for his son. So, you made him steal?

The grocery manager asks Sahara to arrest the father though Genki begs Sahara to let his father go. I know that Sahara can be pretty emotional so I’m glad that he did arrest the father.

Sahara felt bad about it though as he goes to granny’s restaurant (that restaurant featured in 2nd episode), his sadness is palpable from his face. Shimao is also there having his lunch and tells Sahara that a child doesn’t need a parent to grow up.

He obviously means Sahara but every kid is different. At home, Sahara asks Shinobu if she didn’t feel sad when they have to live separately from their father. Shinobu said she didn’t feel sad since Sahara and their grandpa is around so she didn’t have to eat meals alone.

This prompts Sahara to cook curry for Genki, it was such an arduous process for him, and he goes to Genki’s place the next day to bring the curry before his afternoon shift.

Earlier that day, Maeda receives a call from Kaizuka, inviting her to go to his place as he has something important to show. Chappy must have sensed danger that as soon as a scared Shimao lets him out from his cage, he jumps on Maeda’s desk, spilling the papers on the floor.

Shimao picks them up and was surprised to see the files of his former partner. The rest of the guys arrive and Shimao asks them if they have seen Maeda. Skunk answers that Maeda seem to be talking to an “informer” though they didn’t know where she is. Shimao has a hunch who is that informer, as it happens, Kaizuka was also one of the suspects for his partner’s murder but he was released for lack of evidence.

Speaking of Maeda, she just learned about Kaizuka’s evil plan as she sees Kaizuka’s “Shimao and Sahara’s wall”, full of father and son’s slashed pictures. Before she could ran away, Kaizuka already has a gun pointed at her head.

To make everything grander, Kaizuka calls on Sahara and tells him that Maeda’s life is on his hands. Sahara is about to call Shimao but Kaizuka can see him as he was able to hack at the station’s CCTV where Sahara is.

Kaizuka tells Sahara to leave his other phone on the chair; luckily, Sahara was able to dial his father’s number before he places his other phone on the gang chair. Sahara was able to make his father realize that Maeda has been kidnapped and when the location was said, a train passed-by.

Sahara was given 20 minutes to reach Kaizuka’s condo unit and at CID, they are at lost on how they can locate Sahara and Maeda. Until Shimao remembers that Chaser gave Sahara a GPS tracker for Chappy, Chappy doesn’t have it on his collar and when they checked Sahara’s location, he’s at Gran Fort Residence with 278 units in total.

Sahara arrives shortly after 20 minutes is up. Maeda is not yet dead, but she will eventually until Kaizuka thinks that it’ll be better if he calls Shimao and make him choose which one should he kill first and he only has one minute.

When asks why Kaizuka is doing this and that, he only has one answer, he want to see Shimao in despair. He looks at Sahara’s legs with envy and recalls how Shimao shot his leg back then. One minute is up and when Shimao didn’t say anything, Kaizuka prepares to shoot.

As Maeda and Sahara open their eyes after hearing a BANG, they were relieved to see Bachelor who has shot Kaizuka on back shoulder. For someone who was shot, Kaizuka still wants details and asks Bachelor and Chaser how they found him. Chaser points to Sahara’s bag where the GPS is inside, though the GPS can only pinpoint the location and not the actual room they were in; Shimao brings-up Chappy who sniffed for Maeda’s scent.

Before they can arrest Kaizuka, he has already prepared his escape route by converting his laptop to a bomb. Once the smokes clears-out, Kaizuka has another bomb, which held to his abdomen, and jumps-out of the window before it exploded.

At CID, Maeda gets a slapped from Kageyama (ouch!) and chides her for acting all alone. He says that CID is a family and that one’s problems are everybody’s problems.

Afterwards, the rest of CID jokes that they’ll arrest Kageyama for hitting Maeda.

Unknown to them, despite the report that Kaizuka’s body is badly disfigured; the police can assume that it is his judging from the wound on his leg. However, someone who resembles Kaizuka is alive elsewhere and monitoring their every move.


So our main villain is a man of many talents despite having a bad leg. Not only can he make bombs, he’s also a skilled hacker, and would-be opera conductor. Therefore, I believe that he didn’t die at the end. It’s quite weird that he committed suicide after all that he did. Besides, if he really wants to kill Sahara and Maeda, he could have made a bigger bomb so that everyone else inside the apartment dies as well.

Anyway, this is probably the shortest recap I made because I was pretty bored with this episode. I was expecting something bigger for the third episode because it’s the first time that Kaizuka made himself known to everyone else involve from CID; but it fell flat with weak motive and more questions left unanswered. Like, he wants Shimao to feel despair, all that for making Shimao despair?

Father and son combo was limited to dog-catching and thanks to Shimao’s antics, this episodes had it’s fun moments.

So far, I can say that this is Bitter Blood’s weakest episode with Chappy as the only redeeming character. Literally, the dog saves the day.


Usual disclaimer applies.


3 thoughts on “[Review] Bitter Blood Episode 3

  1. This is only the third episode and there are more episodes to come… more fun and exciting ones XD

    Think this ep is only to show off the creepiness and motive of the villain. He will make his comeback, definitely. Or it does not make sense to let out the villain to do his ‘evil plans’ only to die this early in the drama.

    All in all, the draw of this drama, other than the police genre, to me is the father and son duo so they still make me smile, make my day watching them in Bitter Blood 😉


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