[Review]Alice no Toge Episode 3

Sometimes revenge can rob a person’s sanity. Asumi is no exception as this episode proves that her recklessness may bring her more harm than good.

Here is a quick recap of Alice no Toge: Episode 3

Asumi shares to Professor Arima  how Date and Chihara uses their patients for research but in reality, they were used for the doctor’s own amibitions. Professor Arima is glad for Asumi having a backbone and asks her to report everything she may observe from the Gastroenterology Department.

Asumi’s next target is proved to be a formidable foe; Hyuga Makoto has a good clean reputation enough to run for the gubernatorial race. He’s also the type of lawyer who talks to aggrieved patients and their relatives or “monpe” (monster patients) as he calls them with a look as if he is on their side.

After Hyuga meets with one of Seirin’s monpe, Nishikado approaches the wife of the said patient for a scoop, a move that didn’t go unnoticed by one of the physician’s from the Gastroenterology Department.

That night, Nishikado meets Asumi and he knows who is her target. Nishikado offers help as he knows that Hyuga is not just someone who Asumi can take down easily. Asumi says that there’s someone she thinks she can use against Hyuga, which Nishikado thinks it’s a bad idea to let a stranger get involved in her revenge. When Asumi didn’t answer, Nishikado adds what’s the point of charging all alone just to fail, it’s not like she’s a kid.

Nishikado’s last line becomes Asumi’s source of ire that she brings-up what Nishikado did to her father and how he robbed his father’s honor with his irresponsible article.

Nishikado apologizes and tells Asumi that she can do as she please as he has no time to play with kids. HA!

The next day, Hyuga gives a lecture to the doctors of Gastroenterology Department on how to handle monpe. How about dealing with monster doctors, huh? One of the things that Hyuga pointed-out is that the doctor must be strong enough NOT to admit that he/she is at fault. Afterwards, he shared that he only has 8 days before he files his candidacy for gubernatorial race and he’ll be having farewell party the day before the conference.

The said 8 days is also Asumi’s own deadline to extract her revenge. She’s still unsure on how she’ll bring Hyuga down so she gives Nishikado a call, a call that was eventually transferred to a voice mail.

Unknown to Asumi, Nishikado is currently in the car of Seirin’s own mafias- Professor Bandai and Hyuga. One would think that Bandai is not a doctor as Hyuga is not a lawyer, because I think it’s only goons who meet in dark and isolated areas.

Anyway, upon learning that Nishikado is trying to snoop around by contacting one of the monpe’s, Hyuga gives Nishikado an exclusive and much bigger scoop involving someone influential. Nishikado knows what the article entails and as a reporter, a scoop like that is something that must not be ignored.

The next day, Asumi reads an article about Hyuga’s heavenly deeds for the elderly, which was written by Nishikado. Ugh. Feeling betrayed, Asumi tears Nishikado’s calling card and goes on to her plan, using an outsider to get the job done.

As Asumi’s plan is already in motion, Hyuga receives an email featuring two images, one is the “Alice” card with words “Truth in Darkness” featuring the Mad Hatter and the second image is the patient record of Osanai Takao.

Hyuga shows the said record to Professor Bandai and tells him that based from earlier circumstances, it looks like whoever he/she is, that person is aiming for those involve with that incident 15 years ago.


Then, Bandai gets a call that someone is causing trouble at his department, Hyuga was sent to deal with it immediately. As it happens, a patient is complaining Asumi for prescribing a medication that made her feel something wrong.

Hyuga arrives and his eyes widen as he saw Satonaka Eri. Satonaka gleefully greets Hyuga, being a former part-time worker at his office, and her bulging tummy reveals that she’s pregnant. Hyuga orders Asumi to leave, saying that he’ll take care of the matter.

News has gone around that Asumi is in trouble and a worried Yuma approaches Asumi in case she needs someone to listen to her problems. I like how Asumi’s personality instantly switches when she learns that Yuma is just around the corner. Yuma then gives his cell phone no. and email address to Asumi if she needs any help. I still feel sorry for him. =(

Afterwards, Asumi gets a call from Satonaka who is praising herself for being such a good actress. Literally, she’s a planted patient.  At Hyuga’s residence, Hyuga is busy reading on blogs about abortion when his goody-two-shoes wife arrives with a coffee. The two talk about their upcoming anniversary and their annual custom on celebrating it on a yacht cruise .

As filing of candidacy gets nearer, Hyuga is busy improving his reputation toward the public and Nishikado is just beside him to write favourable articles for his candidacy. Hyuga gets called again involving the case of Satonaka. Hyuga calms Satonaka by asking her plans about the baby. Satonaka says that it’s illegal to get an abortion now and Hyuga was like, “your life is more important than the law”. You talk big. He also promises that he’ll find a solution for Satonaka so she can please refrain from doing troubles.

After their meeting, Asumi meets Hyuga to asks about the patient. Hyuga says that everything is alright and goes to meet  Nishikado to visit one of the elderly centres. Asumi looks on as Professor Arima arrives. He asks if there is any trouble and Asumi says that she’s involved in it.

That night, Asumi goes to Satonaka’s house to give her the dress, which she’ll be wearing at Hyuga’s wedding anniversary. It was revealed here that Satonaka is not pregnant, well, not anymore. She did get pregnant with Hyuga’s child but she had it aborted and Asumi used that as leverage for revenge.

After Hyuga’s farewell party, Asumi tries to stall time before he rushes to meet his wife for their anniversary celebration at the yacht. Asumi tells Hyuga that Satonaka has insisted on suing her but the  most shocking part is that she claims Hyuga to be the father of her child. Asumi also adds that Satonaka said she’ll destroy Hyuga’s family.

Before Hyuga can deny or admit that the child is his, Asumi says that if Hyuga don’t want the child, there is a WAY. She says that she has an OB-GYN friend who can be very discreet with the right amount.

Hyuga is not that stupid, he asks Asumi on why she would go that far to help him. Asumi reasons-out that if she can get it settled, she wants Hyuga to persuade Satonaka to drop the lawsuit against her.

Hyuga agrees and frantically goes to the yacht only to be in for another surprise, Satonaka is casually talking to his wife! Hyuga’s wife even insists that Satonaka joins them for dinner since Satonaka’s boyfriend couldn’t make it.

Asumi is also present at the yacht as she listens to the conversation between Satonaka and Hyuga’s wife who’s oblivious to her husband’s awkwardness. Whatever happened to female instinct?

While Satoanaka excuses herself to go to the washroom, Asumi texted Hyuga about their earlier conversation. Hyuga feels relieved that when Satonaka was able to have some private chat with him, he tells her that he has found a doctor so she can get rid of the baby; he also adds that he’ll surely support her. Asumi is of course present to videotape everything.

Elsewhere, Nishikado is doing his best to write a fantastic article on Hyuga and his works for the elderly community.

The day of filing of candidacy has arrived and Asumi happily gives Hyuga the proof of successful abortion. Hyuga is obviously relieved that he can go to his press conference without any worries and promises Asumi that he’ll certainly get rid of that lawsuit.

Before Hyuga can go to his presscon, he receives another anonymous email instructing him to prove Osanai Takao’s innocence or the “video” will be uploaded on net. Hyuga watches the video with horror; however, he won’t be outsmarted.

As the presscon starts, Hyuga started by proving Osanai Takao’s innocence after being framed for funds embezzlement 15 years ago. However, Hyuga was quick to add that he made his own re-investigation and blames the hospital for that mistake. Afterwards, he still announces his candidacy as his own atonement for the likes of Osanai Takao.

Asumi obviously didn’t like what Hyuga did, her main purpose is to make him unable to run for gubernatorial race, and it has failed. She’s keen on uploading the video on net but Satonaka has other plans, she wants the video in exchange of money and steals it from Asumi.

Asumi was already too late in stopping Satonaka, who was able to get 10 million Yen from Hyuga, and Asumi can only recall Nishikado’s words on how it’s a bad idea to get strangers/outsiders involved with her revenge.

Feeling better that the original video is already in his hands, Hyuga casually drinks with Nishikado in a bar. Nishikado only has Hyuga to thanked for that he was able to write a really good article for such a long time.

The next day, Hyuga’s wife enters his office without knocking and gives Hyuga the newspaper. As Hyuga reads the news on how he misused funds on elderly care system by targeting wealthy senior citizens, he can only shake and crumble from anger and shame especially as he reads the reporters name- Nishikado Yusuke.

At the famous Sakura yard at Seirin wherein the Sakura’s have stopped blooming, Asumi arrives with the newspaper rolled on her hand. Nishikado looks at the paper and says that it is his revenge. 15 years ago, Hyuga used him by passing false information about Osanai Takao and because he was blinded from anger, he didn’t even check for facts. Though, no matter what he says now, the fact remains that he betrayed Asumi’s father and Asumi as well.

Asumi gives Nishikado her heartfelt thanks for what he did.

At Professor Arima’s office, Asumi gives her report about Hyuga and as she leaves, Professor Arima takes-out a picture from his drawer. In that picture was a stolen shot of Asumi with Satonaka at her place. Oh no!


So we finally see some real smiles from Asumi, not those wicked smiles of hers when her revenge has been successful, but real smile because she’s happy and grateful. Moreover, she gave that smile to Nishikado! Hooray! It was slow and maybe I’m just being disillusioned but this is certainly an improvement to their love story that I have pinned since the start.

I love this episode because the way Nishikado made his revenge is so smooth that Hyuga wasn’t aware that he’s digging his own grave. What goes around comes around. I was thinking if he purposely gave his calling card to that monpe because he knows that someone will surely tell Bandai and Hyuga and that he will be later called-on so they can bribed him.


Nishikado’s way of revenge is way better than that of Asumi who is slowly getting mad from all those hatred of hers. There are even times that she looks tired from it but she still has to go on. Though, I can’t blame her desire for revenge but she really needs to be careful because she’s becoming quite reckless.

Furthermore, the end of this episode reveals that Asumi is one of those “pus” that Arima wants to be purged after he learned about Asumi’s association with Satonaka. It was really careless of her and she should have really listened to Nishikado. Though, I do wonder who took Asumi’s picture with Satonaka. I doubt that Arima has time to go follow someone so I think he has an accomplice.

It’s only the third episode but Asumi has taken down almost everyone involved with her father’s case, her last will be Bandai and this is the part I’ve been waiting for because it also involves Bandai’s son- Yuma. Judging from the preview, it looks like Hoshino isn’t that angelic at all noticing how she glared at Asumi and Yuma when she saw them together. Truly, Seirin Hospital is wicked.

All in all, I can’t wait for the 4th episode, though I also don’t know what sort of stories will the writers add to prolong this drama since Asumi have literally taken-out everyone who were involved with her father’s death.



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