[Review]Alice no Toge Episode 2

Alice no Toge gave us a strong start and hopefully, they can keep-up the pace. Episode 2 gives us more insight in Asumi’s dark world and as feared, she decides to be dirtier this time around. However, with Nishikado knowing her real identity, will he be able to stop her before things get serious? Or will he offer something else?

Here is a quick recap of Alice no Toge : Episode 2

Nishikado confronts Asumi and speculates why and what she is doing in the hospital. To summarize, Asumi is in Seirin for her father because he clearly died due to medical error. For that, Asumi is out to avenge her father’s death.

Asumi neither confirm nor deny Nishikado’s accusation and when he apologizes for what he did 15 years ago, Asumi can only say one thing, “then stay quiet about this”.  Nishikado looks-on as Asumi walks-away and murmurs, “she’s not really sweet”. =)

During consultation hours, Chihara has loads of patients complaining of this and that about their abdomen and Chihara will only say one thing, “let’s wait and see for a while,” which is like equal to let’s wait until it gets worst and boom!

Hoshino approaches Chihara after the consultation and talks about his patient Hosokawa who have come for 3 months, and all Chihara could give are oral medications. Hoshino suggests that maybe Chihara can refer Hoshino to have further tests made. Chihara says that she can have an intern do an endoscopy as he needs to write a research paper.

As Chihara leaves, his daughter – Miku – arrives. Really, Miku? Despite being a wuss to his patients, Chihara is pretty sweet to his daughter. Asumi passes-by and Hoshino tells her that “asshole Chihara” only tells his patients, “let’s wait and see for a while”. Hoshino also added that Chihara couldn’t care less about patients and more interested in his research.

While Chihara acts cute with his daughter, a haggard man approaches him and tells about his wife, Enomoto Yumiko. His wife has been seeing Chihara for the past 6 months and he diagnosed her for having chronic gastritis. However, Enomoto is diagnosed with  pancreatic cancer when the couple went to a different hospital. The man wants Chihara to take responsibility for his misdiagnosis.

However, Chihara being a total asshole, couldn’t care less about the husband’s plea and was like, “Uhm, are you gonna file a complaint? Do you have any proof that you wife almost died because of me?” What is more unbearable is that Chihara says all of this with I-did-nothing-wrong look. He even has the gall to tell his daughter that he getting rid of an “evil man”. Ooh, somebody get me a knife.

Flashback 15 years ago, Chihara said the same thing (Are you gonna file a complaint? )to Asumi when her dad was being wheeled out of the operating room.

As Date is now out of the picture, everyone are talking about how Chihara will be the next Professor. Asumi heads-over to Chihara, with a coffee on hand, and says how please she is to be on Professor Chihara’s team. Chihara was like, “oh, stop it…”. Jerk.

He also tells her that while a university doctor has lower pay, being in the university will be helpful for his research and those researches of his can save a lot of patients. Is this like, one must die for the rest to survive?

Afterward, Asumi sees Yuma, Bandai’s son, as he plays nanny to one of his patients, Kenta. Asumi’s eyes instantly lights-up seeing Yuma who is obviously smitten at her. Asumi looks-on as Yuma pushes Kenta’s wheelchair when Professor Arima sees them.

Aside from Professor Arima, Professor Bandai also sees his son getting cozy to his patient. Bandai calls his son and tells him that it’s not good to be too personal to a patient, as he is his son, he must act accordingly.

At the operation room, Chihara starts his surgery on a certain patient and after slicing the patient’s abdomen using a scalper, he leaves the rest to his first assistant. Asumi was present at the operating room and during lunch, she asks Hoshino if Chihara have been always like that.

Hoshino said yes and that Chihara is doing it so he can get a credit for “surgical count”. Even though Chihara wants to be glorified as a researcher, he doesn’t want to have a reputation as a bad surgeon. DUH.

After lunch, Chihara subtlety took a medicine, but Asumi being always on the lookout manage to take the medicine’s label from the trash.

At home, Asumi learns that Chihara has been taking Adapitnol, a medication for Pigmentary Degenaration of Retina, a narrowing of vision especially in times of tension.  Asumi recalls two incidents when she’s positive that it’s the result of Chihara’s narrowing of vision.

As she already found another of Chihara’s weakness, she starts her move and delivers her “Alice card” to Chihara with the words “secret” featuring the Cheshire cat.

The next day, Asumi sees Yuma who looks troubled. Asumi asks him if something is bothering him and he asks Asumi about doctor’s being close to their patients. Asumi says that Yuma should strive to be the doctor that he wants himself to be and this instantly perks-up Yuma. Aww, I feel bad for you, kid.

Nishikado was just nearby and hears everything, when he finds Asumi alone, he tells her about the tampered record of Asumi’s dad that he received 6 months ago. He also tells Asumi that someone must have taken advantage of his position as a reporter 15 years ago, and uses him in framing Asumi’s father by sending falsified documents that his father embezzled funds.

Nishikado then asks Asumi if she was speaking to Yuma earlier to pry some information on him about his father. Asumi didn’t say anything except, “I’m no longer the girl that you used to know”.

Looks like bad luck is starting to come for Chihara as he has been entrusted with a very important patient by Bandai. The said patient is Chairman of a construction company and have donated huge sums of money to the hospital. Chihara knows that his entire career is riding on this and he can’t fail. Thus, he leaves the surgery to his kouhai who is more than pleased to kiss Chihara’s ass.

Asumi approaches Chihara and asks him what are the important things that she should consider being a surgeon. Chihara says that its skill, experience, and must be physically fit. Something that we all know he doesn’t have.

Chihara also added something important, one must not take risks. Because taking risks puts you in jeopardy and only stupid people do that. “Besides, we must think about out precious family too,” Chihara finishes.

Flashback to 15 years ago, Asumi recalls Chihara’s famous words, “I, too, have a family, I can’t have my reputation fall from groundless accusations.”

Since Chihara loves his family so much, Asumi makes a move toward his family using her Humpty Dumpty.

Surgery day and Chihara receives a call from his frantic wife that their daughter is missing. Just mere minutes after the wife called, Asumi calls using a voice shifter and tells Chihara that he must do what she wants or his daughter will pay. Asumi only wants one thing and that is for Chihara to perform the surgery on the Chairman by “himself”.

Chihara says that he is scheduled to perform the said surgery and Asumi emphasize the word “by yourself” since she knows that Chihara doesn’t really do the surgeries. Then she starts telling him how she knows about his Pigmentary Degenaration of Retina and true enough, Chihara receives another “Alice card” with the words “another secret”.

Chihara tells her that he’ll do the surgery, all of which was heard by Nishikado, who has a fairly good idea who it is.

At the operating room, Chihara calms himself by saying that he’ll just do what he always does, no one will know. However, a group of doctors arrived to observe the surgery. As Chihara feels like the world is eating him up alive, he cancels the surgery on the basis that he does not feel well.

Asumi again calls Chihara using the voice shifter and tells him that she knows he cancelled the surgery. Chihara begs to give him one more chance but Asumi now wants something else. She wants Chihara to say his favorite sentence to Chairman, each and every word.

Nishikado hears this and tells Asumi that she has gone too far and even kidnaps a child. Asumi says that Nishikado is not in the right place to criticize her then leaves.

At Seirin’s lobby, the rest of Gastroenterology Department tries to stop the Chairman from leaving and Chihara chases after him. Bandai with his the lawyer, Hyuga, arrives at the hospital and sees this commotion.

Chihara, mutters the courage while at the same time still trying to save his wounded pride and ego, stutters while trying to utter the words that Asumi told him. When he recalls his daughter’s crying voice, he shouts at the top of his lungs the very words that he always say, “I, too, have a family. I can’t have my reputation falls because of a groundless accusation.”

The Chairman is obviously peeved by what he heard, Bandai and Hyuga approaches him and apologize profusely for what happened and assures him that they can schedule the operation again. “He is not a member of our hospital anymore,” Bandai said for a good measure.

Chihara rushes to the day care center where his daughter is safe and well. Asumi arrives and reveals that she’s behind everything. Chihara was like, “How dare you mess-up with my precious daughter?” and Asumi answers, “then how do you explain what happen 15 years ago? You took my precious father from me.”

Asumi says that Chihara doesn’t have the right be a doctor anymore and shows Chihara a video clip of what just happened at Seirin. She also tells him that if she uploads the video on net, Miku will have people talking behind her back about her dad, a scum on earth.

As Chihara watches his adorable daughter, Asumi retaliates how her own father was torn apart from his precious daughter because of what they did and she will never forgive them until they die.

As expected, Chihara will now pass the blame to someone else. He said that they did try to report what happen. They don’t want to cover-up their own medical mistake. But the lawyer Hyuga planned everything, from framing-up Asumi’s father on stealing money and tells Date and Chihara that he’ll turned the tables on them by suing them if they even talked.

So we all know who is the next target.  Bandai and Hyuga are talking how the turn of events made them lost Chihara and Date and Hyuga felt like it has a connection to what happened 15 years ago. Bandai is still confident that what happened then will never be revealed.

That night, Asumi is sitting at her favorite place, the sakura yard, when Nishikado approaches her and tells her that he has decided to help her. Asumi says that she can do as he please. Nishikado says that he also want to know the truth and him helping her would be his own atonement.

The next day, Yuma is still feeling giddy from the advice that Asumi told him. He sees Hoshino and helps her when some of the supplies she’s pushing drops. Hoshino was like, “there’s no need to help me, you’re father will give scold me.” And Yuma was like, “I am just me”.

Hoshino indeed finds this side of Yuma worth swooning that when Asumi sees her all chirpy, she asks what it is and Hoshino says that she’ll tell her about it next time. OMG! Is there going to be a love triangle?

It’s also been talked around the hospital that Chihara has left for the countryside, and how it feels like someone is stirring things-up in the hospital.

Arima calls on Asumi at his office and tells her about how doctors have forgotten that medicine exists for the patients and that it’s the doctor’s job to make sure that patient’s will have peace of mind. As that what Arima believes in, he’s aware that there have been recurring things  that concerns the patient’s well-being. Most of which have happened in Gastroenterology department and he asks Asumi is she knows anything about it.

Asumi pretends to think things over and then said, “Yes.”


Hmmm….so do I smell being Professor Arima as an indirect accomplice? I’m not sure if Asumi will tell Arima everything about herself but if she’s willing to spill some dirt inside the Gastroenterology Department then it’s obviously because she wants Arima for something else.

Anyway, the second episode did surpass the first one with a more sinister plot and an even darker Asumi whose sadness and sorrow is too painful to watch. There are moments when I think that Asumi is going too far, but then I’m also thinking how Chihara deserves it, and most are mainly an effect of what he had done. It just proves that what goes up must go down and whatever you give will eventually be returned.

Seeing Asumi and Nishikado together still gives me false hope for a romance. Asumi is obviously hell-bent on revenge. I’m not sure about Nishikado’s offer on helping Asumi, does he really want to help her, or is he helping her to at least make her change and forgive?

I’m not exactly sure how Asumi plans on using Yuma against his father. I really feel sorry for him since he seems like a nice kid and totally unlike his dad.

With Date and Chihara now out of the picture, I wonder what will happen to Gastroenterology Department considering that their two candidates of being the Professor is now gone. I don’t know if Asumi has any aspiration of climbing ranks, so let’s wait and see.


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3 thoughts on “[Review]Alice no Toge Episode 2

  1. Thank you for this review. I’m liking this drama so far. Ueno Juri’s portrayal of Asumi’s character is convincing except I have not yet seen her examine a patient like a doctor. Is Asumi not a doctor already or is she still a student? I can hardly wait to find out how or if she will make the main villain pay for his/her crime against her father.


    1. As far as I know, she’s already a doctor but this drama would rather concentrate on her quest for revenge than for her medical skills


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