I decided to do this blog solely for Japanese drama (Jdrama) recaps and reviews. I’ve done recaps involving Johnny’s Entertainment dramas at my other blog and I decided to further spread my love for dramas by doing this one.

It’s disappointing that there’s so little blogs dedicated for Jdrama reviews. Personally, I look for reviews when I want to watch something where I have doubts; while recaps are helpful for those who don’t have time to watch or they want to skip unsavory scenes.

I have listed some blogs mostly dedicated for Jdrama news. They are: Jdramas for upcoming drama previews, doramaworld for drama news and occassional reviews, psycho-drama for Japanese movies, actors,and actresses news and reviews, eigapedia for Japanese movie news, and koalasplayground also do some Jdrama news and recaps.

So, I’ll do the recaps once the Spring 2014 dramas starts airing and because I’m neither NEET nor hikikomori, I won’t be able to recap everything. In short, I’ll concentrate on dramas that I actually want to recap so it’s okay to call me selfish. XD

Since my other blog deals with JE fandom, I’ll definitely be watching JE-starring dramas though mostly for First Impression only (recaps will be cross-posted here). I’ll probably continue the recaps here for JE dramas that I really liked. Nevertheless, I’m aiming to recap one drama for each genre.

For sure, I’ll be recapping and reviewing these dramas until the end:

– Yowakutemo Katemasu
– Border

These are the other dramas that I want to see but I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to recap them in full:

-Alice no toge
-Bitter Blood
-Black President
-First Class
-White Lab

Look forward to it,



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