[REVIEW] Yowakutemo Katemasu Episode 2

Yowakutemo Katemasu’s first episode gave us an introduction to the weakest baseball club ever. In the second episode, we’ll see how Aoshi-sensei will start shaping things up for the club most especially as Yachida Kentaro returns to Dou-Gaku. Yachida aside, a love triangle is brewing and it’s more than what I expected.

Here is a quick recap for Yowakutemo Katemasu: Episode 2

It’s a typical day for Aoshi, he gets up, gets dress, takes a walk, and goes to a rooftop overlooking a bridge. Likewise, it’s a typical day for Shirao, he does his morning kilometer long run and goes to a rooftop to practice his batting.

Shirao is surprise to see Aoshi on the same rooftop and asks him what he is doing there, Aoshi reasons-out that he goes to walk to wake himself up and as humans are social organisms, they must go somewhere public to wake-up quickly. Trust Aoshi to give a complicated answer to a simple question.

From afar, Tarumi sees Shirao doing his morning practice and shares to Aoshi that he never misses a day. It could be raining or snowing and Shirao could still be practicing.

During practice, the team continues to flop as none of them can catch a ball. Journalist Tone is present as she wants to write about Jotoku’s  transformation from being a weak team to a winning team. Though, she still doesn’t see any worthy things to write about the team.

Aoshi chides the team on, “What is that thing on your hands? If you won’t use it, just remove them!” Big words sensei, big words.

Two baseball members goes to Ebato for cover because Okatome wants to spank them with a bat. Ebato, obviously scared, chose to ignore the situation and runs to Akaiwa and asks him to practice catch with him. Captain is such a wimp.

Aoshi sees this and Shirao shares that Ebato has been like that since Okatome joined the club.

At faculty, Aoshi checks-on papers of his students wherein they wrote their Top 3 future goals and Shirao only has one- Major League.

At class, Shirao affirms that to reach his Major League goal, he chose to stopped studying and concentrate on baseball. Aoshi thinks it’s weird that he went to one of Japan’s best preparatory school and he only wants to do baseball.

Akaiwa says that if its Shirao, he can surely manage both; but Shirao says that if he can’t manage it at all, he’ll choose baseball. Aoshi reason’s out that going to Toudai is a closer possibility than going to Majors since he is in Jotoku.

Shirao says that it doesn’t matter, scouts looks at the player and not at the school. However, no scouts ever comes to Jotoku. Shirao says that the team must play against stronger schools so scouts can see them. “So, it’s like saying that even you guys lost as long as you get scouted, you’ll be closer to your goal, right?” Aoshi says to Shirao.

Kamezawa stands-up (more like to divert attention to himself) and says that Shirao’s attitude is not helpful for the team. The rest of the class was like teases Kamezawa on how he loves attention and says, “you can’t be the center of attention with a face like that.” LOL. Aoshi says that Shirao is being too fixated with going to Koshien and Shirao says he is not fixated, even so, the team will go to Koshien.

Is it alright to discuss this during class?

At club room, Shirao is arguing with Aoshi that the team needs to do some muscle training. Aoshi says that its impossible since they can only use the grounds once a week. Since they have less practice time than other schools, Aoshi says that its best if they practice according to their position.

So, he asks what is their position and he was surprised to hear how they almost all of them have at least three different positions. haha. Shirao says that he makes their positions depending on their condition on the day of the game. Aoshi was also surprise to learn that Shirao was the one who decided that Ebato will be the team’s captain. Now that explains it.

Aoshi says that they’ll have to narrow down the positions and Shirao argues that is impossible since most of them is not good at any position. Kashiyama immediately stands-up, thinking that he has any objections to what Shirao have said, Aoshi tells him to say it to his heart’s content. However, Kashiyama just said that it’s his personal study time so he has to go home. haha…geeks.

Back at Tarumi’s diner, Aoshi muses how the team is going nowhere because the guys are so aimless, they basically do what Shirao tells them to do. Tarumi-mama says that Aoshi must find a “theory” that is fit for Jotoku. Then, Tarumi-mama pulls-out a newspaper and pretends to read the front page while the sports page is laid-out for Aoshi to see. The news features Yachida who have retired from baseball after a shoulder injury. Aoshi looks uneasy seeing Yachida since he is the reason why Aoshi’s baseball career was cut short.

Tarumi-mama thinks that it must be fate for Aoshi and Yachida since they will meet again on baseball ground after more than a decade.

The next day, Aoshi and Shirao do their morning routine and Shirao asks Aoshi if he has decided on positions, Aoshi says that the only things he’s positive is that Shirao will be the third baseman. Other than that, he’s clueless about the rest.

So Aoshi decided that the Jotoku team will undergo a training to decide their positions. After the so-called training, Aoshi classified the results:  Stable position – Akaiwa ;so-so throwing – Ebato, Kamezawa, Kashiyama, and Mitsuyasu; “the rest“-Okatome, Ushimaru, Shikata, Iseda.

For their positions, Akaiwa gets the pitcher, the so-so throwers becomes infielders, while the rest are outfielders.

Back at class, the baseball team is obviously peeved with their positions. The infielders are clueless on what they should cover, Okatome argues that it’s better than being in “the rest” group. heee. Akaiwa tries to calm them down and he gets a bashing that he’s being like since he gets to be the pitcher.

Shirao says that Aoshi’s “winning even if they are weak” is nothing but talk. Okatome stands-up and tells Ebato that he should say something to the coach since he is the Captain and all.

Ebato meekly says that Okatome must not give him orders, Shirao interferes that he’ll be the one who will talk to the coach.

Back at the clubroom, Aoshi says that apart from Akaiwa, the rest can decide what position they want. Kamezawa then stands-up that he wants to be the pitcher. LOL. He was obviously crushed when Aoshi says that he just said that the only concrete position is Akaiwa. Ushimaru says that even if Aoshi says that, they are clueless to where they should be and Ebato added that its better to leave it to Shirao.

Before Shirao could speak, Aoshi tells them that leaving the decision to Shirao will not change them. They will say, “I’m right fielder” when they should be saying it with more conviction like, “I’m THE right fielder” so it’ll sound like they own the position.

With renewed sense, the baseball team starts saying their positions, Ushimaru starts with “I will be THE left fielder”, the rest announce their positions and Kamezawa says that he’ll be the first baseman just because he gets to touch the ball more than the infielders. Oh, please, the narcissism. Ebato was last and shyly claims the catcher position.

This is when Shirao starts to argue. He says that the catcher is a vital position in baseball and it won’t work with Ebato who doesn’t fully know about baseball and doesn’t have a strong arm. Aoshi says that that is Shirao’s own theory and it won’t work with their unusual type of baseball. Shirao argues that they won’t become a normal team that way and Aoshi reasons out that there’s nothing wrong with being unusual.

Shirao walks-away and Tarumi runs after him.

Outside, Tone is waiting for Shirao and reveals that she learned that Shirao was scouted by Dou-Gaku back in middle school. What?! She asks him why he is in Jotoku when his dreams of Koshien and becoming a Pro will surely be closer if he is in Dou-Gaku.

Shirao ignores her talk and says that he must continue his training.

At grounds, with Shirao out for awhile, Aoshi does the batting for the rest of the team to catch. As expected, not one of them could catch the ball and Aoshi loses patience. During this practice, Okatome throws the ball to Ebato; however, Ebato choose to run instead of picking-up the ball.

Aoshi sees this and Ushimaru explains to Aoshi that Ebato used to be bullied by Okatome back in middle school.


Afterward, Aoshi orders that Okatome that must leave the club up until Ebato is no longer afraid of him. He also orders that if Okatome tries to get closer to Ebato, the rest of the team must separate them.


At Tarumi’s diner, Yuzuko tells Akaiwa, Aoshi, and her mother about Shirao being scouted by Dou-Gaku back in middle school. They were obviously surprise by this revelation and just as clueless as to why Shirao went to Jotoku since being in Dou-Gaku is the “shortest way” to his dreams.

Tarumi-mama says that Shirao must like “taking detours” even in the past so he ended-up in Jotoku.

Yuzuko then remembers that he sees Shirao doing his morning run in their area back in middle school even though there’s 20 km distance between Tarumi’s place and Shirao’s middle school. Hmmm… I smell something fishy and I don’t know if I’ll like it.

Akaiwa finds it impressive that Shirao really wants to enter Jotoku. Tarumi-mama was like, “isn’t it the same for you, Yuzuko?” And Yuzuko, without missing a beat, says that he went to Jotoku because Akaiwa goes to there as well. Akaiwa says that he has nothing to do with Yuzuko’s story and Tarumi-mama says that Akaiwa has a lot to do with it. Hmmm…more fishy smell and by the looks of Aoshi, he seems like he has the dots connected.


Aoshi heads to Dou-Gaku the next day where Toge confirms that Shirao was scouted back in middle school. However, Shirao  said that he’ll enter Jotoku to help Jotoku to reach Koshien and defeat Dou-Gaku. Both coaches laugh at this matter until Aoshi realizes that he should not be laughing about it.


Yachida arrives since he will be Dou-Gaku’s special coach. Aoshi reluctantly introduces himself as Jotoku’s coach and Yachida clearly remembers Aoshi. He says that it was unexpected that Aoshi is still on ground when he clearly advises Aoshi back then that the baseball ground is not his right place. Aoshi says that there’s nothing wrong with Yachida’s advice but Aoshi have stopped feeling sorry for what happened back then. It was his intention to play baseball whether Yachida believes it or not.

As Yachida was playing with a ball, he asks Aoshi if he’ll try catching it. Aoshi says that there’s no need for him to push himself since he knew that Yachida’s shoulder is injured. That must be Yachida’s sore spot because he threw the ball to Aoshi with all his might making his shoulder hurt even more. Aoshi puts on a bravado and tells Yachida that he’s being strange for acting that way and runs away.

Back at school, Aoshi is literally out of breath from running when he sees Akaiwa and Tarumi walking toward him since Shirao didn’t attend practice. Aoshi has fairly good idea where Shirao is and says that he’ll talk to him. Aoshi volunteers to go with him but Aoshi tries stops him, but Akaiwa won’t hear it so Aoshi agreed that Akaiwa can go but Tarumi will have to stay behind.


At THAT rooftop, Aoshi asks Shirao point blank, “you like Yuzuko, right?” That’s obviously news to Akaiwa and was just as speechless when Shirao said yes. It’s the main reason why he reject Dou-Gaku’s offer and chose Jotoku.


Flashback during 2nd year in middle school, Shirao sees Tarumi watching the practice match between Jotoku and Dou-Gaku. Tarumi tells him that she’s watching them since she was a kid and Jotoku never won any practice match, in fact, they never even reach the 9th inning. Oh god. However, Tarumi still cheers for Jotoku since they’ve managed to come that far (wait, what is “that far?”). Tarumi also added that it would be nice if Jotoku wins even once and that would be the best. She says this with a sweet smile that just made Shirao fell for her.


Shirao have always wondered what kind of smile will Tarumi makes if the team makes it to Koshien and Shirao wants to see that. Akaiwa argues that Tarumi always has that kind of smile and it has nothing to do with Koshien. Shirao says that Tarumi only smiles like that in front of Akaiwa because Tarumi likes him, and Akaiwa was just speechless. I always thought that Akaiwa like Tarumi the way his father likes Tarumi’s mother, am I wrong?

Shirao says that refuse to go back to their baseball club because of how Aoshi does things, he can never see that smile of Tarumi’s. Aoshi says that whether Shirao believes him or not, he is definitely doing things to make them win even if they are weak.


On the way back, Akaiwa heads to Tarumi’s diner just in time to see his father being cozy with Tarumi-mama. Akaiwa tells his father that this is the main reason why he doesn’t want to go back home, Tarumi’s mother is basically his aunt and his father can marry any woman he wants but can he at least consider his children when choosing a partner.

Yuzuko intervenes and agrees with Akaiwa, telling Akaiwa’s dad that she and Akaiwa won’t be able to date if they become siblings. Akaiwa tells Yuzuko must not complicate things any further and Tarumi-mama says that it won’t happen (she and Akaiwa’s dad getting married, I guess).

Aoshi can only sigh at the drama unfolding in front of him.


At the baseball practice, the guys are practicing their pathetic catching. What funny is that Ebato is on the left field while Okatome is on the right field with the rest of the team around him. When Okatome tries to get ball that falls on Ebato’s side, the rest of the team chases him so he won’t get too close to Ebato. HAHA.

One would think that they should do the same for Tarumi since stalker Shitaka is always around her.


Shirao arrives and reasons-out that he’ll return to the team if Aoshi quits being a coach. Aoshi agrees and this makes Tone whine because there’s not much drama on the team to make her article more interesting.

However, Aoshi says that he’ll quit if Shirao can prove that he’s wrong with the way he does things. All of which will be decided with a simple game wherein Shirao just needs to hit a homerun after three pitches by Akaiwa.


As the game starts, Iseda calls on Aoshi and says that if the ball comes to him, he certainly won’t be able to catch it. Tone says that they should be more assertive and shout, “Come!” instead of dodging the ball. However, Aoshi says that it’s okay if they don’t want the ball to come into their direction so the rest of infielders and outfielders starts chanting, “Don’t come!”. HAHA.

Akaiwa throws his first pitch, Shirao manages to hit it but declared foul. You can see that none of the fielders even tries to run to catch the ball, they were just staring to where it went.


Before the second pitch, Kashiyama then calls on Aoshi and tells him that he can’t really catch the ball. Aoshi says that they must say, “I WILL catch the ball” instead of those “I can’t…” Then what’s all the talk earlier?


So, the rest of the team starts a different but more positive chant this time with, “I will catch the ball…”. Akaiwa throws the ball, Shirao hits it, and Okatome tries to catch it but fails. Shirao could have run that time but he chose to stay on the batter box.


Seeing this, Ebato shouts, “don’t mind Okatome!” and the rest of the team follow suit. Shirao finds Ebato’s courage to cheer on Okatome impressive even though Ebato was clearly stuttering at first.

On the last pitch, Shirao made it fly and it was a homerun. Since Shirao has hit a homerun, Aoshi must quit but none of the members want it to happen.


Shirao says that he’ll just quit since he is the only one who hasproblems with Aoshi. Ebato then muster up the courage and tells Shirao that he can’t quit and Okatome intervenes that Shirao must do as he told since Ebato is the captain. Ebato was like, “ah…right. I’m the captain and the captain is telling you can’t quit.” It’s the first time that Ebato really owned the captain title.


Shirao agrees and the team went back to practice as Tone notes this new development on her notebook.


It’s only the second episode so I guess I’m not yet tired with how weak the team is and I still find everything funny. Moreover, this is like Yuto’s (Ebato) episode so call me biased but I’m just happy because of that.


The team is slowly solidifying their act though it’s more like they are individually developing themselves while at the same time the team is also growing. Growing mentally and emotionally because the physical aspects is still far…

The scene where they decide their position is really funny. They joined baseball yet they don’t know what their position is. HAHA. It’s cute to think that they joined the club because they enjoy baseball and position is merely just that.

It could be irritating though that Shirao does not trust the team enough. I know that the team is weak and not one among them is particularly suited or good at any position. But considering the fact that he entered Jotoku to make Tarumi smile (blah! XD), shouldn’t he at least trust the team that they can make it happen?

Kamezawa (Hongo) still cracks me up with his attention-seeker attitude. Aoshi (Ninomiya) is still so good at wisecracks and I like what he said to Yachida during their meeting though how he ran away in the end totally reflects his wimpy character.

Speaking of Yachida, it’s been a decade since that game with Aoshi so I wonder why does it feels like he has a grudge or something? I can understand Aoshi’s embarrassment but Yachida being fixated on that game and on Aoshi, why? Didn’t they win? And didn’t Aoshi quit baseball after that?

However, the biggest surprise in this episode is the fact that Ebato likes Tarumi (Arimura) who likes Akaiwa (Fukushi) and I’m still not sure on Akaiwa’s feelings for Tarumi. I totally didn’t see it coming. It makes you want to hate Tarumi. haha.

On Ebato, it’s hard to see him acting like a wuss and being bullied since he was the bully in “35-sai no koukousei”, while Okatome plays a recluse back in “Yankee-kun to Megane-chan” so their characters here in Yowakutemo is completely the opposite and they made a good job.

All in all, there’s still so much to see on Yowakutemo Katemasu, enough to keep me watching the next episodes.


Chi/Jap subs and raw by YYeTs

Usual disclaimer applies.


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