[Review] Yowakutemo Katemasu Episode 3

It’s the third episode and Tarumi (Arimura) and Kamezawa (Hongo) shines in this episode as we take glimpse on their past and present.

Here is a quick recap of Yowakutemo Katemasu : Episode 3

The episode starts with a flashback 13 years ago, Aoshi is playing catch with a young Tarumi who can’t help but sneer at Aoshi for always failing to catch the ball.

At present, Aoshi stands outside Tarumi’s diner as mother and daughter arrives late from the temple. As it turns-out, it’s Tarumi-papa’s death anniversary and Yuzuko and Kaede spent their morning’s to celebrate it. Tarumi-papa died after THAT game between Jotoku and Dou-Gaku and it makes me wonder if he dies because of frustration.

At diner, Tarumi-mama tells Aoshi that Tarumi-papa died seeing a pathetic game so she asks Aoshi that even if they lose, they should give a splendid game. Aoshi, of course, says that they’re not fit to shoulder that kind of responsibility.

At Jotoku, runaway Akaiwa prepares a makeshift clothesline to dry-out his laundry while at the same time, Aoshi is on grounds training the baseball team who hasn’t made progress with their catching. Not only do outfielders really sucks, one of them jumps before picking-up the ball, prompting Aoshi to lecture him that his is not a normal body reaction and he should start living normally from now on. LOL.

Akaiwa arrives late and he was instructed to run 10 laps as a penalty while Aoshi continues to bat. Ebato catches the fly ball, passes it to first baseman Kamezawa, who happens to be sleeping while standing, causing the ball to hit Akaiwa’s leg.

Tarumi immediately runs to Akaiwa’s rescue and helps him cool his leg, Kamezawa apologizes, and Shikata looks-on jealous over Tarumi’s attention to Akaiwa. If he only knew. Tarumi and Akaiwa are still bickering when the rain falls, causing Akaiwa to run for his laundry, and Tarumi also runs to her own laundry.

As Tarumi gets each laundry, which happens to be baseball club uniforms, the rest of the baseball team hurries back to their club room to avoid getting wet. Not one even stopped-by to help Tarumi. Uhm, calling Shirao and Shikata…I thought you like her. However, the rest of the team have just managed to get inside the club room when they all run out screaming because of a f*cking cockroach.

Either Tarumi is seriously pissed or she’s just unafraid of cockroach, she goes in and sprays the cockroach using their medicated cooling spray. When she asks the guys for something to hit the cockroach, all of them are too distracted to hand Tarumi anything, so she just stomped on the cockroach causing the guys to look at her, petrified. XD

Aoshi comes-in, chiding Tarumi that the scorebook is now wet. Tarumi is not in her best mood so she was like, “of course, if you leave it at rain, it will get wet!” She also starts saying how the guys make a big deal of the rain and that practice don’t get cancelled just because it rained.

Aoshi and the guys were too scared to match Tarumi’s anger so Aoshi decides to pick-on Kamezawa who is again sleeping while standing.

The next day, Masumoto chides Aoshi for using a medicated cooling spray on a cockroach when it should be used for, well, as a medication. The Principal stops Masumoto and says that some things are unavoidable so he should just let go. However, Masumoto then picks on the fact that Akaiwa is still a runaway and Aoshi shall take responsibility for it.

So, Aoshi takes the keys from Akaiwa, including the duplicate that Akaiwa have made. Having no choice, Akaiwa tells Aoshi that he must let Akaiwa stay at his home or his being homeless might cause problems with his pitching. “Then you should hurry-up and go back home,” Aoshi says.

Unknown to Aoshi, Tarumi has started her sort-of annual emo moment when she wants to become a member of baseball club. Ebato and Shirao looks-on as Tarumi pretends to bat using her umbrella and they were like, “it has started, huh?”

At outside practice (outside because they were clearly at some empty area not in school), Tone approaches Aoshi to inform him that she has submitted a proposal to her editor that she’s planning a serialization on Jotoku’s “will win even we’re weak” strategy and prods Aoshi to work hard so she will have a good article to write-on.

Aoshi notices that one the player, Iseda, isn’t able to catch the ball even though he is on the landing area. Iseda says that he felt like he couldn’t catch the ball. Aoshi and Tone were like, “you felt you couldn’t catch the ball?” when the team can obviously think and feel that they can catch the ball.

However, the guys make excuses on how the ball sometimes bounces and curves or whatever. In the end, they blame the ball. XD. Aoshi says that it’s not the balls fault, obviously, but their predictions are completely off or simply too narrow.

Tarumi speaks-up that they should then widen their prediction range. Aoshi was too surprised seeing Tarumi wearing Jotoku’s baseball uniform, he asks the guys if he is seeing right. One of the freshmen agrees but he didn’t comment since the senpais treats it like seeing Tarumi wear a baseball uniform is completely normal. As I said, it’s Tarumi’s annual emo moment.

Tarumi then asks Aoshi if she can play and Aoshi coldly replies no, “girls can’t play in matches”.

Afterwards, the guys (Shirao, Ebato, Kamezawa, Okatome, and Akaiwa) are talking how cold Aoshi is for responding to Tarumi like that. Though they also understand that there is no way that Tarumi can participate in Koshien, as if they are eligible to be in Koshien.

Shirao, Ebato, and Akaiwa tell Kamezawa and Okatome that what happen is normal for Tarumi. It happens every year during Tarumi’s dad death anniversary. Ebato asks if Akaiwa, being Tarumi’s childhood friend, knows anything about it. Akaiwa says he has no idea and Shirao tells him that he should have the will to know. Has he (Shirao) given-up on Tarumi?

Aoshi heads to Tarumi’s diner, and I just learned that it’s called “Southern Wind”. Tone goes with Aoshi and starts taking pictures of Jotoku’s second club room. Aoshi tells Tarumi-mama about what just Yuzuko did and Tarumi-mama says that her daughter have always wanted to be a baseball player. Aside from being in Little League, she was also in softball during middle school. However, she’s not a good player.

Tarumi-mama recalls that after THAT game, Yuzuko asks her father on why Aoshi is so bad at it (baseball). This is cute, young Yuzuko being concern with Aoshi. Young Yuzuko also adds that Jotoku might as well let her play since she’s good. Then Yuzuko’s dad tells her that he also wants to see his daughter play.

Aoshi thinks that it’s just a normal adult reply but Tone was all go for the drama on how the daughter wants to go to Koshien as a promise to his late father. Tarumi-mama also tells Aoshi that because he is already here, Yuzuko’s emo moment or her obsession to be a baseball player might prolong.

Akaiwa subtlety walks Kamezawa home, but we all know he just wants to freeload. Kamezawa agrees to let him stay for a night at his shabby apartment where his lessons/lectures are like his apartments’ own wallpaper.

Kamezawa shares that he’s only poor and he left his parents at some mountain to enter Jotoku because he wants to go to Todai. Aww. He sneers at Akaiwa for running-away from home. Akaiwa reasons-out that while he is not poor, he has things going-on for him.

Kamezawa says that he finds Akaiwa cool while he trains for baseball, while he is already on the edge. He shares that he must wake-up early to make paper deliveries and he also tutors someone thrice a week. He managed his schedule well when he was still in the orchestra, but now that he’s on baseball, there’s so much training.

Akaiwa tells him to ask the coach for some time allowance but Kamezawa can’t let his first baseman position be stolen after he lost his pitcher position. It was never yours to begin with. XD. Though Kamezawa says that he can still go on with it.

In a batting centre elsewhere, Tarumi is practicing her batting to no avail. She looks at the batter next to her, who is doing a much better job that she does, and was surprised to see that it’s Yachida Kentaro. I was also surprised; surely, Dou-Gaku has enough batting cages.

Yachida tells her what went wrong on why she can’t hit the ball and asks her what school she goes to, she says it Jotoku. Yachida says if Jotoku also asks their baseball manager to bat and Tarumi answers that she’s not a manager but a player. Wrong answer, girl. Yachida is obviously irked with Tarumi’s answer and say, “how long will that guy (Aoshi) make fun of baseball?”

During Aoshi’s class, two of students are busy doing something else; Tarumi polishes her baseball glove while Kamezawa dozes-off.

Afterward, Akaiwa talks to Aoshi about Kamezawa’s situation; he asks if Aoshi can give Kamezawa his sleeping time than have him attend their morning practice. However, Aoshi says he wants to keep their training hours that way.

Akaiwa thinks that Aoshi is being heartless about Kamezawa’s affair and he shares this with the rest of the team. So, the rest of the guys decided to head over to the Principal and talk about Kamezawa’s state of finances, like probably exempting him from paying tuition fees until graduation. All of which was heard by Aoshi.

Still being rejected by Aoshi on becoming a player for the team, Tarumi stares questionably at Shikata while the team do their morning push-ups. Shikata feels awkward having Tarumi stare at him, Ushimaru tells him that it should be good thing but Shikata says that he’s good at staring but he doesn’t want to be stared at. LOL, what goes around comes around, I guess.

Aoshi arrives with a basket of balls telling the guys that instead of using their body to catch the ball, they should use their heads. So, the guys practice that phases in catching the ball, recalling the earlier event where Tarumi helps an injured Akaiwa, Shikata decides to fake a pull muscle.

Tarumi goes to Shikata for help and orders Akaiwa to go with them. This is the funny part, Tarumi bandages Akaiwa’s right ankle while Shikata looks-on. Apparently, Tarumi wants Shikata to know how to do bandage because she has set her sights on Shikata to become the next manager.

While Tarumi teaches Shikata on how to put a bandage, Shirao approaches Kamezawa and gives him his old baseball glove because the one that Kamezawa uses has broken the strings. Kashiyama and Iseda follow suit by giving Kamezawa discount coupons. Before Okatome can give Kamezawa cloves of garlic (haha!) with Ebato holding a pillow behind, Kamezawa has enough and thinks that Akaiwa is the worst for telling the team his financial problems.

Aoshi also thinks that it was insensitive of Akaiwa to do what he did. Kamezawa is an assertive person and when he confided to Akaiwa his problems, Aoshi believes that it’s not because he wants any help from Akaiwa. Aoshi thinks that maybe Kamezawa confided those things to Akaiwa for his own sake. Akaiwa was like, “why?” and Aoshi says that Akaiwa is really slow to read between the lines.

Tarumi and Akaiwa walk home together and Akaiwa asks about Tarumi quitting the manager position. Tarumi says it’s their own fault that she wants to be on the ground because Jotoku is such a weak team. Heee. Akaiwa tells Tarumi that if she wants so badly to become a baseball player then she shouldn’t have enrolled in Jotoku but in a school with a female baseball team. Oh pls. Akaiwa, she went to Jotoku to be with you, duh!

Akaiwa chides Tarumi for causing trouble for everyone and Tarumi reasons-out that her troubles are insignificant compared to what Akaiwa have caused. They went to the topic of Akaiwa running-away from home so Akaiwa decides to make a deal; he will go back home, in return, Tarumi must return to her managerial duties.

Akaiwa returns to his posh house where their servants are too eager to welcome him. Akaiwa-papa tells their servants to stop treating Akaiwa as if he came from a great adventure when he was just around the neighbourhood.

It was also revealed that Tarumi-mama has dumped Akaiwa-papa. Though Akaiwa-papa tells his son that he won’t give-up and if Akaiwa doesn’t like that then he can leave as many times does he want. He then asks his dad if he won’t be working anymore and his dad says that he won’t since there’s no point of making more money. Geez, I wish I could say that. Akaiwa (Kimiyasu) then says that he is thankful for that. What? Why?

Anyway, while Aoshi lies awake on his futon, he recalls a scene when he was playing catch with a young Tarumi. Tarumi was saying how she is better than Aoshi and her dad approaches her to say that Aoshi knows what he is doing and he’s doing what he should do. It’s kinda vague.

This must be a night of flashbacks because Tarumi and her mother are also recalling the same scene after whichTarumi-mama tells Yuzuko to just trust Aoshi because he certainly knows what he should be doing since THAT game. Yuzuko says that Aoshi quit baseball after THAT game but Tarumi-mama reasons-out that Aoshi still played catch with younger Yuzuko until he graduated.

Ground training the next day and Aoshi informs the team that they’ll be doing runner coach and base running practice. Some of the members are completely clueless about runner coach so the team heads back to the club room to teach the hand signals.

Afterwards, they went back to the ground to practice those hand signals when they had an unexpected visitor, its Yachida and Jotoku is awe-struck.

Yachida says that he want to see them doing practice of their unusual baseball, much to Aoshi’s ire, and Shirao prods that the team wants to see Yachida’s batting form. Yachida says he’ll think about it if Aoshi can make him see how he makes the guys play baseball.

Ground practice starts where the team will make use of those hand signals. If the team flunk in catching, the more to mere hand signals. Either the third baseman makes the runner stop early, too late, or like Akaiwa who can’t make-up his mind whether to make the runner stop or run causing an already tired Kamezawa to faint.

Kamezawa was rushed to the infirmary to have some rest while Masumoto watches over him; Aoshi gives the team a lecture on why they couldn’t give the proper hand signals. Aoshi reasons-out that the guys are too selfish that they don’t consider the other person’s feelings before they make him stop or go. While doubting is fine, they should make their own decision at the right time and convey that feeling to the other person.

Aoshi must have said something right because the next thing he knew, Yachida goes to the batter box to bat and make the ball fly causing the team to be more awe-struck.

Speaking of conveying feelings, Tarumi asks Aoshi to play catch with her. She says that she’ll remain the manager of the team and whispers her thanks to Aoshi.

Tone arrives with good news that her editor has approved to serialize her article on Jotoku “they will win even if they are weak” and tells Aoshi that she’ll be coming every day from tomorrow. Aoshi says that it’ll be impossible, examination period starts at school and club activities are a no-no.

Morning next day, Kamezawa does his round of morning paper deliveries when he sees Shirao, Ebato, Akaiwa, and Okatome waiting for him. They tell him that since they are out for a morning run, they might as well help him. Soon enough, they went around the neighbourhood shouting “Jotoku, fight!”


Yowakutemo Katemasu continues to be interesting with each episode allowing each characters to shine. Drama and humour remains balance with no draggy moments; the writers of this drama remain loyal to their tagline, “will win even if they are weak”.

The team remains weak and I still can’t see them winning games anytime soon, it’s already the third episode and if they are seriously aiming for Koshien, I wonder when we would be seeing real games. Jotoku’s exam week will be the focus of next episode, so I’m guessing that games won’t happen until the 5th episode.

I like this particular episode because it features Kamezawa that even though he’s narcissistic, we see that he really works hard and he’s not just all talk. Then I also like that this episode shows how Tarumi’s relationship with Aoshi strengthened through time even though Aoshi was gone for a long time after he graduated from Jotoku.

There is one loophole though, Aoshi is pretty close with the Tarumi’s way back his high school days yet I wonder why he doesn’t know the Akaiwa’s. Aren’t Kimiyasu and Yuzuko childhood friends? If so, shouldn’t Aoshi have seen Kimiyasu with Yuzuko back then?

Lots of bromances at this episode too! I like how the guys made an effort for Kamezawa even though they don’t really like him at the start. But what I most like is that Ebato is getting cozy with Okatome, he’s not as afraid as he used to be and they can be sometimes seen standing side by side.

Speaking of friendship between guys, I still don’t get what’s with that look that Yachida gave Aoshi after he batted. Is Yachida slowly warming-up toward Aoshi or is he merely showing-off their difference in skills. I just hope that Yachida will learn to let-go and stop whatever grievance he has with Aoshi for a game that happened more than a decade ago. However, since THAT game is like the start of everything, I think that we have to endure seeing that until the end.

Anyway, Aoshi really have his way with his words that I’m thinking how good he will be as a motivational speaker. XD. For someone who was stuck in his laboratory for the past 10-12 years, it seems like he have experienced a lot in life or he is merely that observant and considerate about other things.

All in all, Yowakutemo Katemasu is still must-watch though I’m really eager to see them play in a game.


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  1. Good to know that finally more screen time for Kanata Hongo. I was under the impression that he was only part of the cast to inject humor but then this episode provided viewers with some substance as to who he is, plus the only girl – the team manager – getting the spotlight is also another plus in favor of this episode.

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